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Searching for data entry jobs online? Well, look no further. Digitize India(DEiTY) is an initiative of the government of India which offers an opportunity for government agencies to transform themselves into digital enterprises and for digital contributors (people like us) to make money online by doing simple data entry work.

Digitize India Platform (DIP) works under Digital India Programme to provide digitization services for scanned document images/physical documents for any organization. They just want to make all the existing content (in different formats and media, languages) usable.

Make money online with Digitize India

For doing this DIP provides a secure and automated platform for processing and extracting relevant data from document images in a format that is further used for meta-data tagging, IT application processing, and analysis. You probably have heard of some other popular crowdsourcing platforms before, like Mturk, Microworkers, etc, DEiTY works similarly.

You simply type the word which appears on your screen exactly like Captcha typing jobs although here they are called Snippets.

How does DIP work?

Digital India Platform helps digitize the documents for willing Govt. organizations. The whole process takes the following steps-

  1. Digital India Platform collects scanned images from various Govt. organizations and shreds images into snippets with meaningful full data.
  2. These snippets are randomly served to the contributors.
  3. Contributors type the words shown in Snippets.
  4. A match engine checks if the contributor typed the right word.
  5. Correct entries get reward points for each correct word digitized.
  6. DIP’s innovative system organizes the snippet text digitized by contributors.
  7. Documents are re-assembled and provided back to the organizations

Who Can become a Digital Contributor?

Any Indian Citizen who fulfills the following prerequisites can apply. A valid Aadhar number is mandatory for sign-up process.

  • Basic computer literacy
  • Aadhar number
  • Bank Account linked to your Aadhaar number
  • Access to internet
  • Access to any smart device ( to download their app)

How to Make Money Online with Digitize India?

  • Sign up – Sign up here to become a digital agent. Fill in all the details such as full name, email, phone number, etc on sign-up form and submit the form. The system will validate your Aadhar number before signing up.
  • Log into your account by entering your username/email and password. You will be redirected to your account dashboard where you will see the available snippet and your work records.
  • Complete your Profile by clicking on My account in the right top corner.  Complete basic profile by entering valid information such as your state, district, Pin-code, academics, etc. An incomplete profile may lead to the suspension of your account.
  • Complete Bank Profile. If your Aadhar is already linked to your bank account then click on the Check Status button. The system will automatically verify the bank details. Otherwise, go to your bank and get your Aadhar linked to your bank account. This is the only way how it works.
  • Work and Earn – Go to the dashboard and see if any snippet is available to work on.  Once your work will get approved, you will receive points. Usually, they provide details of No. of captcha, you entered, your accuracy after 1-2 days and you receive your reward after 4-5 days for that. You can check your earnings by clicking on Rewards and redeeming your points there. The reward rate is 2 Paisa per character, although your earnings depend on your accuracy levels and speed.

How to Redeem/withdraw Your Points From Digitize India Platform

There are two things you can do with your points. You can donate your points being a volunteer or you can redeem/withdraw your points for cash. Here is the process of withdrawing money from your Digitize India Account –

  • Update Your Bank Profile – Login to your Digitize India Platform. Hover the mouse cursor on “My Account” and click on Bank Profile. You don’t need to give your account details like account holder name, account number and IFSC etc, just click on the “check status” button there. If your Aadhar is seeded into your bank account, it will pick up all the bank details automatically and will show you with what bank account your Aadhar is linked otherwise it will show Error: Aadhaar number is not available. updated-bank-account-in-digitize-india

Note: If you have not attached your Aadhar with your bank I would suggest you link your Aadhar through your online internet banking account. Once you submit your Aadhar details in your internet banking account, they will send a message on your registered mobile number that your Aadhar has been seeded into your bank account successfully. Now login back to your Digitize India Account and check your status. I hope I will work.

  • Set a Transaction PIN – A transaction PIN is a 4-digit code you have to insert each and every time while redeeming your points. To set it, click on “Transaction Pin” from the My Account Tab. Now click on the “Generate OTP” button. An OTP(one-time password) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Submit OTP,  set a transaction PIN, and save it after captcha verification.
  • Redeem Your Point – Click on “Rewards” in order to withdraw your money from your Digitize India Account. Further click on the “Redeem Your Points” button from the info panel on the right side of the screen. Insert the no. of points you want to redeem in the form, add a remark, and insert your wallet pin, if you insert the correct wallet pin it will show the status as correct. Finally, click on Submit. That’s all you need to do.  redeeming points from Digitize india

Note: Remember 2 things here. You can’t redeem twice in a month and the Minimum withdrawal limit of Digitize India Platform is 2500 points. I mean you need to have at least 2500 points to be able to withdraw your money to your bank account.

Payment Proof of Digitize India

There were so many comments that Digitize India is not sending their payment in a Bank account. So one day I typed 3395 snippets with an accuracy of 86 to collect 3064 reward points. I applied for withdrawal (2500 Reward Points) on 10th October 2016.

digitize india initiated payment status

After waiting  23 days, Digitize India deposited my Payment in my bank account on 3rd November 2016. Here is the screenshot of my internet banking account –

digitize india payment proof

People who have not received payment yet,  please stop checking the payment status in your DIP account. It might keep showing status as “initiated” even after they have paid you.  Either Open your internet banking account and check all the transactions or get your bank passbook printed. Also remember, you might not get Bank Transaction SMS in your registered mobile number.

How many days you should wait to get your money from Digitize India?

Believe me, Waiting 30 days for payment is not a big deal. Many sites take 4 to 6 weeks in order to make payments. So have a lot of patience and keep working. This is how it works online.

How much money one can earn from Digitize India Platform?

Well, it depends on your typing speed, accuracy, and internet connection speed. An average person can earn 2500 reward points by typing 1 and half hours. As you already know 2500 reward points are worth INR 50. So at this rate, one can make about INR 8000 every month by typing 7-8 hours every day.

“Snippets Have Exhausted. Please Try Again Later” Solution

Everyone is facing the same problem “snippets have exhausted. please try again later”. Is there any solution to this problem? No, Because the problem is at Digitize India’s end which you don’t have control over. They can only send you snippets when they have documents to be digitized and this will only happen when govt. agencies will be interested in putting their data online. There are not many large-scale digitization projects have been successful in India in the past. What you can do is only wait, until they have something to offer you.

Solution of Your Connection is Not Private Error

First of all, You do not need to worry about errors since it’s not a big issue. Any HTTPS site would give this error if its SSL certificate has expired. If you are using the Chrome browser and facing this error, click on Advanced on the error page. Some additional information will be shown. Now Click on Proceed to (unsafe). That’s it. You will be redirected to digitize the India Platform. If you are using Firefox then, click on Advanced and then click on Add Exception button.


