AAI ATC Interview Experiences | Read other’s and Share Your’s

36. Name of Candidate:  MANOJ KUMAR

Name of Exam: AAI ATC

Date of Exam/Interview: 5 MARCH 2016 time 09:00 am

Interview Experience : First of all I would like to thank INCOMOPEDIA team for giving me opportunity to share my interview experience with you all. My interview was awesome that lasted For 25 minutes covering almost all type of general questions.

Questions Asked : When I entered the interview room, the very first question that was asked me was what is your ROLL NUMBER OF AAI ATC? ? I replied them the correct answer and they were really impressed as they were testing my memory skills. After that they Asked me following questions —- 1. Why do you want to join ATC even though you already selected in AAI JE (ELECTRONICS) later is called CNS. ? 2. What is main difference between p. Radar and s radar? 3. What are sophisticated instruments used at AAI stations? 4. What is GMT AND IST, ? one problem was Given to me. .i solved that. . 5. They told me your tie looks beautiful. .what it’s price if you working in foreigner country? 6. Some questions about MY BTECH TECHNICAL LEVEL LIKE – what is mosfet and bjt. .? What are applications of different concentrations of BJT? 6. TELL ANY ONE OF freedom fighter from YOUR HOME STATE ( RAJASTHAN) ? THANKS.

35. Name of Candidate:  Chandrashekhar Govind Wagadkar

Name of Exam: AAI ATC Interview

Date of Exam/Interview: 17/08/2018

Interview Experience : Wo log mere se bahut achhe se baat kr rhe the hindi me hi during interview and also they appreciate me so many times

Questions Asked : 1-introduce yourself 2-difference b/w analog and digital signal 3-can analog be converted into digital signal 4-EHF freq range and application ( i answered VHF range and application 5- my project related – difference b/w microcontroller and microprocessor ( i answered opposite ) 6-what is work of ATC 7-defn of airport (i partially answered they helped me to correct) 8-how does aircraft fly 9-ILS and DME full form and function 10-name the aviation organisation in india ( i said AERA then they asked function ) 11-occupation of your father 12- range of digital signal Itne ques yaad h jo puche the wo log. 

34. Name of Candidate: Unknown

Name of Exam: AAI JE AO 02/2016

Date of Exam/Interview: Exam date 17.09.2016/ Interview in June 2017

Interview Experience : Duration 15 min, 29 sec(approx.) Driving licence is essential. Absentees were 13. *My suggestion or comment in bold or between asterisk* Here it started like this ! Name- dot dot dot >Tell me about yourself in reverse chronological order from the present day of your life. >Deep discussion on hobbies.(My was writing, travelling, photography) *They will catch you if it’s really not your hobby* > From hobbies, questions on United Nations arrived. Organs, etc. *Research your hobby well* > Why less marks in 12th ? *Sing that IIT song, it’s the best reason* > Trick question…what will you do if a VIP is late and he is going to miss his flight abd asking you to delay the flight? *Still Don’t know what could be the best answer* >Few more on such topics related to AAI, civil aviation, etc. *Blah blah blah yaad karke jana* My Suggestion… *Basically,it’s more kind of tricky but friendly HR interview with some facts to be known well about AAI & aviation. They will require justification for your every answer & I think no experience can help you bcoz HR interviews are unique for everyone* P.S. Nobody could predict how one’s interview went as we don’t know what they are looking for ! All the best ! Try to reach early & carry an umbrella. It was raining 💦🌨..Good luck !

33. Name of Candidate: Dinesh Singh

Name of Exam: JE (ATC)

Date of Exam/Interview: 27/02/2017

Interview Experience : Board 3. 5 members were there. I was the last candidate of the day and my interview started at 6PM. My interview lasted for 25-30 minutes. Board members were friendly and supportive specially the Chairman. That day I felt my interview was average but now as I got selected I can say it was above average 😉

Questions Asked :

  1. They started with my introduction and then family background.
  2. Asked questions related to mechanical engineering.
  3. What I know about ATC and responsibilities of ATC.
  4. Basic physics questions like Law of Gravitation, Keplers law etc.
  5. About RADAR.
  6. Then about civil aviation
  7. Since my relative is in AAI major portion of interview was revolving around what I know about AAI.

32. Name of Candidate: Prafull Chandra Pandey

Name of Exam: JE (ATC)

Date of Exam/Interview: 06/03/2017

Interview Experience : My interview was in B-1.There were 4 people 1 lady and 4 men.Board members were very friendly.They will make you comfortable with general introduction part.Interview experience was cool and I am selected . I did my btech from aeronautical and mtech in atmospheric science they asked me bunch of questions from atmosphere and their relevance in the aviation field.

Questions Asked :

  1. Tell me something about you?
  2. Why ATC?
  3. Why ATC when currently you are doing mtech which has lots of scope afterwards?
  4. who is MP & MLA of your area and who will be the CM in assembly election?
  5. Layers of atmosphere ?
  6. Role of Ionosphere in communication ?
  7. How pilot comes to know about height explain the procedure ?
  8. What is supercooled liquid in atmosphere?
  9. What is icing?
  10. what is stalling?
  11. Navigational instruments used by pilot?
  12. What is jet stream and how does it affects aircraft?
  13. seasonal shift of jet stream?
  14. Types of clouds?
  15. What is international standard atmosphere and why do we consider when it is hypothetical?
  16. What is the best thing i like about trivandrum?
  17. If i come to trivandrum which places will u take me?
  18. interviews which i have attended previously and what was the result?

