8 Best Ludo Apps to Make Money in 2024 | Play Ludo, Earn Cash

There can be nothing better than earning money while playing our favorite game Ludo which we all used to play in our childhood while sitting together with family and friends. I’ve got some good news if you’re good at Ludo and often beat your friends. You can now put your talent and spare time to good use and make money playing Ludo against other players online.

As a result of the startup boom in India, many developers have produced skill-based gaming applications that give you the chance to compete against players from all over the world and win real money. There are so many apps that let you play Ludo in different formats, such as 1 vs 1/2/3/4 players, limited-time games, limited moves games, etc. Keeping every Ludo app on your phone is pointless.

8 Best Ludo Earning Apps to Make Money Online 

I have compiled a list of the 8 Best Ludo Apps offering Ludo in various formats. Try a few of these to see which works best for you.

1. MPL

MPL(Mobile Premier League) with 9+ crore users is one of the earliest and largest skill-based gaming apps where you can play ludo game online with other players and earn real cash. You get a handsome bonus of Rs. 100 when you create an account on MPL app.

MPL offers Ludo Win in 2 modes –

Number Mode – You have to score highest in limited 24 moves in order to win. Reaching home earns you 56 points. Capturing opponents adds 5 points to your score. Rules are almost the same as any limited move ludo game.

Dice Mode – The player who scores most in 4 minutes is declared the winner. All other rules are the same as number mode.

playing mpl ludo to earn

You can also participate in Ludo Tournaments where your leaderboard ranking can earn you a money prize.

MPL Withdrawal Options

  • Paytm
  • UPI
  • Bank Account
  • Amazon Pay

MPL Minimum Payout Amount

The good thing about MPL is that they have kept the minimum payout threshold very low. However, it keeps increasing with your profile level. Payments are processed instantly.

Download MPL

2. Rush

Rush is a skill gaming platform where you can play casual games like Ludo, Carrom, call break, etc., against other players and win real money. Currently there are 14 games but they keep adding new games regularly. You get 50 Rupees on registering an account with Rush by Hike.

Rush by Hike offers Speed Ludo in various formats where you have to score highest within a certain time i.e. 9 Minutes 45 Seconds or 5 Minutes 45 Seconds against your opponents.

You get 15 points when you hit the opponent’s pawn and get 2x, 3x and 4x bonus with each pawn as they reach home. You can’t miss more than 3 turns.

Rush Withdrawal Options

  • UPI

Rush Minimum Payout Amount

Minimum payout is quite low i.e. 25 Rupees and you can withdraw only once in every 12 hours.

Download Rush and Get Rs. 50 Right Now

3. Winzo Gold

I personally have made a lot of money using this app playing different games including Ludo. To get an idea about its popularity, Winzo has 7 crore active users and celebrities like Dhoni and many famous Youtubers can be seen advertising it on various platforms like TV. Winzo is a kind of all-rounder app where you can play 50+ games in several genres like action, board, card, cricket, strategy, sports, racing, E-sports, casual, and arcade games.

Winzo Ludo and Ludo Express were recently added with slightly different rules. In Ludo Express, you only have a 2-minute game where you get 1 point for every tile moved. You have 3 re-spins also if you don’t like a number on the dice. Miss 3 turns and you lose the game. Hit a six on dice and get an extra move. Get bonus points when you hit an opponent and the opponent loses some points. The top 2 scorers get the reward amount divided in an unequal proportion.

Winzo Ludo is almost similar to Ludo Express in terms of rules except you get 4 minutes to play without any respin and only the top scorer gets the entire winning amount.

Winzo ludo game earning

Some other famous games you can play on Winzo and earn Paytm Cash include Call break, rummy, Ludo, Cricket, carrom, chess, Mr racer etc. You get your money in your account instantly upon placing a withdrawal request.

Winzo Withdrawal Options

  • Bank Transfer
  • UPI
  • Paytm
  • Amazon Pay

Winzo Minimum Payout Amount

The minimum payout is only 3 Rupees if you use Paytm as a payout option. For other payout options, the minimum withdrawal threshold is 30 Rupees. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly. Daily limit, withdrawal per day, and withdrawal commission depend upon your profile level.

Download Winzo and Get 50 Sign Up Bonus

4. Zupee

Zupee with over 2 Crore downloads offers 3 Ludo games with different rules and formats – Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, and Ludo Turbo. Ludo Supreme is a time-based game i.e. you get 8 minutes to play in 2 players game and 10 minutes in a 4 players game.

On the other hand, Ludo Ninja and Turbo are limited moves games i.e. you get 18, 24, and 30 moves depending upon the format of the game. Predictable dice values and diceless game format sets Ludo Ninja apart from others. There are some similarities too such as you don’t need to roll a 6 to start a game in any of the formats.

playing zupee ludo game to earn money

Apart from Ludo, Zupee also has some other classic casual games like Snakes&ladders and Carrom. Payments are processed immediately upon placing payout requests.

Zupee Withdrawal Modes

  • UPI
  • Bank Account

Zupee Minimum Payout Amount

There should be at least 1 Rupee in Winnings to place a withdrawal request at Zupee.  Rs. 25000 is the maximum amount you can withdraw at once.

