Microworkers – Fake or Genuine ? Review with Payment Proof

I have been doing short tasks on Microworkers  since May, 2014 . I  have got paid by Microworkers several time so I feel this is the right time to share my experience with you about this legitimate platform. This was not all that easy, I don’t receive PIN first  and then I get blocked , No easy fix but somehow I managed  and now able to help those who are looking for making money from Microworkers.

Here are some questions  people often seek answers for before Joining Microworkers-

  • What is Microworkers and how it works?
  • Is it just another scam or a genuine site?
  • How can I make money from Microworkers ?
  • How much I can earn ?
  • How to withdraw Money from Microworkers?
  • Pros and Cons of Microworkers

Before answering these question I am gonna show you Payment Proof  

Microworkers Payment proof

1. What is Microworkers and How it Works ?

Microworkers is a crowd sourcing website owned by Weblabcenter, Inc. It is very popular website and considered as the best alternative of Mturk.  There are two kind of people at Microworkers –

  1. Employers – who post short tasks for employer . I mean they get their work done here and pay money whoever complete the task properly.  For example if someone wants to get likes on his/her Facebook page then he can post a task about that and if any worker like his/her page  then he get paid for that.
  2. Workers – who do the tasks . The workers are the people like me who complete the task and get paid for that.

This is an example task –

Microworkers task example

If I(worker) do this simple sign up task then employer will pay me the amount $0.08. So this is How microworkers works.

2. Is it just another scam or a genuine site?

Its a legitimate Website and they send payment twice a week. I have got paid several time and it takes no longer than 3 days to receive payment after withdrawal request. I have already posted Payment proof above. They have everything that make them genuine guys – such as a valid address and every other thing.

Weblabcenter has offices in Dallas, TX.

Weblabcenter, Inc.
17311 Dallas Pwky, Ste 100
TX 75248
United States

A lot of people are working with them. No doubt they are real. Here is the another proof that may satisfy you. You can match the dates  of transaction  in following picture with above payment proof.

microworkers payment proof


3. How can I make money from Microworkers ?

Its pretty simple. There are a lot of tasks available which you can choose to complete according to your skills. Some of example tasks are –

  • Search and click ,
  • Sign-up ,
  • Like Facebook,twitter page ,
  • Comment/Like you tube video,
  • Download android/iOS app and
  • Write an article etc.

When you complete a task and submit the proof of completion , the employer reviews the task and if he is satisfied with your work then he pays  and this is how you  earn . You should accept only those tasks which you can complete comfortably . If they employer don’t rate/review the task with in 1 week  , it will be automatically considered satisfied and you get paid.

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4. How much I can Earn ?

If you got a blog with high PR , you are member of many of forums , you got writing skills then you can easily earn around $170 per month . Normally if you are doing only signup jobs , click and search jobs and sometime app downloading jobs even then you will be able to earn $35 per month.

You don’t have tasks available  to do all the time so you can’t work all the time . There are 2 terms “success rate” and “Temporary success rate” that also might limit your performance.

5. How to withdraw money from Microworkers ?

When you join the Microworkers they give you $1 . Now you need to earn $9 more for your first withdrawal. Thus when you accumulate $10 then you can place your withdrawal request. Now they will send a PIN to your address by post. It may take up to 21 days  depending upon your location . You get your PIN and enter the PIN for verification and you get your money in your account with in 72 hours. This procedure was only for the First withdrawal. Once you submit the PIN you received , your withdrawal get activated and now they send PIN to your email for all the further withdrawal .

Currently they are paying through PayPal , DWolla and Moneybookers(skrill), Bank Transfer via Transpay and Payoneer, Airtm(recently added).


micrworkers withdrawal

How Microworkers PIN Looks Like ?

The PIN will be written on an A4 size white paper in a white envelope you will get delivered at your address by Post.

Note: There is a little change here. Actually it’s a good change. Now you don’t need a PIN in order to withdraw your money from Microworkers but you must choose Dwolla, Local Funds Transfer via Transpay or Payoneer as your withdrawal method. This means you will no longer be asked for a PIN verification in order to begin receiving your money.

6. Pros and Cons of Microworkers

Microworkers has several advantages over the other crowd sourcing site and some pros as well as.