31. Name of Candidate: DEVENDRA SINGH

Name of Exam: AAI JE ATC (07/2015)

Date of Exam/Interview: 10/04/2017

Interview Experience : I was the first one to be called for the interview in my panel. My panel was B3. 5 Panelist – 4 male, 1 female. All were very supportive, encouraged me and even helped me to answer at some instances. The interview took a healthy 15 – 20 minutes but I never felt stressful as the panel was very frank and supportive. Overall great experience, finally got selected. Thanks to Incomopedia. It really helped a lot.

Questions Asked : After being asked to have a seat. They read my form and asked some questions about my native home town. As I’m from Army Background, they asked me a couple of questions from the places I’d visited. What is AAI ? What are its objectives ? What comes under DGCA ? What is the job of an ATC ? What are your career goals ? Why ATC ? How would you add values to the organisation ? What are the different types of RAM ? What is TCP/IP ? What is the background mechanism when a mail is sent ? Where is the HQ of UN ? Which is the UN body dedicated for Civil Aviation ? Explain its Working ? What do you know about ATC ? What are the objectives of ATC ? What are the different equipment used in ATC ? What is CNS ? What is Communication ? How is it done in ATC ? Arrange all the equipment of ATC in CNS ? Suppose if the ATC stops working. What will happen ? How the navigation was done in early 1920s ? That’s it. They wished me All the Best, We had a good laugh as I cracked a joke 😛 Overall great experience, enjoyed the Interview.

30. Name of Candidate: Himakhi Das

Name of Exam: AAI JE ATC (07/2015)

Date of Exam/Interview: 10/04/2017

Interview Experience : Panel B2
There were 5 members. 4 gents and 1 lady. They are very supportive and makes us comfortable as soon as i entered the room. Panel members are jolly too.

Questions Asked : Tell us about yourself and your family?
Name of 5 airlines, and then told me to repeat it in the same manner i have told before?
Direction test, given a puzzle and asked me the directions to move forward?
Name of seven union territories?
Difference between Delhi and other union territories?
Importance of Delhi in India?
What is stress and strain?
If two coins are tossed together then what is the probability to get heads in both the coin?
What type of aircraft is spicejet?
Overall interview was average. Now hoping for the best!!!!!

29. Name of Candidate: Tanya Singh

Name of Exam: JE(ATC)

Date of Exam/Interview: 10/4/17

Interview Experience : It was an amazing experience right from the start of document verification process itself…the staff was very supportive and they made everyone comfortable…after verification we were sent for voice test and then interview

Questions Asked : What do you know about ATC? Tell me about yourself and your family background..long discussion about hobbies..some technical questions about transformer and power plants as I was of electrical background…father’s occupation…functions of AAI…equipments used by AAI…what is ILS?you are single right now but how will you manage after marriage? Overall it was a very good experience and you will not even realize its an interview once its started… all d best 😊

28. Name of Candidate: Pankaj Kumar

Name of Exam: ATC 7/2015

Date of Exam/Interview: 06/04/2017

Interview Experience : My panel was B1. There were 4 persons : 3 gents and 1 lady. All were supportive and very amicable. They were giving the vibe that they are there to select not to reject. My interview duration was 10 to 15 minutes. They were giving full time to put your answer and were appreciating and expressing there happiness if u answered the question appropriately. So, basically it was more of a conversation than a mere interview.

Questions Asked : Questions asked to me :

1. Tell us about your family background ?

2. What you did in the following 2 years ? ( actually it I completed my B.Tech in 2015 that’s why they put up this question though technically it’s not 2 years )

3. Have you been to any airport ?

4. Have you ever taken a flight ?

5. Name some equipments used in ATC navigation and surveillance ?

6. What is doppler effect ?

7. What is the objective of services provided by ATC ?

8. If u take a flight from delhi to you native place then in which direction you are moving?

9. What is the aim of your life ? They asked all they questions very politely and gave full time to reply and think as i have already mentioned.

27. Name of Candidate: HARISANKAR R NAIR

Name of Exam: JE(ATC)

Date of Exam/Interview: 27/02/17

Interview Experience : 5 member panel….very much receptive and conducive atmosphere,mine being on the first day and in the first slot they were a lil unorganized and hence caused some delay in doc verification..voice test was as said by others ez(was asked to read a passage)…interview was brief but rapid few tech as well as HR and ATC related questions..

Questions Asked : hobbies about ATC, why ATC modes of communication differences be at ease and all is well

26. Name of Candidate: M ESWARA RAO

Name of Exam: ATC 7/2015

Date of Exam/Interview: 03/04/17

Interview Experience : It was good all are at certificate verification,Voice Test,Interview are are very friendly with you.you don’t worry about interview.They are very good people inside there.

Questions Asked : At voice test they asked tell me about yourself and gave a magazine read one of the paras whatever you want!!!
For interview i’m the last member.
At interview room my first question is again tell me about yourself!!!
2. is what are the functions of AAI,
3. is what are the duties of ATC
4. is if you are face south what is the direction of west
5.is they draw one diagram and asked me explain the directions.
6 .is if two flights are travelling exactly opposite directions what should you do to avoid collision
i answered for this we have to change flight level.then he said yes good and any more way to avoid collision now i answered change their directions towards their right sides then immediately they asked why their right side? i said i dont know immediately all interviewers laughed at actually they tempted me..then
finally they said ok eshwar you can go we will also leave!!!! so i don’t know what are my chances to select but you should be very confident
Thank you guys!!!! ALL THE BEST!!!!