Writing this in October 2015 many people have complained of not receiving enough work. This may be due to the fact that this is a new project. For any query related to Digitize India Platform contact them directly.

Update: is not opening since last couple of days and Giving HTTP ERROR 500. This is a server side problem and only they can solve it. Everything is alright now. Working smoothly.


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455 thoughts on “Make Money With Digitize India Platform | Data Entry Jobs”

  1. Sir,
    How to get OTP in Digitize india platform?My Aadhaar authentication is successful.I can’t register without OTP.I already fill up all other details.In the given OTP space what I type..I given my mobile number,but no response..Please help me.

    1. Hi Safeer, there is no other method than U r using. I think You should wait a little more or try getting OTP on a different mobile number.

          1. Dear Sudhir ji,
            I recently joined digitize india, it’s simple, I entered more than 60k in 7 days, just doing 1-1.5 hour work, but rewards still showing only 857, daily completing task is more than 1k.
            When it will update ?

            Thanking you !

            1. Usually it is updated within 24 hours but they are not updating stats since last few days. May be because of any technical problem or recent reforms by Modi. I hope everything will be fine soon.

      1. Sir is there any more site like this to earn money online plz share bcz in dip snippets are exhausted when ever I have log in

      1. P r a k a s h space r space m u l d u n a v a r

        Very nice job, but I was interested in the job please reply me how to do this in mobile thank you for Rajesh

    2. Did anyone noticed that in URL, it is indicated that this site is “Not Secure” and the “https” is double strike. Pl confirm whether site is a secured one.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      I have been a part of this in the past but currently not active at this platform. So can’t give you correct idea about earning. I have heard in the past that they don’t send much captcha to solve.

  2. Dear Sir
    I have joined digitiseindia recently.I find it difficult to ubderstand the image .Many times no text ,small thread like horizontal line vertical line ,incomplete words ,Is there any traininf or resource to guide us ,i wrote to the DIP but there is no response,Can you guide me

    1. sudhir sheoran

      There is no way to get clear images/captcha. You can only skip the entries saying it’s blank or unreadable or blurred.

      1. thank you for quick reply . I am a senior citizen .Is there any training programme for learning this .I want to imrove my accuracy ,i have searched internet but i could not get any information.Can you guide me pl
        thank you

        1. sudhir sheoran

          Okey sir, let’s understand the whole matter. Digital India Platform helps digitizing the records of Govt. organisations and the records can be hand written too. They take pictures of handwritten records and send those pictures/snippet/captcha to us so that we can type it for them. Now do you really think there would be someone who can teach us how governmental employees write because I think everyone’s writing is different and might not readable and understable for others. I really don’t think you would get any training programme on this.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      To be honest , only Digitize India Platform can help you. I would suggest you try contacting their support staff Or you can try getting OTP on a different phone number.

      1. I am new member , I completed 223 tasks , but there is also show successful task is 38 , why they show successful task is only 38 ?

  3. Dear Sir,
    I have join Digital India Recently. I think 2 Paisa is very low cost our expenses is more than 25 Paisa per character. Than how could I earn.

    1. I don’t know how you are calculating the expenses per character. As far as I know, No Captcha Entry Site in world can pay more than your current expenses(25Paisa per character). If You are not happy with Digitise India platform , You can try these 7 captcha entry sites. But most of these kind of site will only be able to pay up to 1.20$ for every 1000 images you solve correctly.
      Or You can also find other ways to make money online that suits you better.

  4. hello sir i am sai durga. In digital India Work in not coming why?
    all process is done i got id number also but money is not coming to my account why sir.

    1. Hi Saidurga, Digitize India Platform provides digitization services for scanned document images/physical documents for any governmental organization/agency. If snippets are not coming , it means there are no scanned images they have currently to provide you.

    1. hi, you can Generate/Reset Transaction or wallet Pin for Redeeming Points by clicking on “My Account” and then selecting “Transaction Pin” . They will send one time password(OTP) on your mobile phone in order to verify the generation/resetting of the wallet PIN.

  5. It is really earn money!! Means to say this site is work but it is real. And this site provide to me money after that complete work? So, i sure or not to be this site is to be earn money?

  6. Hi Sudhir, getting difficult to calculate my earnings here. I have 925 reward points and entered 1965 characters with 59 accuracy.. So please help me to calculate the amount based on this data. So that I can calculate the further.
    Thank you.

    1. Can’t give you exact idea how do Digitize India do it but one thing is sure – Accuracy is a bigger factor. Someone is getting 263 reward points for just 420 characters with an accuracy of 77%.

  7. i tried this 5-6 time to data entry work but i get nothing not a single money … i think this digitize india is totally fake and waste of time.

    1. Hi Gaurav. One should understand that this is a new venture and the teething problems are there. This is a government of India venture and you should not comment that this is a fake one and should not compare it with private ones. One should keep in mind that any amount due from the govt. will be paid though it takes one month or one year . One should have patience. In case you have no other work or you find extra time, you try it and earn points. The money will definitely come @ 2 paise per character.

  8. Hi I have crossed 2500 points and m trying to redeem first time, but it gives me an error that u can redeem once in a month and this is the first time m trying to redeem but not succesful . please help.. You can email me on

  9. I have not redeemed that point before but now im trying to do it for 2500 point for the first time but its showing that you cannot redeem more than in a month but its my first time that im doing so please help me sir ……

    1. There are certainly some issues with Digitize India Platform. A lot of people are facing different issues. May be Digitize India is counting a “try” as a “withdrawal”. I think you have recently tried to redeem when you were not having 2500 points. So I would suggest you not to go again “redeem your points” section till first October. If still your problem persist don’t try to redeem again till 1 November. These are my personal opinions. You can contact Digitize India anytime regarding your issue. Let us know if you find a solution so that other facing same problem can get benefitted.

  10. Hi, I have earned points more than 2500 but when i go for redeem these point and entered the walled pin, it will validate the pin but while clicking submit button. When again pressing the submit button it gives message you cannot redeem your points twice in a month. As i have not redeem any reward point till now. I have updated the Adhar number also.
    Please suggest.

    Amit Singh

        1. An average person can earn 2500 reward points typing 1 and half hour. As you already know 2500 reward points are worth INR 50.
          (is it true 2500 reward poits equal to only INR 50 ?
          In some vedio they told one reward equal point equal to ONE RUPEE)

  11. after i finished many snippets. i looked at the account and its showing no increment.0. as i m new to this can u tell if it takes time to update the no. of snippets done or it will quickly show the no. od snippet done.