Download Zupee and Use my Code 9798IOXC9V up to 100 Bonus

5. BigCash

Slightly newer app but there is a unique advantage of playing on a new app with less competition. My friend and I tap on the Play button at the same time and end up landing in the same game almost every time. Rest you know better what to do when 1 out of 3 opponents is your true friend.

Bigcash offers 20 Rupees on signing up and the entire cashback amount can be used to play casual games like Ludo, cricket, bulb smash, soccer, car race, basketball, etc. You can spin the wheel once a day to get bonus money and cashback offer on deposits.

4 Players are required to start a ludo game in BigCash where the top 1 or 2 players get the reward amount depending upon the format. You have to score as much as you can in limited 18 moves.

earning playing bigcash ludo game

Spending a total of 5000 Rupees on different games in Bigcash makes you a VIP for the next 30 days. VIP players get extra benefits such as weekly/monthly bonuses, higher withdrawal limit,s and 2x rewards on the daily spin, etc.

BigCash Withdrawal Modes

  • Paytm
  • UPI
  • Bank Account

Bigcash Minimum Payout Amount

The minimum payout keeps changing. Currently, you need at least 100 Rupees in your BigCash account in order to place a withdrawal request. The withdrawal charge is 9% if the payout amount is INR 100 and 5% on or above INR 500.

Download Bigcash and Get Rs. 20 Instantly

6. Gamezy

Gamezy with over 1 crore users is a well-known app that offers 15+ games including Ludo you can play against other players and win real cash. Having famous cricketer KL Rahul on its side as the brand ambassador, Gamezy was advertised on TV during IPL 2020.

You get INR 50 rupees as soon as you sign up Gamezy and an additional 150 on depositing 50 Rupees if you use my referral code BKQ195 . Gamezy Ludo Board is entirely different from other ludo games and you might feel odd initially.

playing gamezy ludo to make money

Ludo in Gamezy is played in 3 self-explanatory modes – Classic, Royal Rumble, and Fast Ludo Mode.

Classic Ludo can be played by only 2 players and the player who brings all the 4 pawns home first wins. Fast Ludo mode as its name suggests rewards the player who brings 1st pawn home as fast as it could be. But Before you can enter the home, you must hit an opponent pawn at least once. Royal Rumble is won by the player with the highest number of hits in limited 20 moves.

Gamezy Withdrawal Options

  • Paytm
  • UPI
  • Bank Account

Gamezy Minimum Payout Amount

The minimum payout amount is INR 25. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly. Use bonus money before it expires.

Download Gamezy and Use BKQ195 to Get Rs. 50 Instantly

7. Ludo Fantasy

Ludo Fantasy, without a doubt, is the simplest app on this list to earn money playing Ludo with others players online. You get Rs. 10 as a sign-up bonus which you can use to play your first match.

There is only one mode i.e. Quick Match where you require to bring 2 pawns home to win against your only opponent. Either 6 or 1 needed to start the journey of a pawn(goti). Get extra turn on capturing the opponent’s Goti, rolling a 6 on dice, and bringing the pawn home.

Rules are pretty much the same as classic ludo we used to play in our childhood except there are only 2 Pawns you need to bring home against a single player instead of 4.

playing ludo fantasy ludo game to make money

Ludo Fantasy Withdrawal Options

  • UPI
  • Bank Account

Ludo Fantasy Minimum Payout Amount

For both bank transfer and UPI, you need to have at least 50 Rupees as winnings in your LudoFantasy account to be able to place a payout request. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly.

Download Ludo Fantasy using referral code  zqPv5uhd to Get Rs. 10 Instantly

8. Ludo Empire

With over 50 Lakhs users, Ludo Empire works exactly how we used to play Ludo in childhood. Ludo Empire offers Ludo in 2 formats – Classic and Quick mode.

In classic mode, you need to get all the 4 pawns home to win. On the other hand in quick mode,  only 2 pawns are needed to bring home in order to win. Ludo empire allows full games without any time limit or fix numbers of moves like other apps. The game rules are very simple. You need to roll a 6 or 1 to start the game. Get extra roll upon rolling a 6 or cutting the opponent’s token. 3 consecutive 6 and you lose your turn.

playing ludo empire to earn money

Ludo Empire Withdrawal Options

  • UPI
  • Bank Account

Ludo Empire Minimum Payout Amount

For bank transfer, you need to have at least 50 Rupees in your LudoEmpire account and for UPI it is Rs. 300. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly.

Download LudoEmpire using referral code  LicjRS5d to Get Rs. 10 Instantly

Tips to Win a Ludo Game Every time

Before you go, here are some Ludo tips you can use to horn your skills and get the most out of Ludo apps.

  • Always Have a proper strategy in mind before you start a Ludo game in any of the formats.
  • Protect Your best Goti– if it is a score-based format, you will lose a lot of points if you don’t protect the token(goti) that has moved the most.
  • Keep an eye on the time clock in a time-based game and use it to your advantage.
  • Try to stay 7 boxes ahead of your opponent.
  • Utilize all the tokens. Spread all over the board. 
  • Don’t lose hope until the last move. There will be times when you will start late but finish early.
  • Reaching home is better than cutting/capturing an opponent’s token in score-based games.
8 Best Ludo Apps to Make Money in 2024 | Play Ludo, Earn Cash

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