25. Name of Candidate: Abha Kumari Gupta

Name of Exam: JE(ATC)

Date of Exam/Interview: 03/03/2016

Interview Experience : It was a pleasant experience as the staff there were very supportive and cooperative. It was a bit extended process from document verification followed by voice test to interview, so a mere advice carry a packet of Biscuit and water with you. Carry all your documents along with their Xerox and passport size photograph exactly in the order mentioned in the call letter . This will make the document verification process easy for both the AAI official and the candidate. Next the voice test is a very easy round again the officials there are very supportive and will make u calm in all possible ways. ( Voice test is very easy , you just need to be bit fluent ) My interview was in B1 panel which comprised 5 members (4male +1 female) ,as far as I remember chairman of my board was Mr.P.K.Srivastava who really made me comfortable and calm in the interview room.

Questions Asked : As soon as I entered the interview room I greeted them with smile, they asked me to take seat. After that they read out my name from the form ‘ABHA ‘ and asked what does it means, out of nervousness I answered light, the very next question that came to me was speed of light? After that they read out all the details about me from the form like my name, my college, my native and after that they asked me to tell me about myself . Next question was on my hobbies on which they discussed for around 2mins with several cross Questions. I was also asked about my previous work experience and how could I utilize my learning from their into ATC.(it was discussed for a longer duration with me ; around 5mins) Questions on my B.Tech project with in relevance and application in today’s world.( This was asked by the lady member, she also wanted to go into technical aspect of the project;but at that point I accepted the fact that it has been long so I won’t be able to explain the technical aspects but can definitely explain the application) There were several other miscellaneous Questions like: 1) instrument for measuring wind? 2) Chairman of AAI? 3) which organization looks after security at AAI? 4) why do u want to be ATC? 5) What are the other services provided by AAI? 6) It’s a stressful job , will have​ night shifts and transfers everywhere in India, how will I manage this?

24. Name of Candidate: Moumita Sarcar

Name of Exam: JE(ATC)

Date of Exam/Interview: 10/03/2016

Interview Experience : people and staff were supportive and patient . the building where the exam was held was a bit clutzy and i frequently lost my way through it. the document verification time was too stretched out , as the people went for a good hour of lunch break. and we sat there, waiting for them , without any food. (i only had breakfast that day, and next dinner) (suggestion : carry with you some food packets and water as the waiting period may vary). Voice test will be a breeze. the examiner conversed with me infront of a mic, and i comfortably chatted with him. suddenly he said, the voice test is done, you may proceed for your interview. 🙂

Questions Asked : the panel consisted of 5 people, each asking me a set of questions . The first one hurriedly spoke 5 questions asking me about myself, my family, my education, my city and my hobbies, and asked me to answer them IN THE SEQUENCE ASKED. next, someone asked me about my city and mamata banerjee and the ups and downs of politics, to which i gave a non-radical diplomatic answer to which they seemed convinced and impressed, as i neither praised nor blamed anyone in particular, but made out of the situation. next, i was asked about my previous job , my role, and my current salary drawn. they said both the salaries are comparable and im already established , then why i was thinking of leaving that for AAI, and whether i have given anymore exams or not. i replied that i have been pursuing this particular job for a long time (since 2012, but i keep missing my exams due circumstances) , and i am focused enough to get into it. they asked if we fail u in this interview, what will u do? i stated simply , i have filled up the next advertisement already, and i will get thru it in the upcoming exam. they were happy that i was focused and adamant to land this job. then , they asked me questions like, who is the chairman and what do u know abt aai; where are the places in india where missile firing is done etc. lastly i was asked about my final year project, and questions on semiconductors and communications. as i was about to leave, someone asked me what i did to relieve stress, to which i didn’t have much to answer, they said “practice yoga from now on, atc is strenuous”. and they let me leave the room. *wink wink* (all this lasted not more than 25 minutes)

23. Name of Candidate: Niteesh Kumar Singh

Name of Exam: JE(ATC)

Date of Exam/Interview: 24 Mar 2017

Interview Experience : It was nice to interact with the interview panel . As already mentioned they were very cooperative and supporting indeed. Sometimes when you are reluctant while delivering answers they do help you and make it clear that you get the main concept right. My interview went around 10 min only maybe because I was the last candidate of the batch . 🙂

Questions Asked : 1.About current job Why AAI (despite current job ) 2.Functions of AAI 3. equipments used by ATC 4.what ever answer you give in equipment they note it down and ask all of them one by one 5.why didn’t take campus placement 6.what if posted away from home town 7. What are your traits That’s it .

22. Name of Candidate: GARIMA TANWAR

Name of Exam: JE-ATC

Date of Exam/Interview: 4-3-2016

Interview Experience : First of all incomopedia acted as a guide in my interview preparation. I had 5 member in my panel. I was a bit nervous for my interview. As i walked in they asked me questions about myself and my family, then they asked about my education. They kept asking hr questions until i was comfortable. They also asked why join AAI and why i did not take on campus placement instead. All were very cooperative and gave time to answer. My interview lasted for 20-25 minutes.