  • Their website looks professional and its real easy to navigate
  • Quick start , no need to qualify any assessment/test
  • They pay you $1 for just joining
  • Free to join and multiple payment option including PayPal
  • Pays better than other similar websites for most of tasks
  • Easy to find jobs that match your skills
  • Faster payment (twice a week)


  • You don’t have a lot of jobs to do all the time
  • Poor support
  • First withdrawal may take a month
  • Address verification procedure by PIN
  • Success rate concept

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Final Thoughts

Microworkers has been very good to me and I would definitely recommend this to those who are new to web and want to earn some extra money . Microworkers is a legit site and everyone can join without any hesitation . The worst thing about microworkers is their address verification system by PIN. It may take weeks to months to receive PIN but once you get it , its should be real easy to earn money from this platform.

Microworkers Support Review – They usually reply with in 2-3 days in case we ask them general questions . If your query is related to blocked account then they might ignore. Then you may have to flood their inbox to get their attention. Microworkers is also very active on their facebook page. You can also post your problem there and can discuss with other Microworkers members . Overall in my experience ,  their support is just average.

I will soon write some other posts about Microworkers . Stay tuned .


81 thoughts on “Microworkers – Fake or Genuine ? Review with Payment Proof”

  1. Joolhash Jawadin

    I have been blocked by Micro Workers for so called proxy. I emailed them but they failed to get back to me. I only just recieved my pin and entered it, later that day they blocked my account. So I went to whatsmyproxy.com to check if my IP was proxy but it wasn’t. This has to be a SCAM. I made $43 and as soon as I wanted to withdraw they blocked me.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Sorry to hear that your account is blocked. First of all , they are genuine guys. I know many many people who are getting their earning.
      Microworkers is very active on facebook. You should post on their facebook page about your problem. I have noticed that sending one email is not enough to get their attention sometime. Keep trying and don’t lose your hope.

  2. I can confirm they are scammers, but of course scammers like them not fool, they only scam some people, so that the others which are not scammed can give review like this; microworkers is legit and so on.

    3 weeks ago I paid them to run a campaign on that shitty shit website..they deduct my banking balance, ok no problem. Then after 3 days the campaign still doesn’t run, instead they deduct again my banking money without my agreement, simply like that, before emailing me telling me I need to tell them the exact money they deduct otherwise they will void my transaction in 5 days , WTF! Didn’t they know the exact amount of the deduction since they deduct my money in bank? With this point, I 99% confident they are scammers, brilliant one. Why not before I made payment, state that they are gonna charge me again for the verification process, why not? And WTF don’t know the amount that they deducted and asking me to tell? Because they are scammers.

    But I still have 1% faith left, so then I go to support and tell them the exact amount like they ask me to. THEN until now they don’t run my campaign and even respond to me! Then Here I 100% confident that they are brilliant scammers. Avoid this microshit at all cost! I wish I could research before I made decision to pay them for the campaign, coz WTF website like that, asking people, i.e. pay people to cheat click google ads, and other illegal things is supposed to be a good legit site. AVOID AT ALL COST, ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANT TO PAY THEM FOR RUNNING CAMPAIGN! I hope someone would DDOS or whatsover the website so that they are not scamming people anymore.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Sorry to hear about your problem. I know many who are receiving their payment on time since several years. I hope they will respond to your query soon. You can also try posting on their facebook wall. Don’t lose your hope and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      I think one should Check his/her microworkers account 3 times a day (10 minutes each time) for new jobs to earn $35 a month.

  3. I do believe they’re about 50% legit. However after reading some positive reviews, using their site for a couple months (diverting my focus away from MTurk btw), earning about $60 and attempting to withdraw it, I’ve had several issues. First off, I’d like to say that from my research it seems that MW has changed their payments process about 10 times in the past two or three years. That doesn’t seem entirely like a scam, but is a red flag to me. Like dozens of other reviews I’ve read, I too never received my first PIN requested by mail, although my address was correct and I contacted their support a couple times over a month of waiting. Had to request a 2nd PIN and pay the fee. Btw, it is a little irritating that they charge you to withdraw your own money, and they charge to request a new PIN when it’s apparently their own incompetence that led to not receiving it in the first place. The fees are annoying but my real issue is this: they locked me out of my account failing a task I submitted. It was titled Microworkers admissions task, and the instructions said to visit a site, follow the instructions and if completed successfully a VCode would auto generate. Their reason for failing it was that I scored below 60. When I emailed them asking why they have a task that, if a user attempts and fails, would lock them out of their account forever, would they not CLEARLY STATE THIS on the task someplace? It’s deceptive and unfair. I submitted over 100 tasks and had a 97% success rate, but basically according to them, I failed a simple task that meant I wasn’t smart enough keep using their site. I aaked to see a copy of the task and which answers I’d failed and was refused, but wasn’t surprised. As of an hour ago i am waiting on my earned funds to be withdrawn, and will stick with Mechanical Turk from now on. MW may not be a total scam, but in my honest opinion, they are not as legitimate as MTurk, or at least, their site is not ran with the same level of integrity. The same tasks tend to sit on MW for a long time, and a lot of them are sort of shady, as in, requiring you to fill out forms or sign up for things that subject you to spam calls and emails, etc. I needed the money badly so i was willing to overlook the fees they tack on to everything, lack of good customer support, and somewhat shady tasks, but this last thing has me pretty upset.

