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The Internet is full of opportunities. There are much more ways to earn money on the internet than one can think of. I already have discussed 20 ways to make money online without investment. In this post, I am going to list 9 websites where one can make money by simply typing. To work with them, all you need to have is a computer with an internet connection and your ability to type at least 10 Words Per Minute. There are many Captcha Entry Job sites out there where one just has to solve Captcha to make money. I have personally tried several Captcha Entry Job Sites and found that only a few of them are genuine and pay on time.

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Let’s understand what is a Captcha and How all this stuff works –

What is “Captcha” and Why One Would Give you Money For Solving Captcha?

I am sure you must have encountered Captcha on the internet many times. Remember those times when you are signing up for a website and they ask you to enter the word written in an image to verify that you are a human and not a robot or something else. See the image below to understand it better –

What is Captcha

Now, why would someone give you the money for solving Captcha? Take an example of  Digitize India(DEiTY) which is an initiative of the government of India which offers an opportunity for government agencies to transform themselves into digital enterprises. See why they give money to contributors for solving snippets(Captcha) –

  1. Digital India Platform collects scanned images from various Govt. organizations and shreds images into snippets with meaningful data.
  2. These snippets(Captcha) are randomly served to the contributors.
  3. Contributors type the words shown in Snippets.
  4. A match engine checks if the contributor typed the right word.
  5. Correct entries get reward points for each correct word digitized.
  6. DIP innovative system organizes the snippet text digitized by contributors.
  7. Documents are re-assembled and provided back to the organizations

This was just an example. They mainly convert scanned documents from images to text. The Captcha you are going to solve might fulfill other kinds of requirements. Hope you understand why you get money to type.

So, here is my list of 9 legitimate Captcha Entry Jobs Sites to Make Money Online –

1. 2Captcha

2Captcha is one of the best captcha entry job sites. The good thing about 2Captcha is that the Captchas load very fast and it takes no more than 10 seconds between two Captchas during intervals. One can earn up to 1.20$ for every 1000 captchas solved. You get 10 seconds to enter a character, so I hope you won’t miss any captcha.

Minimum Payout – $3 for PayPal | $0.5 for WebMoney | $1 for Payza | $1.3 for Perfect Money and AdvCash | $1 for Bitcoin

Payment Options – Payza | WebMoney | Perfect Money | AdvCash | Bitcoin | Airtm

Useful Tip – 2Captcha offers Airtm as a payout option. You can create an account on Airtm and receive money in your Airtm account. Further, you can withdraw your Airtm fund to your bank account, digital wallets, Paypal and cryptocurrency wallet, etc.

Join 2Captcha

2. ProTypers

ProTypers could be your second job if you have some free time. A novice can begin with $0.45 for every 1000 correctly entered images and work his way up to $1.5 for 1000 captchas after gaining some experience. The schedule is flexible and you can type anytime and as long as you want to.

Minimum Payout – $100 for Western Union | $3 for almost all other Payment Options

Payment Options – Debit Cards | Bank Checks | Paypal | Bitcoin | WebMoney | Perfect Money | Payza | Western Union

Join ProTypers

3. VirtualBee / Lionbridge Smart Crowd

VirtualBee is offering different kinds of jobs(Translation, Basic internet research, and Typing) since 2001 and is now a part of the Lionbridge virtual solutions platform. Although there are no special skills or experience needed, you need good typing speed with accuracy. This will help you pass the evaluation test, which is mandatory to be a part of the VirtualBee. On average, you can make somewhere between $0.10 to $0.35 per 1000 keystrokes.

Minimum Payout – $10

Payment Options – PayPal

Join Lionbridge Smart Crowd

4.  MegaTypers

MegaTypers is perfect for mothers, students, and others who have free time and looking for work from home opportunities. MegaTypers is very much similar to Protypers. The faster you type more typer credit you get and later on typer credit can be exchanged for a dollar currency.

Minimum Payout – $100 for Western Union | $3 for almost all other Payment Options

Payment Options – Debit Cards | Bank Checks | Bitcoin | Paypal | WebMoney | Perfect Money | Payza | Western Union

Join MegaTypers

5. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is one of the top Captcha entry job sites. They pay $0.35 to $1 for every 1000 Captcha images you type correctly according to the level which you are on. To get inspired, check their latest stats where you can find the top earners. Like most other Captcha Entry Job sites, they too are strict. So don’t make too many mistakes while typing and keep your accuracy high. You need to have $5 in your account in order to withdraw via PayPal otherwise $1 is the minimum payout for most other withdrawal options.

Minimum Payout – $1

Payment Options  – Litecoins | Yandex Money | Bitcoins | Paypal | Payza | AdvCash

Join Kolotibablo

 6. CaptchaTypers

CaptchaTypers is another genuine Captcha Entry Job site. You need to mail to to get admin access free of cost. They will mail you from their official email id only. Don’t get fooled by any other scammer. You don’t need to pay anything for admin access.

Minimum Payout –  $2

Payment Options – Payza | Perfect Money | Webmoney | Neteller Payment.