Questions Asked : 1. What is difference between primary radar and secondary radar? 2. What is ILS? 3. Frequency bands used by ATC? 4. Name all forces acting on a plane in flight 5. Bernoulli’s Principle 6. How Newton’s 3rd law helps in flight? 7. In which direction aircraft should take-off? 8. Magnetic and Relative bearing and in which direction it is calculated from?(clockwise/anticlockwise) 9. What is the path made by object thrown from an aircraft flying having horizontal velocity. It’s formula and a numerical based on it to solve. 10. Geography based questions like where is lotus temple located, in which direction, how much time would it take to reach there from my place since my hometown is in Delhi. Some more questions based on different places in Delhi. HR QUESTIONS 1. Are you comfortable about transfers? 2. What if you get a posting outside Delhi since i did my schooling and graduation from Delhi. 3. My hobbies 4. Spelling of Leprology … At last don’t be nervous. All the best!

21. Name of Candidate: Tashi Wangail

Name of Exam: JE(ATC)

Date of Exam/Interview: 26/12/2015

Interview Experience : First of all I am very grateful to the team of incomopedia which really helped me in cracking the interview. My interview lasted for 20 to 25 mins. I was in B1 board , there were 4 male members and one lady member.Interview was consist of hr questions technical questions current affairs questions and lot about organisation, so be well aware of the organization.overall it was very good experience board members were calm.

Questions Asked : Q1) Tell me about yourself ?(here u need to be precise don’t add unnecessary things which are irrelevant) Q2) It was a current affairs question about PM visit to various countries which was undergoing that day also.(so current affairs question can be current to day itself .I could answer that question with the present position of PM because I came just after listening to the morning news and I had my interview at 9 30 so my advice be updated with d latest news of that day) Q3) Why do you want to join Aai Q4) (Technical questions started from here) tell me about radar how does it detect objects. Q4)what is a secondary radar Q5)what is a rectifier what does it do Q5) types of wave propagation Q6)what is cutoff frequency Q7)what is the device called to measure wind speed After this organizational based questions started Q8) what does an ATC do Q9) what are the source of income for aai other than ATC Q9)what is the full form of CISF Q10)what is green field airport and brown field airport Q11)which are the new privatized airports n who are the operators So my last question was would you be comfortable working anywhere in India. So guys I hope that my experience will help you in your interview preparation with this I wish all of u there aspiring to be an ATCO a very best of luck and good wishes.

20. Name of Candidate: Alok

Name of Exam: ATC 03/2015

Date of Exam/Interview: 28/02/2016

Interview Experience : Well I was little nervous as it was my first interview but the panel was very cooperative and supporting. My interview was around 17-20 mins.They mostly check your confidence and body language.

Questions Asked : 1-About yourself,  2-Hobbies, 3-About hometown, 4- famous thing regarding hometown..Any personality, thing or as such, 5-about aai, 6-why you want to join this, 7- favourite subjects from graduation and some questions from them also, 8-btech project and training, 9-they asked me to speak 2 mins on mobile phone, 10-some hr questions like are you comfortable in transfers,night shifts etc

19. Name of Candidate: LB

Name of Exam: JE ATC

Date of Exam/Interview: 27/02/2016

Interview Experience : First of all thanks to incomopedia. It’s one of the reasons today I am writing my interview experience . There were five members. Everyone asked questions one by one. All are very cooperative except one. He intentionally opposes every answer given by me.( may be checking my confidence level). They hardly asked any technical question . My whole interview was based on non tech and hr questions.( It depends on your luck.) So only study 2 tech subjects for safer side. And be confident and Frank while giving answers.

Questions Asked : 1. Tell me about yourself ( they asked many questions from intro. ) 2. They asked hobbies in detail. Also about family background and hometown. 3. What are the main physical parameters used by an aircraft when flying? What is standard pressure datum? 4. What is ILS? Category of ILS in Delhi? 5. 1 or 2 questions related to radar? 6. Are u comfortable with transfers? Like northeast bhejege tumko chale jaoge? 7. Name any 5 airports of North East, latter they asked only 3. 8. Have u heard about leelabadi? It is the name of an airport in north east. I didn’t know that. 9. Mam asked how will u manage stress in ATC. 10. Why u are coming for ATC u have done m.tech. go for phd and anything else . Don’t waste our time and blah blah.. (Again they are testing, that i really want to join this job or not) Don’t fight with them . Politely give answers. Just show them u are going to join this job. Best of luck.

18. Name of Candidate: Ashima Rana

Name of Exam: JE ATC

Date of Exam/Interview: 26.12.2015 and 27.02.2016

Hello friends I would like to start with a letter of thanks to incompedia.It helped a lot in my interview preparation.The content is really genuine and updated. Board members in my interview panel were very cooperative.They assured that no candidate should feel uncomfortable during interview. So they asked the very first question with a smile 🙂 Hello Ashima, what is your height?;) (As I was not expecting this question: for 1-2 sec,I forgot my height :p ) So be comfortable and confident. Interview went smoothly and here are the questions:

Question Asked: 1. Tell me about yourself.(Plz make honest points because board members in turn ask questions that should justify your answer) 2. Hobby (I answered : Hindi poetry). They asked me to recite a Hindi poem in English (that was funny 🙂 so try to speak in English only).Then they recited a poem and asked me to identify the poet. 3. Technical part : name any 2 favourite subject. I answered.digital communication system(logical gate and all).They interrupted by saying : apart from dcs ( because it is the easiest subject 😉 ) Me : Analog and communication (now they were happy) Furthur ques :Why favourite? 4. Draw circuit of a communication receiver. 5. Analog : zener diode working. 6. Have u ever seen Yagi uda antenna? What is it? 7. How do u come to know about AAI? (I told them : I gave a seminar on GAGAN in my btech which is a project of AAI and ISRO) 8.Obviously, next ques was : What is GAGAN? 9. Who is the chairman of GAGAN? ( I replied : NO .I know only in technical terms).One member then started asking questions on GAGAN. So do read this topic thoroughly. 10. Why do u want to become ATC? 11. From where do u belong. What is famous there? 12. Lastly,they asked : any questions? I replied: No sir:) They smiled and wished me best of luck. 🙂 So dear friends,I wish u “all the very best” and be confident, u vl rock the interview.:)

17. Name of Candidate: Ankush

Name of Exam: JE ATC

Date of Exam/Interview: 10-5-2016 and 27-02-2017

Question Asked: I have appeared for the Interview of ATC twice. >>First Experience: 10-5-2016 In this interview, the panel asked me technical questions mostly and that too in depth: 1. What are you doing post your degree? 2. What is ATC and how does it work? 3. What are the various equipments used in ATC? 4. Indian Navigation Satellites 5. How GPS Satellites are positioned 6. GPS Signals and their frequencies 7. What are the various codes in use in GPS 8. Precision of GPS 9. What is VOCS (I could not find this till date :P) 10. How does AAI generate revenue? 11. EM Waves and their Polarization 12. TEM 13. Horizontal and Vertical Polarization 14. Geosynchronous and Geostationary satellites That’s all from the first interview. Now, today I had my second interview. Only a single technical question was asked this time and most of the interview revolved around non-technical issues. 1. Tell me about yourself, background, education family etc etc 2. Why do you want to switch over when current job is quite relevant w.r.t your education? 3. Day to Day work of an ATC 4. Primary objective of ATC 5. Hobbies 6. Any incident which enticed you towards ATC 7. How good communicator you are and role of communication to be an ATC 8. Modulation & AM modulation That’s all!

16. Name of Candidate: Vivek Kumar

Name of Exam: JE Commercial

Date of Exam/Interview: 09/11/2016

Interview Experience: good. relaxed easy to handle. any language can be used (english and hindi). i prefered english…result selected..

Question Asked: tell me about yourself. questions on family background. why aai. what r u doing currently, if not selected in aai then what.role of commercial department. few easy current affairs

15. Name of Candidate: DHANAVATH NAGESH

Name of Exam: Junior executive (ATC)

Date of Exam/Interview: June 18…

Interview Experience: First of all thanks to incompedia for building a platform to become atc officer .iam posted at ahmedabad working as on job trainee. my board no 3 including one madam i have been experienced with close and friendly nature officer during interview..I felt very happy because of certificate verification process going in friendly nature and they advised us to be freely interact with other students.that interaction made no tension in mind about interview.almost all qualified voice test.just reading 2 or 3 sentences.don’t think about voice test at tough level…after that i was asked in interview room…

Question Asked: 1.tell me about yourself?.
2.explain about podium speaker which is in front of me on table.
3.what are your favourite subjects?(I chosen Radar,analog electronic because I decided that ATC JOB based on radar only)
4.write RADAR RANGE Equation and explain the relation of R and TXED POWER.
5.what is the pulse time required for RADAR txed signal.
6.What should I ask you tell me?
(I had chosen about ATC and functions of ATC, operational area in airport.I impressed them here.because I need job)
7.They check my confident level ,truth about me by asking shirt colour, cotton or silk ,ready made or stitching made,tailor shop name also.
8.normal weight of the aircraft and aircraft having more weight in which cases whether in air or on land .
9.More questions on my hobbies…in deeper..
..my interview around 22 minutes…I made them more comfortable and entertainment in close manner with answers….finally I was selected ….thanking you so much incomopedia……actually I Am little busy with certificate to join…so sorry for late to share my experince….incomopedia made me responsible person in real society.

14. Name of Candidate: Anne

Name of Exam: JE-ATC 03/2015

Date of Exam/Interview: March 11, 2016

Interview Experience: My interview was for about 20 minutes. The panel consisted of 5 members including a lady. The experience was quite good and better than I expected it would be. They encouraged me to talk and were very friendly.

Question Asked: They asked me to introduce myself, about my family.
The qualities of an air traffic controller, why I wanted to be one, about the layers of atmosphere and aircraft, some electronics questions, about receivers. This is all I remember. It was pretty good overall. This site helped a lot.

13. Name of Candidate: Harish N

Name of Exam: atc

Date of Exam/Interview: NA

Interview Experience – I think my interview was beyond the frame of convention!
Because, I was not asked to tell about myself!!
I completed my graduation in 2011,so first they asked what I did during the past 5yrs. Then, I was asked about Kepler’s laws of planetary motion.Then about seasons,GMT,the reason for becoming an ATC,objectives and duties of ATC,Functions of AAI. That’s all!! It was very short of an Interview!!

Waiting in huge anticipation, for a positive result!

Once again,Thanks a lot, Sir.