      1. Now also the stats are not updated yet. I have done the snippet work after 12 at night. But still nothing has been updated

        1. Since you have done the snippet work after 12 at night(today), your stats will be updated after 12 tonight(tomorrow).

  12. In dashboard how much is the accuracy to get the money in the bank account.
    why i am asking this question is my accuracy is 30 i am redeem my points but money is not come in my account i think because of low how much accuaracy get to withdraw money plz tell me sir

    1. Don’t worry! Your accuracy won’t affect withdrawal. If you have applied for withdrawal, You will get your money in your bank account soon , no matter what your accuracy is. Accuracy can only affect rewards points you get per captcha/character.

  13. Hi,
    I have joined the portal recently. Am getting snippets continuously. The questions is – “even i enter the data correctly the completed tasks count doesn’t increase”. What is the reason?
    Can you tell how to enter some data. Do we need to enter data how it is shown in the snippet – For example with space, . etc?
    am seeing more number of data of birth in the snippet. Some contains . and some contains space – eg. 8.8.80, 8.8 80, 8 8 80 etc. Is there a format in which we need to enter?
    Also, is the characters case sensitive?
    Please help on my queries

    1. When completed tasks not updating just do close task and type again it will start counting captcha one should note this..when completed tasks not updating when ur typing u wont get money

  14. Hi, I am a senior citizen and ex employee of a public sector and do not receive any pension. Please let me know why my Aadhaar no is not authenticated even after trying several times.Is there any age limit ?Please help me to get registered as I am in dire need of earning some money through this programme. I sent an email some 10 days back to the dept but did not receive any reply.

    You may please send a mail to my Email id.
    I received a mail from an individual ( with some demo of work to be done ) asking me to pay Rs 3000/- for registration and training and that he will provide the portal details. Is it genuine ?

    1. Hello Sir,
      I have not encountered any such training program. But it does not mean they are fraud, They might be genuine or fake. But I would say one thing from my experience, there is no need to get a training for entering captcha on Digitize India Platform. I mean , it’s pretty much easier, If you get what is written in image , simply type it otherwise you have a option to skip it. Isn’t it simple?
      There is no age limit. Digitize India website is facing a lot of issues. Is your Aadhar linked with your bank account? If yes and still it’s giving error , you can make another digitize account with someone else details in your family if he/she have a aadhar linked with bank account. If your aadhaar is not attached to your bank account and it’s giving error then get it linked first.

        1. sudhir sheoran

          It is not true for Digitize India as far as I know. On most captcha entry sites, you will get somewhere around 60 Rupees for 1000 words.

    2. Before verifying aadhar details, make sure that you enter full name and date of birth that matches those in aadhar card.

      1. Hi,
        As suggested by you I went through the registration and it is succesful and I have started working,BUT I am getting NULL indication after entering few entries.Please help me to rectify it.

        1. I really don’t know how to rectify this. But I really believe that even if counter is not working , the entries are still considered counted. However you can close your workspace anytime and start again if you are worried about counter.

  15. sir what is the money for 2500 points that they will transfer to my account please replay me,is that 2500 points =2500 rs please reply me

  16. Thanks for the information. I presume that the person who wanted Rs 3000/- may have empanelled with the dept and he is outsourcing the work.Leaving it aside my bank account is linked to aadhar but dont know why my aadhar is not getting authenticated. Anyhow I will go by your suggestion of registering with one of my family members who has aadhar linked bank account.

    Thank you once again

  17. Hi Mr. Shreon


    My name is SHISHIR. I want to genuine work of data entry to earning. Can you suggest me any genuine website where I can the genuine data entry work without any investment. I searched on net different online data entry work but all of these asking money for registration and I heard these money asking sites could be fake or scam. So please suggest me some genuine sites to do data entry work online or offline without any investment.



  18. Hello sir m working in it from 15 days days i have more then 5000+ reward points what was the value in rupee of One (1) reward point
    typed Characters more then 11000+ , Snippet 3000+ , Accuracy ( 51 ) , Speed 16

  19. L.CHANDRA SEKHAR is correct as 1 reward point = 2 paisa

    4770 x 2 = 9540 paisa
    so INR = 95.40

    Now you should calculate your ineternt expenses + time you spend = 95.40
    not even Rs. 100/-
    Is it good income after doing a lots of efforts ?
    If Yes then we ALL INDIANS are really having “AACHHE DIN”


    1. sir all process done id num comming 5/10/16 but its show INTIATED.. not success ….. or how much day money come in my acount

  20. I am getting NULL indication after few entries and even if I continue with entering the data it is not counted.Please some one help me to rectify it.

    I also understand that the rate per reward point is 5 paisa from MAY 2016.

  21. sir all process done id num comming 07/10/201616 but its show INTIATED.. not success ….. or how much day money come in my acount

  22. Sir , My Question is that,
    Can we work in it from all over India or some Specific City Which is Listed In it ,
    My City Aligarh is not available in Profile updates option so , do i left it or continue work my reward points in more than 15,000
    Sir plz reply me and solve
    my confusion

    1. Yes, we can work from all over India. If your city is not listed, select any other city nearest to you. Your points are good enough to redeem. Best of luck.

  23. i solve many captcha but my reward and dashboard is show only 0 . by solving captcha my reward points is not increase .it is show 0 after solve many captcha.

  24. Sir how should I redeem points please tell me I don’t have a pan there Any problem regarding this.

    1. Do you have 2500+ points? Have you filled your bank profile? What does it say when you try to redeem your points?

  25. Hey, When I am clicking on Clicking on check status in bank profile section. The site shows an error “Site is unable to handle this request”. Can you please help me out.

    1. Hope your problem has been solved by now. If not then Try a different browser or device. If still your problem persist then clear cookies/history of browser you’re using.

  26. hii sir mere digitized India me mere
    8000 pints he par redeem karney par har bar bolts he submit your bank detail Aur aadhar card bank se
    already link he Kya karu kuch solution batao please

  27. Sir, My Question Is That ,
    they Pay actually or not .
    is it Genuine way to to earn or not.
    M working from 15 days my reward point is 20,000+
    i m little confused is it actually pay or not like some other site which just show balance but don’t do payment at redemption time

  28. Bro do u know about google adsense can u tell me some details i m little confused , they blocked my a/c 2 times approx 70,000rs.

      1. they just blocked nd reason invalid clicks but there is no invalid clicks done by me
        whenver my site traffic cross 20,000 users they block a/c by saying reason invalid clicks

        1. If you think Adsense’s decision was made in error and it was not you who was responsible for invalid activities then you can raise an appeal through this form. Here are some Common reasons AdSense accounts are disabled for invalid activity.

