RapidWorkers: Scam or Legit ? Review with Payment Proof

In my last post , I discussed everything that a newbie wants to know about Microworkers Read here. Today , I am going to review another crowd sourcing platform that I recently get paid from.  I am talking about none other than Rapidworkers.com . I consider Rapidworkers as a good alternative to Mturk and Microworkers although you don’t have too much work here to do all the time. Still it can be a good place to earn some extra money .

In this post , I will cover following topics –

  • What is Rapidworkers and How it works ?
  • Is it just another scam or a legitimate website?
  • How much one can earn at Rapidworkers ?
  • How to withdraw from Rapidworkers?
  • Pros and Cons of Rapidworkers
  • Rapidworkers.com Support
  • How your location may affect your earning ?

1. What is Rapidworkers and How it works ?

Rapidworkers is a service of UnikScripts, Inc. and is  free to join . The website is pretty similar to Microworkers and has almost same working interface although Microworkers website is somewhat more innovative and professional . There are two kind of people at Rapidworkers –

Employers –  Employers are the people who post tasks for workers. When a worker accept and complete a task , the employer review the task and check if the worker have done it correctly or not , if  employer is satisfied with the work then he rate the task as satisfied and pays money for that task. This is the way how Employers get their work done here.

Workers – They are the people  who complete tasks for money.

rapidworkers example task

This is an example task . See the above picture – the employer is asking worker to do a sign-up task . The task will take 3 minutes as shown in the picture above. The task is available for international members and 18 people have completed the task already. The employer will pay $0.10 for this task.

Employers post a verity of tasks  include –

  • download a file , android or iOS app
  • Write a review
  • Like Facebook , Twitter pages
  • Comment/like You Tube video
  • Sign-Up tasks
  • Search and Click

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2. Is it just another scam or a legitimate website ?

Rapidworkers is definitely a legitimate platform to earn money . Recently I got paid from Rapidworkers  and that with in 1 day after withdrawal request . Here is my Payment Proof –

Rapidworkers payment proof


Here is the another Payment proof that make Rapidworkers a legitimate website and may satisfy your curiosity-

Rapidworkers payment proof


You can even match the total withdrawal amount in this picture with the Paypal transaction in the first payment proof.

3. How much one can earn at Rapidworkers ?

That entirely depends upon your location , time you give and skills you got. People from UK , USA , Australia, Canada , Norway and NZ have always more opportunities and tasks that pays more. If you are from any other country then its going to be certainly difficult for you. Still you earn 1-3 USD per hour . Also they give you $1 just for signing up.

4. How to withdraw money from Rapidworkers ?

Payments are sent via PayPal & Skrill. Their withdrawal threshold is very low and that can be a real advantage for international members. You can place a withdrawal request if your balance is over $8.00 + 6% fees. Steps you need to follow for withdrawal-

Click Support tab/Submit button/then select PayPal or Skrill Withdraw / enter the amount and email to send in box. Payments are processed (Maximum 1 week after placing a withdrawal request}

You can also use your balance to start a campaign , i.e.,  no need to deposit money separately  by credit card or Paypal  to start a campaign.

5. Pros and Cons of Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers has several advantages over some other websites and some disadvantages as well.


  • Quick start, no need to qualify any assessment/test
  • Faster payment (with in 1 week after placing the withdrawal request)
  • Free to join for all
  • Support popular Payment methods – Paypal and Skrill
  • Withdrawal limit is low ($8 )
  • Good support
  • They pay you $1 just for signing up


  • You don’t have a lot of jobs to do all the time
  • Website has unprofessional look and lake some essential features
  • Pays lower than other similar websites for most of tasks


6. How your location may affect your Earning ?

People from UK , USA , Australia, Canada , Norway and NZ have always more opportunities and tasks available that pays more. If you are from any other country then your journey is going to be certainly  difficult .You can see the difference in the picture below –

Tasks available to the USA workers-

Rapidworkers example task


You can see in above picture that tasks are really paying good to USA workers.

Now see tasks available to International workers-

Rapidworkers example task


Paying Rates here are dreadful.


Rapidworkers has been very good to me. The important thing is that Rapidworkers.com is a legitimate platform to make money by doing small tasks. Rapidworkers is good for newbie who are looking to make some extra money online .If you have some spare time or you just surfing the web to kill time then you should join Rapidworkers to make your time productive. If you don’t have any other good resources for online money making like your own blog then I will recommend you the Rapidworkers. Give it a shot , choose task properly that you can finish and share your earning experience by commenting below.