    1. That’s really bad. They should have not blocked you out just for failing that short test. I was lucky enough to score 87.5% in Admission Test. I have faced a lot problems in getting PIN but since then I am getting my money flawlessly. They are active on facebook, Try posting on their facebook page. I wish they send your hard earned money in your account as soon as possible.

    2. I made a payment withdraw on 05/10/17 of 26$ through Payoneer. But still it says “Pending withdrawal” . My payoneer address is matched with microworkers. Then-
      -Why I am not getting payment from Microworkers.com ?
      -Are there any problems?

      Please answer, I am upset on their service.


      1. Have you tried to contact them? What was their response? I have received payment over 35 times so far and honestly speaking they always pay on time(twice a week-Thursday and Sunday).

          1. sudhir sheoran

            Payment was supposed to be paid within 2-5 business/banking days. It’s really late. Try to connect with them again via contact form and facebook page. If they don’t reply, cancel the request if you can and withdraw using PayPal. They make payments twice in a week, wednesday and sunday.

    1. Look below the tabs(one the top) in your browser , where you found text something like this – http:// websitename. com/something . This is the link. Select it all and copy. Paste it in Microworker’s proof box. You can mail me for pictorial explanation at sssudhirsheoran@gmail.com .

  4. In the present most people is unknown about microworkworkers.com behaviours. Their many directors & up leveled peoples are changed now. Its really sad news for all workers here that their mind of recent persons are not hopeful to the workers. There some changes are on like for withdrawals, support, communication, costs etc. This info is from website investigation & their member’s comment. Many people complained about this site & mentioned very badly. I think microworkers is standard site but they are going down for their new appointed persons who are handling the site. This site’s users are complaining about the site in lot of useful pages. We want the site will be back to older behaviour. Thank you.

  5. it has been more than 2 months i haven’t received any pin in my mail. They did send me pin through email but i don’t think that is for withdrawal although that option did pop out during the withdrawal request. AFter 2 months my status was “PIN will be mailed to you”. I canceled the withdrawal and refunded it back to my account.

    Need help in getting this PIN for the very first withdrawal.

    1. PIN will be mailed to you at your address(home address). Make sure your physical address is reachable easily. One of my relative got his mail in first try while I did not get even in first 4 tries. At last, I had to visit head office of my city to collect my mail. Apply for withdrawal and wait alteast 30-45 days.

  6. I have reached 11$ ,but i didn’t kept my adress correctly, i don’t know how to change it ,in microworkers account there is only way to change phonenumber ,how to change the adress please say me,so that i can request pin

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Click on support and submit a message something like this “I have moved to a new address, please allow me to edit my address”. Subject should be something like this “Address change request”. That’s it. You will get edit button with 48 hours I think.

  7. Stephen Wiebking

    I did my first job on 2017-02-25 and attempted a PayPal withdraw of $22 on 2017-03-18. So far (7 weeks later), no PIN & the website does not ever indicate one has been mailed (it says “Once we mail the PIN out, link will appear here” on withdraw page). On 2017-04-21 I wasted my time setting up a Payoneer account because they said that could be done without a PIN, but this does not work either. No response to email. At this point, they owe me almost $185. If it is not a scam, they are certainly incompetent.

    1. Stephen Wiebking

      Update to my May 4 post: Got an email today saying the Payoneer withdraw has showed up, so it’s NOT a scam, but it was certainly a lot of work to get my payment after working for 2.5 months. I guess I’ll cancel the PayPal request & use Payoneer with them from now on. I’m glad this got sorted out because they make me about as much money as the other 7 or 8 sites I use put together.

  8. hello there, i just joined Microworkers this week and i am confused about the PIN. i sent an email but no responds from them so im hoping i can get an answer here . I am so confused .. when they say “— Payments on hold – PIN will be mailed to you ” does that mean, they sent a mail to you already? or do i have to reach $9 up so i can go to withdrawal page and request for new withdrawal?
    when i click the “Place a new withdrawal request” i got an email contaning the withdrawal PIN.. is that just a supporting pin to request withdrawal and not the actual PIN ?
    i have paypal and skrill account.which one is way better to received money?