12. Name of Candidate: aks

Name of Exam: atc

Date of Exam/Interview: 26/2/16

Interview Experience: in my interview panel there were 5 member-4 sirs and 1 madam,
questions.70% questions were asked by madam only.
panel is really cooperative,they provide u ample time to relax and to answer.
best of luck.

Question Asked: 1. about yourself?
2.about geosynchronous and geostationary sat.
3.about gps
4.about device used to measure air speed
5. main role of atc
6. frequency bands used by atc.
7. type of radars specifically used in atc operations .
8.what other exams i cleared?what other options do i have.
9.why is there a gap in between 12th and graduation ?which coaching did i attended?
10.some points regarding my hometown.

11. Name of Candidate: deepti

Name of Exam: aai atc 3/2015

Date of Exam/Interview: 15/6/2015

Interview Experience: It was the 10th interview in my life after graduation, in which I was able to crack 9.Telling from my heart,AAI interview was the most challenging.Each question the panel asked,whether it is a friendly question or not,was having an agenda of checking our skills…
AAI was giving the best hospitality for the candidates…
Just before attending this interview,my aim was to join govt service…but now after attending this interview,IT IS MY AIM TO JOIN AAI….such a nice institution…i love it.

Question Asked: Bio metric
fill a form telling our category-obc/general.. and work experience

Voice Test
They give a magazine and asked to read ANY passage.Just 2 sentences.If anyone fails (may be due to tension) they will give second chance,after taking some rest.

Also at the time of voice test,they asked to tell our family background,hobbies,etc….in the order asked.[to check memory skills]


(5 Panel members.sitting in 180 degree angle)–so that they can check our each movement.

note your journey cost,time taken,,,,,they may ask it

10. Name of Candidate: Bhagavanlal

Name of Exam: Atc

Date of Exam/Interview: 20-06-2016

Interview Experience: First of all thanks to incompedia for building a platform to atc aspirants.
My interview was done normally ….
After biometrics and verification we’v been taken to our respective boards
Board : 2
Well i got nervous while answering some que.. overall good.. and my written marks are 71.268 …they were expecting answers more depth from me… let’s wait for the result…

Question Asked: 1. So mr bhagavab where were u from
2.why did u sacrifice your placement (as i got 2 offers in it)
3.what are aviation organisations in india
4. A lady interviewer asked me.. tell me about yourself in 3 words..
5.what do you know about atc
6.explain about vhf communication using in airports
7.what is a wave guide
8.what is a circulator
9.tell me about helicopter for 2 minutes.. and they asked about my father ..and also asked about afcat exam which told them.. that i was preparing for that… as today ia last.. hope my interview experience will be useful for upcoming aspirants

9. Name of Candidate: mannu

Name of Exam: atc

Date of Exam/Interview: 20th june 2016

Interview Experience: Well I was little nervous as it was my forst interview and was shivering during voice test but they made me calm by casual talk.
Interview panel consisted of 4 males and female.
Overall my first interview taught me a lot.(do read all the questions given in this blog thoroughly it will boost your confidence).

Question Asked: international yoga day,how many exercises included etc.
3.controllers and instruments(to measure air speed)
4.sourses of revenue generation of aai
5.functions of aai and why do you want to join aai
6. How aircrafts fly
And some other questions related to aircraft

8. Name of candidate Pavan Kumar Y

Name of Exam –  ATC

Date of Exam/Interview 7th June, 2016

Interview Experience – Hii , I had my interview on 7th June, B-2 , afternoon shift, 63 marks in written n st category.

My interview questions.
1. Introduce yourself
2. What is Cutoff frequency
3. Skip distance

4. Modi tour to USA (which I answered partially, they were expecting to answer about his last tour to Iran)

5. Functions f aaj
6. Technologies used in ATC
7. What is GMT
8. 2types of communication network model
9. Why do wanna become atco
10. Source f income for aaj
11. Minister f state for CA
12. Regulatory body f aaj
13. Information about my district
14. My hobbies

15. Did you find any difficulty in applying aaj ( I answered like no sir I didn’t find such difficulties as I applied as soon as notification was out n I kept all the related documents with me while applying so it was easy for me)

16. Types of wave propagation.

My interview lasted about 15-20 minutes. I answered almost 12 questions out of 16. So what are my chances ?

7.  Name of Candidate – Smita Kumari

Name of Exam –  ATC

Date of Exam/Interview – 24/05/2016

  Questions asked – My branch is ece
1-introduce yourself
2-difference b/w analog and digital signal
3-can analog be converted into digital signal
4-EHF freq range and application ( i answered VHF range and application
5- my project related – difference b/w microcontroller and microprocessor ( i answered opposite )
6-what is work of ATC
7-defn of airport (i partially answered they helped me to correct)
8-how does aircraft fly
9-ILS and DME full form and function
10-name the aviation organisation in india ( i said AERA then they asked funtion )
11-occupation of your father

12- range of digital signal
Itne ques yaad h jo puche the wo log. Wo log mere se bahut achhe se baat kr rhe the hindi me hi during interview and also they appreciate me so many times

6. Name of Candidate – Rahul (name changed)

Name of Exam – ATC JE

Date of Exam/Interview – 13/06/16

  Interview Experience – Hi every one, First of all many-many thanks to “incomopedia” and Sudhir sheoran who shared much valuable informations on this web site about ATC interview and I really got benefit from this. Let’s us see result…