  29. Can you please tell me exactly
    one correct captcha code pic is equal to how many points?
    and is it correct 1 point is equeal to 2 paisa?

      1. I have earned 25000 in a day and i did this doing throughout the day…now can u plz tell me this is how much rupees if anyone redeemed their points..accuracy is above 80.
        Thanks in advance

    1. If I understand correctly, one point is one character. If one snippet contains the name Jiten, Mumbai it means there are 12 points. these are mere calculation as we don not have authentic version.

  30. I am a regular contributor to Digitize india platform I tried to redeem points but could not do so because I am unable to generate Transaction Pin though I got OTP to claim.I also want to know about the REMAKS column (what is to be written in the column).

    Can any one guide me

  31. Hi,
    I have been doing the captcha work of digitize India since 10 days .It is going smoothly except with intermittent stops because of shortage of snippets.
    What I do not understand is I am getting my gas subsidy credited to my aadhaar linked bank a/c,but when I tried to redeem points it says that my bank a/c is not linked, and another thing is I dont know what to write in the REMARKS column and how to get TANSACTION PIN.

    I request you may upload a video explaining step by step on how to proceed till the final submission by the worker is done.
    You may be knowing that on this day there are about 50,000 members in DIP.
    I also understand that the payment per captcha is 5 PAISA from MAY 2016 onwards.

    1. hi there, The procedure of getting transaction PIN is already explained in the post. You can write anything in “Remarks”.

  32. Hi,

    I started with dip and made 65000 rewards. But the problem is that i am having two bank accounts and dip showing only one, both the accounts are linked with my adhar,. And the bank account shown bydip i am not using from last 3 year. I want to redeem rewards on other account,. What should i have to do…
    Pls tell me if any solution for that at

  33. I have redeemed 18000 points two days ago but still now i did not get the money. Can you please tell me that how much time it will takes to get the money and for that point how much i will be paid.
    Thanks in advance



  35. Hi friends, i am still in confusion whether digitize india is genuine site and it pays for our work. I read all the comments posted, i have redeemed a week back and i m still waiting for it to be paid and the transaction status is still showing intiated. Please any one who doing this work respond if you have paid or not. I saw in youtube that some posted it was paid. But if they will pay then i want to know how many days from the day we intiate they will take to pay.

  36. Hi sir,

    I recently joined the dip work. I Applied for redeemed points also. but i did’ t get money. how many days they will take & how to trace out transaction id for process.

  37. i have redeemed a week back and i m still waiting for it to be paid and the transaction status is still showing intiated. Please any one who doing this work respond if you have paid or not. I saw in youtube that some posted it was paid. But if they will pay then i want to know how many days from the day we intiate they will take to pay.

    1. Site is not too slow, your internet data might be. Don’t delete your browser history and cookies. Try typing in the morning. Snippet are hardly exhausted, it shows the message sometime when internet speed is slow.

  38. when i click on LOAD WORKSPACE the message is shown as ‘snippets has exhausted pls try again later ‘ from last three days it is showing like that why please any one can say to me know. is that site working or not?

  39. I am entering the data in the box and it is showing correct in the workspce. But when I am closing the task it is showing completed task to be 0. So I am not getting any reward point. Please suggest me where I am going wrong.

  40. Sir, i reading all comments and reweis but one thing i want to know that if one reward point is equal to 2paise then why they have written on the site that 2paise is equal to per character .then acc to that is one reward is equal to 20 paise then how u are calculating the rewards points in rupees . Acc to u the 1reward point is 2paise then why they have written that per charactet is 2paise reply me sir , kindly sort my problem i will very thank full to you.

    1. 1 Reward point is worth 2 Paisa and thus 2500 reward points becomes 5000 Paisa and I hope you know 5000 Paisa makes 50 Rupees.

  41. HI SIR,,


      1. Hi sir,, thanks for ur earlier reply,,I Have another doubt..
        Here snippets and Characters are added in Dash Board,,How should i check the Balance (Money) in My Dash Board.

  42. Hi Sudhir,
    I gone through a lots of comments, impressive your reply too! A small query about my profile, may you have some idea about it.
    I worked for approx 3000 and put it for redeemed from that time only its showing initiated. I am just concern as per they listed it only takes 3-5 working days and not it became more. do you have any idea about it? i did it first time redeemed and also FYI my profile is fully updated including PAN

  43. sir, maine apne points reedem kiye, 2652 points the, abhi tak bank me nahi aaye, bank me aane me kitna time lagta hai

  44. daily how much we can earn per day? i typed atleast 500 snippets bur i got less reward points .why like that? pls tell me how many reward points can we earn per day


        1. Ho sakta h bhai. Ya to koi technical problem h ya Black money wale mamle ke chakkar me ho skta h ek baar ke liye ese rok diya gya ho. I hope everything will be fine soon.

  46. in My account tab Bank profile menu i click on View Status after the click there show Adhar Number is not available an i have also visited my bank branch my adhar card already linked with my back account. tell me solution.!

    1. I am not sure it will work for you or not but I have a suggestion for you – Open your internet banking account. You will find an option somewhere to add your aadhar card. Add aadhar card from there. You should get a message on your phone that your aadhar card has been linked to your bank account. It may take 24-48 hours. Once you get message, open your digitize India account and click on check status. It might work.
      Or you can open another account with someone else details in your family.


    1. Hi Ashok, dont get upset. It is not fake. It is a govt.of india venture. think in indian work atmosphere familiar to us. It takes atleast 30 days or more to get your payment in bank.

  48. I was redeem my point was 01 NOV 2016,
    My speed is- 48
    accuracy -92%
    redeem point – 4247
    I have a transaction no. in digitize India profile. but i don’t get some money in my A/C link with aadhar no.

    Can u please help me on this. which date i will get?
    Thank You,

    1. You need to wait atleast 1 month to get your money. Your accuracy is good. Hope you would share some tips for other users.

  49. Hi Sudhir,

    I became member in Sep 2016 and had some issues but now it is smooth. My bank, AAdhar linked and registered too. Had some questions and tried to seek HELPLINE of DIP many times, wrote mails. They never responded till now.

    My accuracy currently is 85% and earned about 50K reward points. Applied for DONATION and also redeem on 21st Oct, after some struggle. The status says redeem initiated since then. It is OVER 18 days now. WHAT IS THE PAYMENT CYCLE, on their standard SLAs ???

