Top 3 Apps That Pay You To Unlock Your Phone In India | Make $15+/Month

Note: I have not used these apps for a long time and I am not sure they still work and pay. Download at your own risk. You can also try these 20 ways to make money from home

Don’t ask me what kind of work I have to do to get paid from these apps because You are already doing what is required. Yes, these 3 apps pay when you unlock your phone. You see an advertisement on the screen and have 2 options usually – Swipe right to unlock the phone or swipe left to engage with the ad content.

Don’t lock unlock your phone all day to get more money, use your phone the way you always do. I hope you have 2 smartphones in your household. To make at least $15, install all the 3 apps on your phone, send invitations to another phone and install all the apps on that too. That’s it. Now just use your phones the way you do usually and get money for doing nothing.

Here are the 3 apps I am talking about and tips to use for optimizing your earnings –

1. MooCash

Moocash earned me my first dollar in just 2 days for doing nothing. To be able to redeem, you have to collect 3000 coins ($3). Reaching 3000 coins becomes easy with these MooCash opportunities –

1. You get 1 Gem every day and 1 Gem can be converted somewhere between 0 to 87 coins by playing Fruity Loop, Big 7, or Treasure Hunt. I like playing Treasure Hunt, higher risk, higher Payout.

2. You might get 10 coins on unlocking the screen. Although you don’t get paid every time when you unlock the screen but in my experience, this happens about 10 times throughout the day. Look at the picture below, if you swipe right, the screen gets unlocked and you get 0 coins. Swipe left to get 10 coins.

Moocash screen locker points

3. There is also high-paying app downloading offers that enable you to collect coins rapidly.

MooCash Offers

In a month, you can collect around 6000 coins which makes $6.

MooCash Withdrawal Options – PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Amazon Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card, PrePaid Top-Up, etc

Join MooCash Now and Get 11 Gems + 50 Points

2. Slidejoy

Slidejoy earns you money to check trending news and unlock screens. Once you install and register on Slidejoy, you either get a news card or an advertisement on your lock screen. If you are interested in news, read news otherwise just swipe right to access your home screen. Since you don’t get more or less for reading news or engaging with the ads, so use your phone as you always do.

make money installing slidejoy

The money/Slidejoy Carats you make today will be updated tomorrow. (Stats are updated daily at 10 pm Indian Standard Time). You are ready to redeem your money once you collect 2000 Slidejoy Carats (worth $2). Expect $5 to $10 every month. You can also play awesome games to get more Carats. This month’s earnings become redeemable on next month’s 18th. For example – The reward you earn in March can be redeemed on the 18th of April and so on.

Slidejoy’s Withdrawal Options – PayPal and Gift Cards of various E-commerce portals

Join Slidejoy Now to get 20 Carats instantly 

3. Whaff Locker

During a typical day, you get about 10 chances to make 3 cents by engaging with ads or news, which means you can make about $8 in a month.  Whaff Locker brings breaking news, life tips, and interesting content to your mobile screen. Frequent phone users can make good money from Whaff Locker. Swipe left whenever you see paid content as shown in the picture below.

whaff locker paid screen lock contentWhaff locker also offers other opportunities to make money such as you can download apps from the locker feed and get paid accordingly. The minimum withdrawal threshold is different for different payout modes. You need a minimum of $11 to redeem via PayPal while $6 for Freecharge Gift Card.

Payout Modes at Whaff Locker –  Gift Card (Flipkart, Amazon, etc), PayPal, and many others

Download Whaff Locker and Use Invitation Code  BD94623 to get $ .30 Instantly

Final Thoughts: Normal users can expect around $15 by installing all the 3 apps and Frequent users can expect a little higher. I have always believed that one should try to create multiple income sources. You might have to swipe 3 times to get to the home screen, but your little effort is earning you a considerable amount. I will keep writing about more such opportunities so that you can turn your phone into money making device. Other apps in the same category are not available for Indians. Share this article if you find it interesting.


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