Top 5 Video Calling Apps for Android and iOS

Smartphones have certainly changed the way we used contact and connect with our friends and family members sitting in different countries. Nowadays we have voice calls, video calls, video messages, and chats that can be done for free. Yes, you heard me right!

There are many Android and iOS applications that allow you to contact your dear ones through your mobile phones for free. They just use your internet allowance and some of your mobile space to be precise. Video calling is the most amazing thing created by humans today. It not only allows you to chat with your friends but also watch them and help you talk to them face to face, which was for sure not there in the old school times.

So the question is how many apps are there like this in the digital market and which is the best one to install? There are hundreds of such applications available in the virtual market today. And yes it is becoming difficult for users to choose the perfect one.

Video Calling Apps for Android

We are here to discuss the top five Android and iOS video calling applications you can count upon. Let’s see which one suits you:-

1. Skype

Skype can be said as the eldest and pioneer member of the digital market today. It gives you some amazing features to notice like video calling, voice calls, messages, and chatting with stickers and emoticons. It has one of the best video calling connectivity.

Skype is the most famous application among its users across the world. It is totally free and there is no in-app purchase till the time you don’t want some extra features on your smartphone. You can try it on any platform it works on every device and phone you can think of.

Price: Free

2. Messenger

FaceBook messenger is on the list because it is one of the great apps you would love to use. First of all, it is present on every customer’s mobile phone who is using FaceBook on it. You don’t have to download an application separately, just open your Facebook account, tap on the friend’s picture you want to chat with, and click on the video chat button. Now you can chat with the person sitting on the other side.

It is very easy and simple too easy though, it still needs some more functions to improve like its video quality. Let’s hope it gets better in time to come!

Price: Free

3. Google Hangout

Google Hangout is an application that is already preinstalled on your Android devices. It does not require too much space to stay on your smartphone’s home screen. It can allow you to chat with friends through video calls, voice calls, messages, and much more. It is the easiest app to use after FaceBook Messenger. You will surely fall in love with its amazing user interface and easy-to-understand features. Technically, the app is still facing some improvement issues, but I am sure it still works well for you. Try it out!

Price: Free

Video Calling Apps for iOS

4. Apple FaceTime

We all know what FaceTime is, there is no doubt about it. FaceTime definitely is used by every iPhone or iOS device user as it is a preinstalled application for them Therefore it is totally free to use. FaceTime has an amazing video quality to look up to. Other apps whatever they do, cannot match up with faceTime in regards to its quality and features provided.

FaceTime allows you to chat with friends and family through voice calls, video calls, and chats with stickers and emoticons. If you have other iOS devices then of course you can connect them with your FaceTime account, so if you receive any call and your phone is away, you can get call requests on your desktop or iPad you are using. The only setback for FaceTime is that it cannot be used on any other platform.

Price: Free

5. Tango

If you want a straightforward and simple video chat on your smartphone then Tango is the best option for iOS users. It supports video chats, voice calls, and message exchange between friends on Tango. It allows cross-platform chatting as well unlike FaceTime. The app also allows you to engage in a video group chat where 50 people are allowed. You just need to sign in with your phone number, email id, and first name which should be displayed to your friends while calling. It is going to be an awesome application for Android and iOS users.

Price: Free

Wrap up

All the apps mentioned above are the best 5 apps for video calling. To understand them better it would be good to use them on your smartphones. Believe me, it is going to be a great experience!


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