Join CaptchaTypers

7. PixProfit

Pixprofit is another genuine ‘get paid to type’ website where you can earn some extra money typing from the comfort of your home. Keep an eye on their website as registrations are not always open. You must maintain accuracy of at least 95% in order to get higher priority. Higher priority workers get better rates for every 1000 images.

Minimum Payout –  $3

Payment Options – Payza | PayPal | Webmoney

Join PixProfit

8. Fasttypers

Yet another captcha typing website that really pays. You get a higher rate for every 1000 captchas you solve at night. You must type a captcha within 30 seconds maintaining minimum accuracy of 85%. Payments are processed weekly either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Minimum Payout –  $5

Payment Options – Perfect Money | Webmoney | PayPal | Indian Banks Transfer

Join FastTypers

A Piece of Advice for Withdrawal – Some people are very impatient. Do not apply for withdrawal until you have good money(at least $10) in your account. Let’s assume you apply for withdrawal via Payza when you have $1. There would be a flat fee of $0.30 + the Withdrawal Processing Fee. So you end up getting around $0.60(Nearly half of the original) into your Payza Account. What when you apply via the same mode when you are having $10 in your account. You get around $9 after a flat $0.30 + Fee cut. So it’s better to withdraw $10 at once than 1 Dollar 10 times.

I believe you can’t do typing all day. Try to create multiple sources of income. This was all for this post. Thanks for visiting my blog. You might enjoy reading-  Top 20 ways to make money online without investment


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139 thoughts on “Top 9 Genuine Captcha Entry Job Sites | Best Online Typing Jobs”

  1. hi,thanks for the info..but may i ask if it takes an hour or more to type 1000 images??do these sites really pay you ang still working?rsvp…ty

    1. sudhir sheoran

      For me it takes more than an hour to type 1000 images. You might type faster and better. Good thing is that they are still working and paying. sends money within 5 minutes after applying for payment.

          1. Sir I have to work on digitize india website but when I am trying to register it always says that enter correct adhar no. I don’t know why can you please help me

            1. sudhir sheoran

              Unfortunately I can’t help you. I myself don’t know what’s causing the error and don’t expect a fix for it from govt. I can only suggest you to try a different Aadhaar from your household.


        Dear Sir,
        I have registered yesterday, and passed the internal Exam but still this date they have not given any task to do.

        Could you please tell me how long they take to give task.


      1. Naveed Ahmad Mushtaq

        Captchclub is not genuine, I have proof with jpeg image, I have paid them 40$, but they did not pay the amount on payza account, so, this is fake website, don’t waste your time!

        1. Suraj Kumar Yadav

          Why to use payed site you use kolotibablo and 2captcha they don’t ban but sometimes and they don’t need any fee. Free cashout

  2. Thank you very much for publishing the messages. I am very satisfied. I want to genuine Captcha providing institute.

  3. Thanks for sharing your most valuable time to us. Please let me know that among all the above sites, which one is best? On this I want to know your personal views…

    1. 1. Digitize India – Because I have seen many who are making INR200+ everyday.
      2. 2captcha – Because they Pay instantly almost every time.


    1. Both are entirely different. Your balance is what you have earned. These frequently asked questions will help you to understand what reputation is-

      Why do we need reputation?
      After you achieve reputation level 3 you have the opportunity to select “recaptchas only” filter.
      Also if you make mistakes and are suspended until moderation your case will be reviewed faster, because moderators check accounts with high reputation first.

      How do I get my reputation?
      Currently, the system assigns you 1 reputation point for every 1000 CAPTCHAs solved.

      Does my reputation affect my pay rate?
      No. Pay rate is influenced only by system’s workload. When webmasters send a lot of captchas and there are few workers, the cost of each captcha rises both for workers and webmasters. However we do pay extra for solving recaptchas.

  5. Hi Sudhir,
    You are doing a great job. Had some queries as mentioned below! Will await your response.
    Is 2 Captcha paying in India ? If so how ? I dont see any Debit /Credit card or check . Can you please elaborate!?

    1. Yes, 2Captcha is paying in India. You won’t see any Debit/Credit options. They send payments via Payza, Webmoney, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and AdvCash. So if you want to get your money in an Indian bank account, I would suggest you to create an account on Payza. Connect your Payza account with your bank. 2Captcha will send your money to your payza account then Payza will send that money to your bank account. This is how it works.
      Advice : Don’t withdraw until you have a high balance(at least $11).

  6. Thanks a lot for this informative post Sudhir.
    But I see that 2captcha doesn’t have PayPal yet. could you pls clarify?


  7. Sir i have to made account on digitised india.BUt after going to workplace option i havent got any work as it was saying “snippets have exhausted”.Sir when to try for the snippets and how to get snippets.and one more thing sir while filling profile i enterted my stae i.e Madhya city show is VIDISHa while i live in what i do?…help me sir thankyou

    1. Select any city nearest to you. Actually snippets are not available since last couple of weeks. Snippets will be available as soon as digitize India gets a new project to work on.

      1. Hi im jennylen i already registered in protyper but may email is still not verified how can i check it

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for the list of sites.