    The snippet with TICK boxes are some times confusing. we need to enter yes if ticked and no otherwise. Most of the times you get TWO boxes in the Snippets one ticked and other blank. SHOULD WE TAKE THIS OF TICKED or NOT as we need to give one answer ???

    I think the the entries have to be CASE sensitive to get better accuracy. But what about punctuation marks? If you find two commas, etc. Are we support to replicate as such or allowed to enter correct punctuation ???

    Thanks for your support and it is immense help to the DIP volunteers. Great service.

    1. I don’t know their exact payment cycle. For now I can only tell you that it takes at least 30 days to get money. I myself have an accuracy of 86%, hope someone with better accuracy would be able to explain it better. Yes, entries have to be case sensitive. I usually skip snippets I don’t understand clearly. Sometime, I correct punctuation before typing. I know someone ( with an accuracy of 92%. Hope he can share some tips.

      1. Thanks Sudhir for the prompt response. I was not expecting such a rapid reaction.

        I request, Praveen to help on some of the finer points:
        a) Snippet with tick box, sometimes have two boxes. If both are same it is OK, as we need to give one answer YES or NO. What if one ticked and other NOT. Should we use the first one? Or clearer one?
        b) The Snippet with TWO lines (boxes) what punctuation to use, comma or Blank?
        c) Some times we see spell mistakes or wrong punctuations like ,, should we correct or simply replicate.
        d) Again snippet with two or more boxes with text, one clear and other not so clear. Should we enter the clear one or it is not worth and skip?
        e) I was not able to opt for Non english, as I heard that the value of reward is more there, I may want to try. How do I get more options. It was not allowing this.

        Hope you will help, Thanks in advance

  50. sir i done work on 6th of this month but there is no sign of reward point till now date.. i try to contact them but there is no sign of reply from them i even call them but call get disconnected automatically , kindly u help me in this issue…

    1. I hope your reward points will be credited with in 1-2 days. They always have a helpline number, but don’t answer calls. This is normal in India.

  51. Sir, on 6th,7th and 8th i solved more than 500 snippets each day, but my snippets and rewards counting is not increasing.It’s showing the previous snippet count only.Should I continue to solve more, when can i expect to get them and why they delay this process ?

    1. Stats are usually updated on the next day of work. But sometime it may take 2-3 days. Everything will be fine, no need to worry about.

  52. sir from last 3-4days have completed more than 3500 snippets, but till now it was not updated in dashboard, but shows in my chart, can you tell me what to do

  53. sir i am working on that from last two months ,and point redeem two time its more than 10000 ,but payment not receive yet,

  54. Sir I have redeemed 3000 points, Transaction Id generated and the status shows initialize but no money is credited in my account. Please help to solve my problem.

  55. Hello sir,
    I have redeemed the reward points twice (10-09-2016 & 03-11-2016). And my bank account is also linked with Adhaar number and the is also mentioned in the DIP against my account. But the money against points is yet t be credited to my bank account. Please guide. As the matter was mailed to administrators but there is no response from their end.

    1. According to my experience you have got your first payment. Either login your internet banking account check all transactions or get your bank passbook printed. DIP might show payment status as initiated even after they have sent your money. 2nd payment request will take little more time to be processed.

    1. Usually it takes 24 hours but since last few days , they are not updating stats but I hope everything will be fine soon.

  56. I have been using this for the last couple of months and on 21st Oct redeemed 20500 points and Donated some. And the reward summary shows initiated. I was worried that the payment would not come. But when I checked my bank account I saw the the credit of Rs 410, for the same on 3rd Oct. It took about 13 days in this case. I wanted to tell this to all those who are in the same situation as I was, and now I have full belief in the system. Only thing I see is the remuneration is little low. Even after 85% accuracy spending about couple hours daily you can earn max about Rs 2000. Spend more time, more accurate, higher speed then u may get little more. Are there any other learnings on the improvement of earnings ??

    The backend team never respond, but this blog is VERY Supportive and Sudhir is highly responsive. I appreciate.

  57. from 8 days snippets not increase in dashboard, how much time generally it took, in the same situation, any body knows?

  58. hlo sir i am facing problem o singup what password can put in password coloum it asking password must be one upper case,one lower case,one number,one special character please help how to create password plzzzz sir help me

    1. Use something like Rahamath@1 . It has one uppercase(R) , atleast one lower case (ahamath), one special character (@) and one number(1).

  59. Hello,

    I had done work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (11th , 12th, 13th November 2016 ) . Nothing has been updated on character count and Rewards point.

    When it will be updated. Can you please help on this ?.

  60. hi,
    I just want to know that we need to close task after each work…how it is saved..the work we have done…what action should i need to do…close task or reset the page or to do click back button..

    and my last work was on thursday night and friday morning…but no snippets or characters or points added to my account till then…

    1. They are not updating stats since a last few days. I hope everything will be fine soon. When you type a snippet and press enter , it is recorded and saved. No need to do anything else. When you are done and want to take some rest , just close the workspace.

  61. Hi Sudhir Sir,
    This is Sandip Paul from Kolkata, I regularly follow your this page for DIGITIZE INDIA details, actually I have been working since 20-25 days in digitize india platform. For the first few days (may be 3-4 days) website shows my details (like number of snippet , number of characters) rgulalry updated. But last few days my data remain same, where as, I work 2-3 hour on daily basis. But my details like snippet, characters remain same… What should I do ???

    1. Either its a technical problem or they are intentionally not updating stats. I hope everything will be fine soon. You should wait.


  63. Hi Sudhir,

    I am working form last 6 days but fir bhi reward points update nahi hua.. what is the reason??
    1 month pehle account open kiya tha.. points redeem bhi hua .. but last 6 days se 1 bhi reward point nahi mila.. plz help me with this..

    1. I wish I could have helped , Many are complaining that stats are not being updated. Either this is a technical problem or they are doing this intentionally because of recent money De-Monetization reform. I am sure that will resolve the problem solve.


    Dear sir,

    Snippet Availability Dear sir, From 11/11/2016 to 11/13/2016 is snippets are not showing and not give reward points
    sir from last 3-4days have completed more than 3500 snippets, but till now it was not updated in dashboard, but shows in my chart, can you tell me what to do

  65. Hi,
    I am also facing same problem since 4 days .My details viz., snippets, character and reward points missing. Can any one Please tell me the instances of getting some CAPTCHA entering while doing entries like names ‘Mohit, Sandeep Kumar, Pradeep Puri etc and dates such as 8043P6G2D, 04-June-1981,communications ETC. one more thing is after entering this CAPTCHAS the counter stops and the total entries made go missing. I want to know if this is hapenning to others also.