35 thoughts on “RapidWorkers: Scam or Legit ? Review with Payment Proof”

  1. Why the discrepancy in payment between those in the US and those international after doing like the same kind of work? The issue need to be resolved.

    1. What’s going on!!!!!!! You people of Rapidworkers are just fuckin’ thieves.. I created few campaigns you approved to them.. Everything is just fine untill 1 hour later all of them were deleted.. I spent almost 20$ in these campaigns do you h1ve any damn idea how many nights i was awake and how much time i spend every doing your shitty fucking micro jobs to earn that amount… God damn it i was so happy that finally after all that hard work.. I did something.. But you thieves didn’t even refund me you just gave me 5$ back.. What the fuck??

      You are a fucking scam and i’ll tell everyone about you.. I’ll comment in every website.. I’ll give you fucking bad reviews everywhere even in trust pilot and i’ll expose your fake website in the entire fb.. You just care only about yourselves

  2. Hi sudhir sheoran, i have created skrill account with INR as Currency type , to withdraw money from rapid workers . I think it should be created with USD Currency type (i am from india ) right?. After i create ,and with draw how much should bank charge me to withdraw out it in indian currency? What is the better way to withdraw money from rapidworkers or others. Please suggest me if you were aware of this. Sorry for my bad english .Thanks in advance.

    1. I don’t know about skrill fee structure but this is general idea that applies to all. Withdraw when you have a high balance. For an example whether your friend sends you 1 dollar or 10 dollar in your Payza account , they will the charge the same 0.30 Dollar. Same applies on Withdrawal. Whether you withdraw 2 dollar or 10 dollar , Payza will charge you 60 Rupees.
      Skrill is good when you want to send money and paypal is good when you want to withdraw especially a low balance.

  3. Rapidworkers is a scam, I used it. The site is full of junks and when you do task and submit, the employer will misrate you so he won’t pay. And if you report to admin, they will ban you instantly. Stay away from rapid workers, be warned!

    1. It is a bad sign to ban workers for being misrated by scam employers, it never happened on microworkers or other legit website. Thank you for information.

  4. Rapidworker is a Full, Big, total scam site ever i seen. maximum jobs is look like spam and not cleared explanation how to do! admin just banned my ID without any noticed !!! so how could an admin do this to his/her workers??? do not waste your time on it.

  5. Hello thanks for the review really helped, I currently use now use microworkers and rapidworkers for a nice way to make money out of free time ,but I find that I don’t get a lot of work, so do you know of any other websites like microworkers and rapid workers

  6. Rapidworkers is a great big scam

    Yesterday i submit the paypal withdrawl request. And when i checkd today my account got banned.

    1. 200% scam and please don’t believe these scam websites. Stop writing Rapid-workers as legit and genuine one. Got very worst experience from Rapid workers.

  7. Hello. I joined rapidworkers 2 weeks ago after reading your review. Are they still paying their workers? How do i make a withdrawal request on the website i.e. which email address should i send my paypal email to? Please help me do things right so i don’t get banned. Thanks

    1. In order to withdraw your money from Rapidworkers you need to send an email to admin@rapidworkers.com with following 3 info –
      1- Your email on Rapidworkers
      2- Your Paypal email
      3- IP Address under Last Login Info (top right after you are logged in Your Rapidworkers account)

  8. hi sir , i just joined this website couple hours ago , may i know that what is the time i need to my jobs to be rated and get paid , another question is microworkers international and there are many jobs to international or what ???

  9. Rapidworkers is a total scam and waste of time. The admin and other staffs working in this platform should be arrested and banned. I opened an account recently and i carried out several jobs having followed the instructions and guidelines. I worked overtime, getting to this morning to login into my account. My account was blocked after the stress i went through to get the job done.

  10. Let me get this clear. Rapid Workers is on of the most unprofessional site in the world. There customers support are so rude and unprofessional. The payment in the website are very low. For instance, you are paid $0.12 for like, comment & subscribe in microworker. For the same job you are paid just $0.03 in Rapid workers. What I’m trying to say is, you are just wasting your time working in Rapid workers.
    My account was blocked for some unknown reason and I contacted the customer support. I could not take the reply which I have copy/past below.
    “Hello, We have banned you for doing USA jobs, I guess you did not read FAQ/TERMS and the red message at register page, we don’t need you on our site!”
    Please see the screenshoot of the reply as well https://imgur.com/a/tAFDnk2

      1. I have received payment twice in August from Picoworkers. They usually process withdrawal request with in 2 days.

  11. I came across this platform and I fall in love with the website thinking I have gotten opportunity to make money, but the reviews comments disappointed me and I can’t waste my time for what more than ten people called scams👅👁️

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