    I use a tablet and don’t have a PC at home. Can I earn a good amount (around 5 dollars a day) from these captcha sites if I spend around 5-6 hours in a day?


  9. Hi,

    When you get paid, are you paid at the current dollar/inr exchange rate or do these captcha sites deduct some amount?


    1. It varies with captcha sites and payment method you use for withdrawal. Suppose you are withdrawing $10 from your 2catpcha account via Payza. 2Captcha will not deduct any amount and you will get $10 in your Payza Account. But When Payza transfers $10 to Indian bank, it charges flat 60 INR. So Withdraw when you have considerable amount.

  10. Hi,

    I am currently unemployed. Please advise whether I should start with Survey Sites or Capcha Sites. I am new to Internet Income.


  11. hi i sign up to the site and when i clicked workspace it is showing exhausted. i understand that because of demonetisation works are less. but when can i expect the work. do i get any email so that i can come to know that work has come or i should keep on login to see. please guide me.

    1. You won’t get any emails. You will have to check manually by logging into your digitize India Account.

  12. Captcha work is good but not you can make huge money the payout is very very low like you can get 1usd if you solve 1000 captcha and seems like it is waste of time but this work for those people who are from countries like where local currency is very low in compare to dollar then this may be good idea to make some food money what you say !

  13. hello sir, thanks for giving a solution.i have register in digital india platform.but am not able to get snippets.snippets have exhausted,this message is shown when i click on load workspace. plz tell me what’s the problem.

  14. Hello,

    I too have same snippets being exhausted problem what many have been facing , I wrote couple of query to given id in vain..
    can you please give me a list of work from home options without investment

  15. There is a new problem with digitize india now. They are not increasing the rewards points since last one week. I have been doing work daily. The completed task is shown less, the successful task is shown zero. Accuracy has come down and reward points are same as one week before in spite of doing work daily. Can you guide me how to solve this problem? Is anyone also facing this problem?

  16. Aleli Nancy Dabal

    I from Philippines, currently staying at home while waiting for the Licensure Examination for Teachers.
    I am looking for any data entry job that is free and really pay. Hope you can help me.
    Best regards!

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Visit Click on sign up. Fill up all the required details. Add banking details. They will make 2 small transactions into your bank account. Fill up those 2 transactions details to verify your account. You are now ready to get money from almost all the countries. Payza also follow almost same procedure. PAN card is compulsory.

  17. Hai thanks for the info… Its really helpful..

    I have tried one site and it said that will eventually ban if too slow or not accuracy in typing the captcha, i was just trial to do it in slow phase through mobile and it said so.. Is it also valid the ban rules for all 7 sites of captcha typing that u mentioned??

    Thank you for the answer.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      It working fine here. You can try different browser or different site setting in your current browser.

  18. Hi mr.sudhir..i already registered in 2captcha, and here in the philippines, there’s no payza so i created an account which is for bitcoin payment option however when i provided my bitcoin wallet code during withdrawal a pop-up message said that the code was incorrect. What payment method should i use if i am here in philippines. Thank you.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Make sure bitcoin wallet address you are providing is correct. Bitcoin address consists of 25-36 alphanumeric characters and starts with either 1 or 3 usually.

      1. Thanks for your reply mr. Sudhir. Can you also give me an invitationalcode for megatypers? I’ll appreciate it.

  19. you said that 2 captcha pays 1.20$ for 1000 captcha solved
    But actually 2 captcha gives 0.35$ for 1000 captcha solved
    How can you say that??
    Explain me please

  20. Hi!

    Sir does it usually takes a few minutes to load a new captcha in 2Captcha and Kolotibablo? Its always like that.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

  21. There ia Captcha of aV8Z4JR In Training Session,when i enter this captcha they said J and I are Different,what that mean.?and what should i do,my training is stopped there..plz help thank you

    1. There is no special requirement. Sign up one or more websites from the list, start typing and Withdraw your money.

        1. no they don’t. 2captcha has never taken more than 1 day. Megatypers and Protypers might take a week. Although Recently one of my payment was cancelled because I was trying to withdraw money into my bitcoin wallet. The reason was – Transaction fees on Bitcoin ran too high and that screwed up payouts to Bitcoin.That forced them to increase minimum payout to Bitcoin to $10 .

    1. Registration is free. Please check payment options with each website before joining to make sure they are paying via Western Union.

  22. Sir if i don’t have PayPal | Payza | WebMoney | Perfect Money | AdvCash | Bitcoin etc. So, I will not get the money.

  23. Thanks for the useful information, I am going to make money by doing this jobs, keep doing this great work.

  24. Has anyone had good experience with CaptchaTypers? I received their acceptance email and I wanna make sure that I will get paid at the end of the month.

  25. Hey! Its so good to see more websities in your website. But please promote securable website. Those all websites are not secure. If those websites are paying you please insert a photo, it means not your payment proof because the payment proof is your privacy, we want that the website shows the message “amount paid” take a snapshot of it and insert a picture of that. By seeing that photo we all trust those websites are true.

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