Winzo Review | Real or Fake | Get Rs. 50 on Installing | Instant Payout

winzo review

Winzo, with over 7 crore users, is an award-winning app that I have been a regular user of since 2018 and it has never disappointed me in terms of rewards. The app keeps coming up with something new regularly. Winzo has 70+ interesting and popular games like Ludo, Carrom, Cricket, Quizzes, and Mr. Racer that you can play and compete with other players to make money. This is the kind of app that, if you work hard and smart, can earn you up to a lakh per month. One of the best things about this app is that they pay instantly via various popular payout options like UPI, Paytm, and bank transfer. We will discover the following facts about Winzo in this review:

  • What is Winzo? Is it Real or Fake?
  • How to Download and Join Winzo to Get a Joining Bonus(50 Rupees)
  • Winzo Game Formats
  • How to Make Money From Winzo
  • How Much One Can Make from Winzo in a Month
  • Winzo Payout Options and Minimum Withdrawal Amount
  • Winzo Payment Proofs

What is Winzo and Does it Really Pay?

Winzo App is an award-winning social gaming platform where you can play different interesting games, compete with other players and win real money. It is operated by TicTok Skill Games Private Limited and has more than 7 crore active players. Winzo was founded in 2016 and since then they have paid more than 200 crores as rewards to its users. Winzo is 100% percent legal and genuine and not only once, I have been paid several times by Winzo via bank and Paytm Wallet deposits. I have also added Payment Proof at the end of this post. In 2019 they also raised a capital of $5 million from Hike and Kalaari Capital.

How to Download and Join Winzo to Get a Joining Bonus?

Winzo is not on available for download on the play store. Follow these instructions to download, install and join Winzo –

  • Download Winzo Apk file
  • Allow third-party app installation if you have not already.
  • Once the file is downloaded, tap the file to Install. Open the app. Fill up your details. Verify Phone number. Use refer code SUD890DB  while signing up to get a joining bonus of 50 Rupees.

Winzo Game Formats

One good thing about Winzo is that they host different types of skill games in different formats users can play and win real cash. Once you are registered, log into Winzo with your phone number. You will see different game formats on the homepage-


There are 30+ games in the Winzobaazi section. In this format, you get a chance to compete against other players in real-time. Some games, like Carrom, can only be played with two players, while others support multiplayer. When you tap a game, you are assigned a table and other players can join the table. The boot amount(entry fee) is collected from all players. The game begins, and players compete to see who can score the most points. The total boot amount after Winzo commission is deposited in the winner’s (the player with the highest score) wallet.

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World War

Three criteria represent Winzo World War Format – No. of Teams, Number of Entries, and Scoring Format. Let’s understand these. Scoring formats can be different. For example – If you see High Score Counts written on a game, it means only the highest score will be considered and added to your team score. If you see All Score Counts, it means the score in every attempt will be considered and added to your team score. Similarly, No. of Teams represents how many teams are participating in a game. In a Single Entry game, you will have unlimited retries with the entry fee while in a Multiple Entry game you can only play thrice. For additional retry, you will need to make a small payment.

winzo world war leaderboard

This format is somewhat similar you find in those fantasy games where Multiple teams/players across the country try to reach the top of a leaderboard to win big cash. You can check your position and the prize distributed on the World War leaderboard. Your every attempt in different games will be counted to rank you on the leaderboard during a day, week, and month. Why don’t you try it yourself? Because you can play the first 2 games(where the entry fee is 5 Rupees) for free. 


As the name suggests, Winzo will find an opponent for you, and you are supposed to score higher to win cash. You can see players around you based on location and challenge them in a game.

How to Make Money From Winzo?

Winzo offers different types of opportunities to make money. When you join, You get 50 Rupees joining bonus which you can use to begin a rewarding journey. There are 3 major ways one can earn money from Winzo –

Playing Games

What could be better than earning money while enjoying your favorite time pass games? Winzo is all about playing games and making money. You have learned about various game formats in the previous point. You will need to deposit money in order to play a game against other players. You can get good cashback on adding money to Winzo wallet, especially for the first few times. The boot amount is the entry fee required to start a game. Since there are so many games, you should play the one you are best at. Tap on a game you want to play and select a boot amount. Winzo will find you an opponent and collect the same boot amount from another player. The player with the highest score in the game will be declared the winner and get the total boot amount(after Winzo commission) collected from all players in the game. Winnings can be redeemed later or used to pay the boot amount for other games. I would suggest you start with a lower boot amount and go higher once you become an expert in the game.

winzo games

Inviting Friends

Another way to earn with Winzo is by inviting friends. When your friends install Winzo with your link/code and verify, you get a referral bonus. When they add money to their Winzo wallet, you also get cash. When your friends play 10 games, you get money again. This can be a big opportunity for those who have a big network of friends.

Fantasy Leagues

You can make your virtual cricket team whenever a real cricket match is played. You might win big if your virtual team posts a big score. The prize amount depends on the rank of your team against other teams.

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How Much One Can Make from Winzo in a Month?

There are people who are only losing and then there are those who are earning as much as a regular job from Winzo. How much you can make from Winzo pretty much depends upon your gaming skills. Only play games you are really good at. In addition, their referral program works well if you have a large friend network or a platform like a YouTube channel.

Winzo Payout Options and Minimum Payment Threshold

Winzo so far has paid more than 200 crores to its users. There are currently 3 withdrawal options available – Paytm, UPI, and Bank Transfer. You need to have at least 3 Rupees in your Winzo wallet to place a withdrawal request. Payouts are processed instantly at least in case you use Paytm or UPI. I have not yet tried Bank Transfer. Winzo charges 5% of the withdrawal amount as a withdrawal fee. You can only withdraw winnings. The unplayed amount and cash bonus can only be used to play games so that you can win and later withdraw winnings.

The minimum Payout threshold for referral earning is kept 10 Rupees for Paytm and at least 30 Rupees for UPI. You can place only one payment request in 24 hours.

Winzo Payment Proofs

I have been paid more than 50 times by Winzo. Their payment system does not require manual intervention, so payouts are processed instantly whether it is a working day or a holiday. Check out these payments I have received from Winzo –

Winzo Payment Proof UPI/Bank Transfer

winzo payment proof UPI bank account

Winzo Payment Proof Paytm

winzo payment proof Paytm

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Winzo Review | Real or Fake | Get Rs. 50 on Installing | Instant Payout

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