    1. sudhir sheoran

      They send you a postal mail at your physical address when you apply for the first time on reaching at least $9 + fee. Thus the PIN on that white paper is all required to withdraw for the first time. The mail usually takes about 30 days to reach at your physical address. After the first withdrawal, whenever you apply for a withdrawal, you get PIN on your email ID.
      I have never used Skrill so it does not make any sense to me to say anything about that. For most of the people, PayPal is the best.

      1. Hannah Villasenor

        Thank you for your responds. I got your point sir and undertood it 🙂 I also sent an email to them requesting to change my address,good thing they let me change it by providing me the “edit address”button. And yes, i prefer to use paypal instead 🙂 thank you again 🙂

  9. Hello,

    I joined MW March this year and the first time I requested for withdrawal, I wasn’t credit…I had to click on refund and continued working, the 2nd time is a month ago…I have written to them 2 times to no avail…very frustrating….i feel used!!!

    1. sudhir sheoran

      If you have used any withdrawal option other than Payoneer for the first time, then remember you will require an withdraw activation PIN which you will receive at your Postal Address via Postal Mail. You are supposed to wait around 1 month. I would suggest you to give an easy accessible address so that you can get your PIN easily. Please Check 5th point in the article for more information on the withdrawal.

  10. Hello,

    l have been working since July and l have made my second request on 11th July after l was told to cancel the first request. Its more than 10 weeks . l have not received any PIN. l have send more than 4 mails to them and send a message on their Facebook. They say they are processing my PIN its 10 weeks. According to the site it takes 4 weeks but am at 10 weeks now. l feel sad and used too. any help

    1. That’s really disappointing. I would suggest you try changing address. Using their Support, send a mail with subject “address change request” requesting change in address.

  11. SCAM SITE !!

    Date Withdrawal type status amount fee
    2017-08-14 10:38:14 PAYPAL xxxxxx @ mail.com PENDING Cancel & Refund $10.00 $0.75

    Today is 2017-28-09…. SCAMMMMMMM

    1. Yes you are right because i am also facing the same problem because after placing several withdrawal request they have not make payment

  12. I have earned $50 which i earned and i withraw through payoneer. Still my withdraw is pending from 1 month. Is it real scam?..

      1. That’s a lie! I made request for withdrawal since June last year and up till now nothing. You guys should stop eating other people’s sweat, it will choke you to death one day

  13. brother I interested in work in fulltime a day(not a part time work) so please suggest me a good website for that……. i need to run my family by this only… so atleast need daily gud earnings …………pls help me…
    thanking you!!!

  14. I placed a withdrawal request at the begining of December 2017 and still nothing. I first asked on January and they replied, that the PIN sending is still in process. Do you think I will ever see my first 10 dollars earned there? Or have they just scammed me? It is March 2018 now !

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Everything works flawless except that PIN part via snail mail. A postal mail containing withdrawal activation PIN is supposed to be sent on your physical address usually with in 40 days after first withdrawal request. If you have provided a reachable address then you should get the mail. You can also visit post office in your area to check if they have received any such mail for you. I also had the same problem but once you get your PIN, it works great. They never ever delay payments. I always receive my payment on thursday or sunday(twice a week). You can also try changing address.

  15. How to report this site? I think they don’t want to give my $81 because I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks now but my withdrawal request is still on pending status and to think it’s just via transpay. It should be transferred to my bank account in less than a week. My first withdrawal only took 24hours but what’s happening now? I stopped working for this site already. I just need to get my money.

    1. Well they make payment twice a week. There must be some problem with your account. Have you tried contacting them regarding your problem?

  16. if i use Payoneer as the payment medium for withdrawal for the first time, will i receive a mail containing the PIN delivered t my physical address or will I receive an email containing the PIN? what is different about Payoneer

  17. Hi

    i have requested my first withdrawal from microworkers.i mailed to the support theh they says they need 15 to 20 regular days to make the money credited to my account.I requested withdraw through transpay.Why they need so many days.does they pay?

    1. sudhir sheoran

      They always pay. Maybe this is your first withdrawal, so they are taking time. Otherwise they pay twice a week via PayPal.

  18. Hi,
    I have earned $21 now, in the withdraw I can see “-Payments on hold – PIN will be mailed to you”
    my question should I place a new withdraw request now or I need to wait for their PIN via POST.
    Help me pls…

  19. i have requested withdrawal on 22nd aug2k19 through bank transfer,but money is not credited yet.how many more days I should wait?