    1. The problems u face are simple and your points will be added lateron. You keep an eye to the counting meter also. In case the count stops then close the job and reopen the workspace and continue the work that keeps your points added in your count. I have not experienced such problem while typing Mohit, Sandeep Kumar, Pradeep Puri etc You might have entered any other butter than the enter button.

  66. Counting stopped in middle, and it will not count in your work, digitize India is very silly website to earn money, in support option no response, nobody pickup the customer care phone, making stupid the comman man by taking his time and work.

  67. CONGRATS TO ALL Snippets and Reward Count updates start in everyone ID, i also work 5 days without counting but i earn 50099 point (Rs. 1000+ in 5 days) my Accuracy is 92%

  68. Dear sudhir ji,
    Thanks for the replied.
    All days characters updated, Yesterday I completed more than 4k snippets, But digitize india showed only 1115 snippets, After entered captca next snipets is not counting, digitize india must refund our honor work time, if count is stop digitize will not count the work.

    Thank you for the quick response sudhir ji !!!

        1. Don’t worry. Hope you already know they were on a short break recently. Your money will be added to your bank account soon.

  69. I am not getting snippet in my workspace. Whenever i load workspace, one pop up coming with message “snippets have exhausted.plase try again later”.What i will do? please help me

    1. Solution is already written in your comment. “snippets have exhausted.please try again later”. So, Please try again later.

  70. hy i dharamveer,jab me , bhutb dino se issme work krne ki kosis krta hu pa jab me “workspace” ko open krta hu to ussme ” snnipts have exahusted ” likha ata h jiski vajh se me apna time isme waste krta rhta hu aap mujhe please is problem ka solution btaye .
    mera contact no. 9045243577

    1. Ho skta h digitize india ke pas projects khatm ho gye ho ya phir unhone jaanbujhkar esko kuch samay ke liye band kr diya ho. To Es problem ko to sirf digitize india hi solve kr skta h.

  71. I am ajay and I join to digitize India data entry job register form and I enter my aadhaar number valid successfully but after that my gmail and mobile number not valid but I did not create another form because my aadhaar is valid how to continue the register my account please help me I work with dip.

  72. i have joined in digitize India yesterday..i have done only for 4 to 5 tasks..then,aftersometime,im getting that “snippets have exhausted.please try again later”.can anyone tell me what would be the problem here??????

    1. Hi Jaya. early in the morning more snippets are available . If snippets are exhausted then there is no need to waste time.

  73. Me too, I am using 3 accounts, but there Is no snippets from a weak, very bad services are being running by govt. Same on those person, who are handling this organization. Making fool to people by giving opportunity to make some money.

    1. Have you connected your bank account? Do you have enough points to redeem? What is it saying when you try to redeem?

  74. Hello Sudhir sir,

    Hope you are doing well..

    i am very happy to work with this organization. i want to know that i had redeemed my points (2900) on 1Nov 2016 but i haven’t received my payment yet.. my transaction id is 16110107095390695745.

    1. First of all , accuracy is not a problem in getting reward. I can’t tell you exact reason why your payment is still pending but I think Digitize India was on a little break recently so your payment make take a little longer.

  75. Hello sir!
    If there is any fraud or any delay in payment than we can file a suit against the government as it will be considered as a government job. Please,tell me sir!

    1. Yes, I think so. I am not the right person to ask about this. You should consult a lawyer. In my opinion, You should wait in case of delay in payment. Patience is what you need a lot when you start working online for making money. Consider 4 to 6 Week payment delay normal.




    1. Hi . You will get @ 2 paise per point. As per my experience, it will take more than 30 days to get the payment in your bank account. You have to check your bank account. There is no need to worry, you will not loss your payment as you are doing the work for Govt.of India.

      1. Thanks a lot Sudhir. Could you please answer one more query (sorry for a possible repeat if it may have been discussed earlier by someone else): How many Points rewarded for each successful Capcha typed?

  77. I have typed more than 200 snippets from yesterday.. But there is no change in dashboard and rewards. It is showing null like always.

  78. HI , my name is saranya, in my last post I did not explain properly, for the last 2 days I’m typing so many n still its not showing in dash board . why is this happening? Basically how long it ll take to reflect in ac? do ive to stop typing or have to wait . please help me in this/.

    Thanks and regards,

    1. What you type today is reflected on the next day usually. It has been happened in the past too but every work you do is being counted. So don’t worry, keep typing, stats will be updated soon. Just make sure that meter on the left is counting snippets while you typing. Best of luck.

      1. Abhi work update nahi ho raha hai, kya mai abhi apne point redeem kar sakta hu ya nahi?, koi problem to nahi hogi payment me, please tell me.



    1. Hi. when u finish the work i.e. close task, there appears the task summary in which the time, completed task, etc will be shown. it takes about 24 hours to reflect your work in the dash board. Dont worry about the payment etc., you will get it definitely as it is a govt. of india venture.

  80. HI Sudhir,
    Ive waited till now, but still showing nill in my dash boarad. And my typed snippets are closing unexpectedly n in that meter also showing nothing . Why is this happening? Please help me . Thanks

    1. I really don’t know why this all is happening. Many others are too complaining that stats are not being updated. They won’t answer your calls and emails. Same problem happened a few days ago. The stats were not being updated. Later when the problem was resolved, someone commented this- “CONGRATS TO ALL Snippets and Reward Count updates start in everyone ID, i also work 5 days without counting but i earn 50099 point (Rs. 1000+ in 5 days) my Accuracy is 92%” .
      So now, its up to you. You have to decide whether you have to keep working continuously or you have to stop for a while.


    1. You can use whatever you prefer. You can press enter button or click submit button. Both are same. if Snippet are not changing frequently, it might affect your speed but won’t affect accuracy. Usually stats are updated on the next day of your work but sometime it might take longer. I don’t know the reason.

  82. Hi Sudhir,

    From yesterday I was trying to load the snippets, and its showing Snippets have exhausted.
    Please try again later, like this . Why its showing like this? Or something wrong with my account ? Am confused a lot. Even though I sent a mail to the support team , but no reply. Please help me.

    Thanks & regards,

    1. Snippets have exhausted means they have no more snippets to provide. As soon as they have new projects, you will start receiving new snippets to type.

      1. when i click on LOAD Worksapce the message is shown as ‘snippets has exhausted pls try again later ‘ & 2nd point is this rewards point not update..

        mein help disk me bhi call kiya unho ne bola ki aap Gurgaon me hu to NIC me baat karye… and surprising is this ki unhe Digitize India ke is work ke bare me kuch pata hi nahi hai actually mein 11 nov ko work start kiya tha and 4 days baad reward point update huwa then uske baad site me problem then site thik hui then again work kiya to abhi tak points update nahi hue. aaj 2 weeks ho gaye……

        so, pls help me and reply me pls my id is

  83. Hi Sudhir,

    Should we use the button “Close task” on completion of work. How to save the work that is completed.


