PicoWorkers Review- Genuine or Scam? Review With Payment Proof

It has been few days since I am working on Picoworkers. The Good news is that this newly launched microjobs website is paying to it’s users regularly. The website is very much similar to Microworkers and Rapidworkers in term of concept and interface. Employers post the jobs/tasks and Workers get paid for completing those jobs.  So it might be your another source of extra income.

picoworkers review

In this review we will discuss the following most commonly asked questions about Picoworkers –

  • What is Picoworkers and How it Works?
  • Is it paying or just another Scam?
  • How to Make money on Picoworkers?
  • How much one can earn from Picoworkers in a Month?
  • How to Withdraw Money From Picoworkers.com?
  • Pros and Cons of Picoworkers

1. What is Picoworkers and How it Works?

Picoworkers is a crowd-sourcing website(launched by OctoBrain Inc) which brings Employers and Workers together to meet their needs. You get a $2 bonus on signing up which you can spend on posting tasks for other workers. Like almost all other microjobs sites, you find 2 kinds of people here –

Employers –  Employers are those who need workers to get their work done. These kind of people post different tasks for workers and pay them money when they complete those tasks successfully.

Workers – Workers are people like me who want to make money completing short tasks like liking a Facebook page or writing a review.

You can be a worker and employer at the same time. Yes, you can complete the tasks for money as well as post the tasks for other people at the same time and from the same Picoworkers account.

2. Is PicoWorkers Legit or Just Another Scam?

You can not predict future of anything. Platform is new but currently paying to workers. Their business model is sustainable and similar to other popular microjobs site like Microworkers and Rapidworkers. They have a dedicated Facebook page, Support Email Address and proper address on their site-

Octobrain, Inc.
3511 Silverside Road Ste 105
Wilmington 19810

Note: They have a lot of workers and They are going to get a lot more in future but still they don’t have many employers and It’s really hard to survive without Employers in this business. Can’t predict their future but one thing is for sure – They are not scammers.

I applied for withdrawal on 30th August and got my money into PayPal account on 6th September(exactly after 7 days). Here is my payment proof –

Picoworkers Payment Proof

Join Picoworkers.com 

3. How to Make Money On PicoWorkers.com?

Once you sign up for PicoWorker and log in, you see 2 categories of jobs inside which you can complete and make money –

Small Jobs – These are small tasks you can complete quickly.  Usually you will see following kind of small jobs –

  • Facebook/Twitter likes
  • Android/iOS Apps downloading and installing
  • Sponsored Review
  • Sign Up jobs
  • YouTube Subscribe/Comment
  • Search and Click Jobs

Here is the Picoworkers small jobs screenshot for more insight –Picoworkers small jobs

In the screenshot above, you can see, you get $0.08 for liking Facebook page and $0.15 if you follow the Twitter page and submit the job completion proof accurately. 940 people have done the first job and 144 are still to go. I would advice you to not accept the jobs you can not complete.

Now choose the job which you want to complete. You would see some instructions provided by the employer. Follow the instruction, complete the tasks and provide proof at the end that ensures you have completed the jobs successfully. The Employer would review your work and if you have followed the instructions correctly, you get paid for your work.

This way you can choose as much as tasks available according to your skills and complete them in order to make money.

Ongoing Jobs –  PicoWorkers has introduced this feature for workers who posses certain skills. Ongoing jobs require more skills and time to be completed but pay good money at the end of the day. Look at the following example of ongoing jobs –

Picoworkers ongoing jobs

Like Microworkers, Picoworkers too have success rate concept and you must have a success rate of above 75% if you don’t want yourself prevented from doing tasks for next 1-30 days.

4. How Much one Can Earn from PicoWorkers?

This is a tough question to answer. If you don’t have much skills and complete only small jobs like liking page, searching and clicking, you can earn somewhere around $30 every month. If you are skilled enough and ongoing jobs match your skills then you can make much more. Your location and success rate might affect your earning.

5. How to Withdraw Money from PicoWorkers?

You must upload your real picture and one of the Identity card as proofs before you can withdraw. When it comes to payment, Picoworkers provides 7 different ways, workers can withdraw their money. All you need to have a minimum of $5+Fee in your Picoworkers account to be able to withdraw.

Once you have reached withdrawal threshold, click on withdraw from main menu-bar, select any of the one withdrawal option from the following, answer your security question and submit your request.

picoworkers withdrawal options

You are supposed to get your money with in 10 days.