Here I am writing about My ATC interview which held on 13/06/16 from beginning…
First of all get down at “Jor Baag” Metro Station which is the AAI office (Rajiv Bhawan)
In side, there will be biometric test (of your finger) followed by document verification and then Voice test. In Voice test they are telling to read a magazine and before that some informal talk that is also a part of the test. In view almost all candidates are being passed in voice test.
now for the Interview…
There are three board rooms (B1,B2,and B3) for interview.
They asked me “tell me something about yourself that is not mentioned in the profile form”(a profile form have to fill over there. it is a simple form.)
they asked about my place where I am belog from. they discussed about my state’s politics. what are the places Mr. Modi visited recently, About AAI, what is work of AAI, how does an aircraft fly, some questions from power amplifier, networking (TCP-IP), what is the objective of ATC etc.
I answered well and let’s see the result.

5. Name of Candidate: Veer yadav
Name of Exam: Atc
Date of Exam/Interview: 20 may

  Interview Experience: Hello, sir.. I would like to appreciate ur work. It is awesome, max questions asked in interview was from ur blog. No need to go anywhere else guys. Read the blog very carefully.. Questions r around all these. Questions asked to me. How aircraft fly. Radar, radar frequency, microwave range, about aai, about family, hobby, ur home town prepare it well. Hv u ever travelled by flight, when u travel from ur home town to Delhi in which direction u moved.. Some personality from azamgarh, why wanna to join atc.

4. Name of Candidate: Mona

    Name of Exam: JE ATC

   Date of Exam/Interview: 17 May 2016

   Interview Experience : Hi Sir, Today I had my interview, I got some questions common from from your blog. I like to share some more. Like DGCA, organisations under DGCA, Government policies regarding aviation? How AAI’s avenue is coming from?Now a days what government is doing with the airports. What is the difference between microprocessor and microcontroller.global warming. No of airports and civil enclaves.interrupt in micro controller. Give strong reason why you changing your current job.what are your hobbies and please get some good idea about it. Family background. I want to thank you again.. for sharing about the ATC interview questions in the blog..

3. Name of Candidate: Ravi Raj
Name of Exam: ATC_03/2015
Date of Exam/Interview: 23rd may 2016

  Interview Experience: board-3…they asked qn from ur given ans so be careful before answering …be confident…to feel cool in waiting hall plzzz do conversation with candidates n divert ur mind from interview…

Question Asked: ATC_03/2015 interview

date 23rd may

board- 3…total time of interview- 25 mins

Qn 1. intro.
2. about home town.
3 hobby.
4. physics- rotational motion(practical qn)
5. state famous place n details
6. IST and its detail n deep qn
7. famous place of state to delhi direction
8. what is difference between helicopter and aircraft
9. project(embedded system microcontroller sensor )
10 training bsnl(gsm cdma ofc)
11 my college state election details (WB election)
12 Marker(outer inner )
13 clouds(dangerous for aircraft)
14. solar power cochin airport)
15 smart city……………dats allll

2. Name of Candidate: Dhanapradha Ganesan
Name of Exam: JE-ATC 3/2015
Date of Exam/Interview: JUNE 3,2016 9.00 am

  Interview Experience: BOARD 2, TIME DURATION-20 minutes , Hello everyone,
first of all let me extend my hearty thanks to the admin of the blog and the content writers who all provided fruitful information in chasing my dream job of becoming an ATCO.I used to keep track of the posts regularly and it helped me a lot during my interview preparation.The interview panel consisted of five members.Questions were posed from personal,technical(ece),HR,civil aviation,some common things that happen around your place.Presenting yourself in a confident,cool and honest manner will fetch you positive results.

Question Asked: 1.family background
2.pass out in 2015.So why you did not take campus placements?
3.why ATC?
4.Did you take the je-atc 7/2015 exam and why?(since i got to know that I’ve been shortlisted for interview before taking the next exam)
5.Are you aware of je-electronics opening in atc?why you did not take it?
6.technical questions-software interrupts in microprocessor,barkhausen’s criterion,de-morgan’s law,why negative feedback used in op-amp,fan out condition.
7.organizations under civil aviation
8.since i mentioned that i have attended an one day visit to an airport in my home town,they asked questions about what did i observe in the atc tower of the international airport.
9.also asked me to explain the route at which an aircraft fly by drawing a rhombus thereby marking four coordinates in it, that’s all:)

thank you.

1. Name of Candidate: Rudraraj

Name of Exam: JE (Airport Operations)

Date of Exam/Interview: 2015

  Interview Experience: these are some subjects asked in previous recruitment for JE (airport operations) ,which i got it from several websites….so plz post it in ur website

Question Asked: electronic,communications,digital electronic,control system,micro wave,computer,information technology.

some previous year questions for JE (AO)


1) The radiation pattern of yagi uda antenna? a)omnidirectional b)broadside c)end side

2)Function of synchro? a)transducer b) modulator c)demodulator d)encoder & decoder

3)Voltage feedback gives?

4)bcd value of 001100100001?

5)questions on micro controller pins?

6)simple questions on logic gates?

7)simple problems on rlc networks?

8)function of RAM?

9)hall effect is used to measure?

10)in RC phaseshift oscillator a condition to get oscillations is hfe>= 4K+23+29/K…

11)directivity of half wave dipole is….1.64..

12)READY signal is used in MP becoz of slow devices connected…..