    1. Yes , when you want to take a break, you can close the workspace. The snippet you have entered and counted in meter in the left can be considered as saved.

  84. Am new in digitise india but unable ti login. I have filled all the given information and ihave got otp but its not working. What to do?

  85. ‘180030003468’ ke alawa aur koi no. hai kya kisike paas, technical support ka?, iss no. pe lagao to ek no. dete hain ye jisme poori ring jati hai phir call disconnect ho jata hai, wo no. hai ‘01124301851’ agar iss no. pe kabhi kisika call laga ho to plz share kare ki kis wajah se ye problem ho rahi hai aur kab tak hogi, aur in dono ke alawa koi no. ho to plz bataye…

  86. me digitise india me naya hun .me sab information fill-up kar diya par regester nahi ho raha hai plz sir help me to regester.

  87. i redeemed on 02/11/16 for 1,00,000 reward points , till date the money has not been transferred to my bank account. But previous last two months i got payments regularly. pl look into the availability of snippets as well as payments regularly then we will be highly obliged.

  88. Hi, I am not receiving payments since last 2 months & its showing payment as initiated, is there any way to contact them & ask what is the problem behind this, their toll free numbers are not working & they are not replying via mail. Is there anybody who has received payment of Oct or Nov?

    Also snippets are not getting updated since last several days. Are you guys also facing similar problem?

  89. I got payment in october, I redeemed my points on oct.1 and payment transfered on oct. 7, the problem created after november 13

    1. Enter your name, gender, date of birth and aadhar card number on sign up form and click on “validate aadhaar”. If details are correct, you can proceed further.

  90. bhaiyo ye sirf time waste karne ka kaam h yaha kiske a/c me transfer hua paisa agar hua h to koi screenshot daldo mujhe payment request kare hua 40 din hogaye h 1 paisa bhi nhi aaya h is liye jiske a/c me transfer hua h wo replay kare warna faltoo ka time waste na karvaye

  91. hi,

    What to do if I get a alert message as”Snippets have exhausted please try again later” in the workspace. Please help me out in this issue and do needful.

  92. while updating profile it is showing only udaipur in rajasthan as district……
    what about other place of rajasthan……..
    is it applicable only for selected disctrict and states or applicable to each and every location of india…….

  93. i am trying from 15 days to do work but it always show snippets has exhausted that means they have no more work now from 15 days
    so is it closed now no work is coming just waiting waiting n waiting
    i think they have no more work
    what do u think bro

    1. May be they don’t have any new project now or Demonetization is affecting the whole process. India is too far from being digital. I think there should be many more projects in future. Everything will be fine soon according to my opinion.

  94. sir aaj hi mere account me 70.08 rs transfer hue h lekin me apna dip password bhul gya hu aur password ke liye me reset password kar rha hu lekin koi email nhi aa rhi h to kya aap bata sakte h ki ab me kya karu aur jo mene pichhla comment kiya tha uske liye sorry to aap jaldi se jaldi bata de ki me kaise password recover karu taki me phir se kaam kar saku

  95. i am jigar from mumbai and i want work with Digitize india programme and i create my account and fulfil all the formalities but not recd regular work so send me detail for which person can i talk with him

  96. Hi I am not getting any snippets to continue with work. I have joined on 04/01/2017. How many days will that take to get assign. Please reply

  97. i redeemed my rewards 25221 on 16/11/2016 but i haven’t received payment yet
    and no work from november to do is it closed no works is coming
    haven’t received payment

  98. guys on the starting day of my work in digitize india ,there are no snippets available .
    any body knows how to get snippets ? plz tell me……..

    1. Now a days the snippets are not made available may be some technical problem. The authorities must have a system to inform the contributors about the problems, delay in payment etc.

    2. How is Shiva confirming that the SNIPPETs will start in Feb ?. It has been over 6 weeks since no work from them. Have they gone to deep sleep. They do not respond to calls, mails anyway.

  99. hai sir we have family five member we can divide the 24 hour’s than we can typing that format it’s going approximately 3 laks characters equal 3000 rupees we are do it this way soft ware as accepted or not plz replay me

    I have one SBI account we can individual systems in a single account number if it’s possible
    plz replay me sir

  100. hi sir, i have registered today, and was getting problem in the workspace while doing the task as it is displaying that snippets are exhausted. what should i do? and is it possible to delete that account. kindly provide the instructions.
    i would really appreciate.
    thanks in advance.

    1. You should wait. No one else is getting snippets. Some are saying that snippets will be available in February. Create a support ticket and ask them if they can help you with deleting your account.

  101. Sir,
    I dont get snippets from last 1.5 months each time it shows exhausted message. Please inform me when it will again starts.

    Sir, whom to I mail in this regard please send their mail id or phone no. Thanking you.

    1. I filed an RTI application in November regarding all the issues contributors are facing but no luck. I also tried contacting chief secretary of DIP( They are not responding.

  102. I Redeemed My Points 25221 on 16/12/2016 But Still not get payment Yet In Bank
    Bro Do u know anything about this when i get money why they r not paying


    Itseems that Company as stopped Bcs of Snippset got exhausted, and the issue is been pending from longer period and when the issue is been found every one from the Team as to fix this immediately but this is not been done.
    Seriously disheartening guys, and many people did not receive their payments some one made complaint to consumer , kinldy get this sorted out on TOP PRORITY.

  104. Payments for the reward points redeemed in December has been credited today (15-Feb-17). Snippets are also available now, though just for a few minutes. The Dashboard has also been updated for some contributors. Things have finally started to move in DIP.

  105. DIP is working but still a problem continues, completed task not counted, 1 out of 10 is counted. so every one plz look at the problem if completed task is not counted then do not type any thing becoz you will not get any reward point for that,

  106. i got very few snippets in every 2 to 3 snippet its become exhausted .how much time refresh it. is anybody getting snippet in wide quantity.

  107. Hi,

    I eagerly waited for snippets to be available and finally thank you got the information from you and started the work which is short lived. snippets are not available continuously and even at midnight one do not get work to do. I understand that the snippets are not available because of more no of DIP and less availability of snippets.
    I am thinking of stopping of doing the work and find some other work .Please suggest as there is no fun waking up early and finding no work makes feel sad and boring.