        1. Hi, I have never experienced delay in payment. I have received more than 60 payments. Undoubtedly this is one of the best website to complete small tasks and get paid.

  20. I received this.

    “This account has been terminated and cannot be activated again.


    But I’m not using Proxy/VPN. Can this be resolved?

  21. why do people waste their time on this site/ theyve seen how many people microworkers have scammed by letting them work on their jobs but deny their pay… save yourself guys

    1. Yes, please. Save yourself guys. Me and my colleagues got scammed by this website. Please don’t go all the troubles we went through. We already did all for you so you won’t fall into the same trap.

      Just wanted to clarify though that the post was posted 4 years ago. And 4 years ago according to what I’ve read, Microworker is decent. 2020 is different though. It has turned into a 100% scam site.

  22. Don’t waste your time!!
    When you try to withdraw the money you’ve made, they charge exuberant fees, profiting off of your withdrawal of your own cash.

  23. I have raised a withdrawal request 20 days back through transpay, but i didn’t got money credited to my account yet. I have contacted support team twice as well no reply from them also. Since it is my first withdrawal it is taking time or any other reason? for Transpay withdrawal no need of PIN right(pin received to home address not required)

    1. sudhir sheoran

      PIN requirement is waived when you choose Dwolla, Transpay or Payoneer for withdrawal. It’s taking time probably because it’s your first withdrawal. I would suggest you to wait a couple of days more.

      1. Hi…Microworkers was telling me that a PIN will send to my Home Address once I requested the minimum withdrawal. I am checking my profile and I found that I have no complete address on it; only the Country and the City, and can’t find a way to update it. I tried to search all around it to look for these details and never recall that Microworkers asked it during registration. Kindly assist if you know the answer please. Thanks in advance.

    2. 20 days is nothing. It’s been 4 months now and they never replied to us. Me and my colleagues never got a response from their end.(There’s 14 of us who waited for 4 months). We didn’t get a single reply from them. We used Transpay too and pin never got waived.

  24. Microworkers is a big scam site!

    I requested withdrawal on 9/9/2020 – 18/9/2020 now but still don’t get a payment: https://prnt.sc/uj7c0q

    I asked them on email and got no response from them.

    Don’t waste your time for this shit site!

  25. This is actually the post that made us(me and my teammates) decide to work on Microworkers. My question to the author is, are you still doing jobs on Microworkers and getting paid? Look at the current site now. 200 jobs++ are not working. Campaigns are still posted even though they are already done(Site is no longer maintained, if it is then they are not doing a good job). Yes, they are paying people(probably 10% of the 100%). They use this tactic(just as many scam sites do) so that this 10% can market that the site is legit(And you can’t blame them for that because they really got paid). There are 15 of us who tried this during the pandemic since we got laid off. To make the short only 1 of us got paid. We used real info and used Transpay to get paid so we can waive off the pin. One of my teammates received the payment after a week. On the other hand, the 14 of us didn’t(and it’s been 4 months now). Also whenever we check our withdrawal status, it says that it’s on hold, and it’s waiting for a pin to be received on our end(which beats all the purpose of using Transpay so you can waive the pin according to their FAQS). We mailed them this and even took a screenshot of their FAQ section saying that we would appreciate it if they can waive the pin so we can withdraw the money. We never got a response on their end for 4 months. 5 of my teammates are now banned because they are more active in following up and emailing the support. I’m still emailing them once in a while in hopes that a miracle would happen in the past months. Even if they don’t pay me I would consider a reply from their end a miracle already. Anyway, we already stopped using this website(Even my teammate who got paid). At least from our experience, this is a 100% scam site. and we can’t say the same for those few people that are getting paid. If you look at, Trustpilot.com, Sitejabber.com, mouthshut.com, etc. the rating of the legitimacy of this site is either 1 or 2. From there you would have an estimation of the number of people getting paid and those that are not. Check Reddit too. We were dumb enough not to check those websites before joining Microworkers. But in fairness to the author, this post was posted 4 years ago in which I believe according to the reviews/forums I went to, at that time Microworker is still decent. 2020 on the other hand is just different. It has turned into a scam site.

  26. Abdullah Atahan

    i would suggest you pull back your recommendation, i made more than 134$ and worked hard for over 4 months, now i cant pull my money out, i tried PayPal and airtm and direct wire transfer, everything is correct and account is active i have no problem at all, just microworkers don’t want to process the payment, that is too bad. i am waiting more than a month,

  27. Top and Geniune web site .I have received money 10$ in 15 days . Customer support is respectable. Good earning opportunity in international website .

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