13)TRAP is non maskable interrupt…..

14)value of threshold voltage?

15)function of magnetron?

16) combinational ckt means a)with memory b)with out memory c)constructed with logic gates d) both b & c

17) 2 q’s on nmos transistor.

18) 1 q on wheatstone bridge, 1 q on kcl, kvl

19)what is rom ? a) temporary storage b)permanent storage c)…..d)…

20) 1 q on rat race junction.

21) 1 q on txn line short ckted condition.

22)1 q on sqrt(81 max).

23) take a 4 digit binary noi.e A.and then what is A+Abar= a)1101 b)1011 c)1111 d)0000

24) 1 q on op amp prob , 1 q on slew rate

25) 1 q on which filter is used for extracting sine signalof 1mhz

26) if there are 8 rc filter sections what is the individual phase shift? a)180 b)45 c)22.5

1. Which of the following schemes have the best error performance with the same energy per bit?
1. 16QAM b. 16PSK c. QPSK

2. Same Antenna is used for Tx and Rx. Radar range related to Antenna gain as
1. Directly prop. To G
2. Direc. Prop. To sq. root of G
3. Inversely prop to G

3. Thermal Noise in conductor related to B
1. B
2. 1/B
3. B2
4. Square root of B

4. A control system with feed back gain 0.1 and forward gain 10. What is the sensitivity of the system w.r.t the feed back system.

5. The value of ‘k’ for the system to be stable is. ( 6th degree Characteristic Equation given)

6. Which of the following system is stable.
1. As2 + Bs +C
2. As2 – Bs +C
3. As4 + B s3 +Cs+D
4. -As2 – Bs -C

7. Linux OS based on which architecture

8. Comparison between Macro and Subroutine
1. Macro better that Sub Rtne with respect to storage time and execution time
2. Vice versa
3. Macro better that Sub Rtne with respect to execution time only
4. Vice versa

9. Which of the following is a privileged instruction?
1. MOV A B
2. INT 21
3. ADD A B
4. IN 08

10. Which of the following instruction is not converted to binary by an Assebly Language Program?
2. Interrupt
3. Privileged instruction
4. Sorry don’t remember

11. In which type of machine can multiple tasks be done
1. Virtual Machine
2. Sorry don’t remember

12. Which of the following has the highest distortion?
1. A
2. B
3. AB
4. C

13. Which of the following distortions occur in Class B push pull amplifier?
1. Harmonic
2. Intermodulation
3. Phase
4. Sorry don’t remember

14. ?(s)/T(s) of a rotational system (J,B,k regular notations)

15. Schmitt Trigger with 3V & 1V UTP and LTP respectively. A sinusoidal input with 10V peak is fed as the input. The output swings between

16. Op-amp circuit given. Identify the circuit (Ans: Peak detector)

17. 6 bit binary ladder with 101001 as input ( 0= 0V , 1 = 10V). Output voltage is ——

18. Doppler Radar of 1125 MHz. Frequency of received echo is 125 MHz. The conclusion is
1. Target also has a radar
2. Target moving away
3. Target approaching

19. Microprocessor cycles between
1. Fetch and Execution operations.
2. Fetch and Halt

20. Modulation index of an FM system with 2.5V, 500 Hz input and 5KHz deviation is

21. Routh’s Criterion gives
1. Number of roots on the LHS of S plane
2. Number of roots on the RHS of S plane

22. For the system to be stable, the roots of the characteristic Equation must lie
1. Left side of the S plane
2. Right side of s plane

23. Impulse response h(t) of a system is
1. Inverse Laplace transform of Transfer Function

24. The output of a LTI system with Gaussian process input is
1. Gaussian
2. Poisson

25. Spectral Density and Auto-Correlation are
1. Laplace Transform pair
2. Fourier Transform Pair.

26. A flex Klystron is a
1. Microwave amp
2. Microwave Oscillator
3. Both amp and Oscillator
4. High cavity tube

27. S Matrix related question.

28. Block diagram given

Oscillator(1 MHz) à Divider (/ 10^6) à Schmitt Trigger à Flip Flop à. Output is

1. Pulse Train of width 1 sec
2. Pulse Train of width 2 sec
3. Pulse Train of width 0.5 sec

this is some of the hal exam syllabus

HAL Exam Syllabus

Syllabus for Electronics & Telecommunication:

Computer Application-II.
Analog Electronics.
Digital electronics.
Engg Math-III.
Electrical Machine.
Circuit Theory.
Analog Electronics-II.
Communication Engg.
Power Electronics & Devices.
Electronics Measurement.
Computer network & Administration.
Radio & TV Engg.
Microprocessor & its Interfacing.
Entrepreneurship & Industrial Mgt.
Computer Organisation Architecture.
Advance Communication Engg.


Digital Signal Processing.
Control System Engg.
PCB Design & Fabrication.
Bio-Medical Instrumentation.

Syllabus for Radio Engineering

Spectral analysis.
Phase locked loops.
Cellular radio.
Meteor burst communications.
Spread spectrum techniques.
Tuned small-signal amplifiers.
Mixers and active filters.
Amplitude modulation.
Single side-band modulation.
Angle modulation.
Digital communications.
Transmission lines and cables.
Radio wave propagation.

Want to see your experience on this page? Send Your Interview Experience at admin@incomopedia.com and Make this page more valuable. 

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