  108. Hello, I’ve signed up on digitize India and validated my aadhar card number too but site doesn’t allow me sign in and I can’t even reset my password. What’s going on with the site? Can someone help me here.


  109. HELLO SIR,

  110. I was redeem my points, ferlw days it’s show initialise but now it’s show success status. But my problem is I don’t received any payment against my rewards.

  111. is there any limit per day
    we can only type 2500 points per day
    my speed is 80WPM is absolutely 99% accuracy

  112. data is not available in DIP, that is why they are closed there server, no idea when it will start again or not,

  113. sir i signup min dip i success my aadhaar number and fill the in information but register not done i get otp also but register not don i try many time but resutl plz help me. what can i do?

  114. Mihir Dasgupta

    I have no Aadhar Card as I belong to Assam state where Aadhar is not applicable yet. Shall I join


    1. Hi, Nahid Khan. I am also facing the same problem since last week. Successful tasks are shown zero and reward points not increasing. All the work I did got wasted.

  116. Hi Everyone, Now I am getting snippet exhausted error. Last week snippets were available. But, I couldn’t complete any successful tasks because of couple of errors.

    * sometimes workspace page was not responding.
    * took more than one minute to update snippets.
    * sometimes got errors like ‘took too much time to respond, please type fast’ and ‘snippet already submitted’ etc.
    * Zero successful tasks and reward point not increasing.

    I think DIP team is working on it and they will solve all the issues by next month(not sure, guess). If anyone facing these kind of issue, Kindly request you to send a mail to ‘’.

  117. Hello sudhir sheoran, I accidentally landed up on this page, but impressed to see how you have taken time to respond each and every comment here, keep up the good work man, thank you for sharing such a good info. with us 🙂

  118. M D Shrivastava

    The Website is againg going without work for a long time.
    Only god knows what is actually going inside.

  119. what are the terms and conditions for accessing DIP ? is there any target to complete the work, can we complete the task in our leasure time ?

  120. Few months back I was getting snippets and also encashed some rewards, credited in my account also. Last 2-3 months or so, not SNIPPETS, and nothing is happening. Nobody on the site respond to any mails, calls.

    I do not know how long this LULL is going to be. They have gone to sleep.

  121. sudhir ji
    i have no pan card there is compulsary pan card to use dip ..
    because there is a collum to fill pan number

    1. If there is a red star on the column then its compulsory. Even if it’s not, I would suggest you to get a PAN card since it’s a very important document. You can apply for a PAN card online using your Aadhar and get your pan card delivered at home with in 30 days. Fees is around 110 Rupees.

  122. Hi,some of the snippets are not clear and some of them are blank.For that i clicked not readable button and blank image button.Those snippets comes under skipped tasks.
    1)Can i get reward points for those skipped tasks?
    2)What to do if the image is not clear or blank.
    3)Will the skipped tasks affect my completed tasks and reduce reward points?
    Please suggest.

    1. 1. In my opinion, You don’t get reward point for skipped tasks.
      2. Skip it
      3. No. Skipping a task won’t affect completed tasks or rewards points.

  123. Hello there,

    I checked in Digitize India site and my Aadhar card says valid (means it is already linked with bank). Howver, it is giving an error “Bank details not submitted” when I tried to redeem my rewards.

    Appreciate your response.


    1. Have You completed your bank profile? Click on my account and select bank profile. Click on Check Status.

  124. SIR
    i have some problems to the join online earn money sir my problem is the bank profil i clicked then the screen dosen’t show any data so please help me

    please reply fast

  125. Hi there – Greetings

    I’m getting always “SNIPPET EXHAUSTED” don’t get any jobs, is there any


    1. Click on the “advanced” on error page and finally click on “Proceed to digitizeindia(unsafe)”. That’s it.

  126. HI GUys,

    I am looking for work from home and I am trying to login Digital India site but unfortunately I am not able login the site, since it has been shown like “Privacy Error” and it is not secure, so please provide me correct site please.

    1. Click on the “advanced” on error page and finally click on “Proceed to digitizeindia(unsafe)”. That’s it.

  127. I have not registered my name for this job. But i think India Govt.has taken a good step to Digitize our Country, and also to update all pending files.

    1. PIN is a 4 digit code you have to insert each and every time while redeeming your points . To set it, click on “Transaction Pin” from My Account Tab. Now click on “Generate OTP” button. An OTP(one time password) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Submit OTP , set a transaction PIN and save it after captcha verification.

  128. Good Aftenoon sir. I have done the digitize India work from last 2 months. I have withdrawn my redeem point from last and this month also. Last month November 10th first time i withdraw my redeem point. its already 1 month 4 days over. But still now i did not get my redden points in to my bank account. Now what can i do sir. Please give m e suggestion. I did not get the money from last 2 times withdrawal redeem points.

  129. Sir, today the site digitize India platform is not opening. Please give me reply sir. From morning onwards i will continuously checking for this site. But site is not opening today.

    1. is DOWN. There is nothing we can do about it. Servers are not responding. All we can is wait.

  130. Hi bro when i am registering the aadhar authantification shows fail . Is there any solution for this .
    How can i register on this site ??

  131. My AADHAAR card shows only birth year. when I entered data & validate Aadhaar it will shows Authentication not successfrul. How I Register myself ?.

  132. When i try to enter my aadhaar no. it shows only not successfully authenticated.All details are triple times checked.Is it available now or they closed.

  133. Good Evening Sir,

    The work is not coming from last 15 days. What is the problem. My redeemed points are also not credited into my bank account.

  134. Sir i did not receive my 40000 redeem points money since last 1 month 15 days. what is the problem sir. The snippets are also not coming from last 20 days. the snippets are coming or not please tell me sir. please give me reply

  135. I’m trying to register for DIP but always i’m getting a new window as site is under maintenance
    We are updating our system and will get back soon

    Please suggest

  136. Hi Sudhir Sheoran,

    Since March 12, 2018, Digitize India Site is under maintenance. And since July 20, there are no more comments.
    Pls tell me, is this site still under maintenance? As I was thinking to earn money, by joining here.

    If the site is not working now also, then pls tell me genuine data entry sites.

    Kindly reply me ASAP.

    1. I really don’t know what’s going on there. I can not expect anything good from an initiative of Indian Govt. Genuine data entry sites are hard to find. If you are looking for Digitize India alternative then here are 7 Best Captcha Entry Sites

    1. Unfortunately you or I can’t do anything about it. They supply snippets only when they have a new project and need people to work on it.

  137. Hello sir, I am selvi. I tried to register my name in digitize india. But my aadhar no is not validated. It shows some error. Can you help me how to register my name in DIP?