6. Pros and Cons of PicoWorkers

Picoworkers is a new freelancing platform and have it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

What is Good About Picoworkers?

  • Their Website have good and easy to navigate interface.
  • They are Paying $2 bonus just for signup up.
  • Various Withdrawal options for workers.
  • No need to complete any tests/assessment to get first job.
  • Lower withdrawal threshold and fee

What is Bad About Picoworkers?

  • You don’t have a lot of small jobs available to complete.
  • Success rate might affect earning.
  • Platform is new and not reliable yet.
  • You must upload your photo and one valid Identity Proof for verification.
  • Employers are Few.

Conclusion – Doing short tasks always have been a popular way of making extra money. As it require very less or no skills to complete these jobs, everyone have a chance to make money online. Some people don’t find comfortable uploading their real picture and ID proof on internet, they can try these 10 Legitimate Micro Jobs Sites. One should always try to create as many as sources of income online and Picoworkers can be your next source of income. Since withdrawal threshold is low, it won’t take you much time to cross $5. Try it and share your experience via comments.


34 thoughts on “PicoWorkers Review- Genuine or Scam? Review With Payment Proof”

      1. Picoworker is a scam website. I request for the withdrawal on 27th Feb, but till date I didn’t received any amount. It is still showing, even support is also not giving any responses. A big fake site.

      2. my picoworkers account my account has been blocked please help me prabhuchinnna[at]gmail.com please help me out of this problem

    1. I have joined picoworkers on April 2019 ( 8 months ago ) and it was good, but starting from January 2020 picoworkers are not paying anymore, my last payment was on 23/12/2019, and I have a pending payment of 15$ ( it is pending for more than 10 days ) and there is more than 150 pending payment in their site, you can views it here: https://i.imgur.com/hrzDnNX.png , and when I talk with support about this, they closed my account with my money inside.

      so, the final word, picoworkers was good in 2019, but in 2020 it became a scam, stay away from it.

  1. A bad experience in picoworkers
    Picoworkers block me account without any reason. With 19$ in balance and 181 referrals, picoworkers scam

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Just create an account on paypal and add your bank account in your paypal account. PayPal will convert different currencies into Indian Rupee and send it to your bank account.

    1. Yes, I think the site is going to scam… 2 months and they didn’t send the money… I wrote them an email but there is no answer what is going on…

  2. Picoworker is a big big big fake site

    Its enough ….my account is blocked without reason.

    Don’t waste your time my friend

  3. I had tried to withdraw into PayPal but one message comes where is written: ” Paypal has denied payment”. There are no more other options to withdraw. And one mail also come from Picoworkers, they will add other options, i need to wait to withdraw. I am waiting.

  4. I received my first withdrawal on 05/01/2020. The sum of $ 5. The second withdrawal I put it on the 15th I haven’t received it yet.

  5. Picoworkers is trying workers are receiving their payment.i join Picoworkers in 2020, and when I request my first payment. Its takes only 5hours b4 I receive my payment not 10days. I was surprised when I saw my payment.

    So pls if any of u are having problem with Picoworkers. That means u do something wrong

  6. This is definitely a scam website. After doing some work my account was simply suspended stating improper submission of work proof. COME ON, you can only reject payment for that work even if what they state is improper submission. There are chances that my submission may have not got properly uploaded.

    An account can only suspended if we do anything against the rules. For eg., in some countries you cannot litter on the roads and that is fair and everybody should follow everywhere. A person who is walking took his handkerchief to blow his nose and without his notice a small bit of paper fallen on the sidewalk and that is not considered littering. He may be informed that something flew from his pocket without his notice and ask him to drop it in dustbin or take it with him, instead he cannto be punished right.

    Even if this is a legit site I will not recommend, don’t waste time.

  7. I feel sorry for myself 😣I worked like
    a donkey but did not pay.
    Those who want to work please read..
    At first I thought it was a very good site.I lost my $19 .First you can Withdrew some money You will not be able to withdraw money later, it will show various problems.
    😢I had to work according to their rules Everything was fine while working.
    😐😐The problem is when I go to withdraw money.
    They said I have opened multiple accounts In fact I didn’t do one.
    😑😶😶One thing surprised me🤔🤔
    Didn’t show any problems when I was working. But when I requested to withdraw money Then showing the problem.
    😞😞It was really good before But now they take people’s hard earned money.So I would urge everyone not to work here.The rest is up to you .

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