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Air Traffic Control is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. The ATCOs (ATC Officers) who work in a team ensures that aircraft reach their destination safely and with the least possible delay. But “safety” does not happen by accident, it requires dedicated efforts of the controllers who work round the clock to ensure that aircraft are well separated in the air as well as on the ground. Considering this highly responsible and strenuous job, it is imperative that ATCOs should be well paid to compensate for the stress, shift duties, and affected social life.

In this article, I will try to present a basic idea of an Air Traffic Controller’s salary in India. Airport Authority of India (AAI) inducts ATCOs on the post of Junior Executive (Air Traffic Control) or simply calls JE (ATC). First, let’s see what different designations & associated pay scales (which form the basis of the total salary) of ATCOs in AAI. A tabular form will be good enough to represent this hierarchy which starts with Junior Executive (ATC):

AAI ATC Salary

*ATM: Air Traffic Management. In the modern world, Air Traffic Control is getting replaced by Air Traffic Management which is a wider term. ATM basically stands on four pillars viz. Air Traffic Control (ATC), Aeronautical Information Service (AIS), Air Space Management (ASM), and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM).

Let’s start this with the controllers who are at the bottom of the rank-ladder i.e. Junior Executive (ATC). The average salary of a JE (ATC) can be approximated to INR 65000 (approx. 1000 USD), although it depends on various factors. I will explain all these factors which affect the total salary of any ATC Officer in AAI.

As evident from the above table, the basic pay of JE-ATC is INR 40,000. Apart from the basic pay, JE (ATC) is entitled to the following emoluments.

A. Dearness Allowance (DA):

It varies from time to time and is decided by the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India. It is also called Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA). As of the date, AAI is paying IDA@ 3.8% which comes to be INR 1520.

B. House Rent Allowance (HRA):

It depends in which city an ATC Officer has been posted. The rate of HRA can be summarised in this table: ATC HRASo assuming that after the initial training, JE-ATC is posted to Mumbai. Then s/he is entitled to HRA @ 24% of basic pay i.e. INR 9600.

C. Consolidated Perks:

It is another big chunk of an Air Traffic Controller’s salary. All the employees of the Airports Authority of India are paid with consolidated perks which are fixed at @35% of the basic pay. So in the case of JE-ATC, it stands out to be INR 14000.

D. Medical Allowance:

Medical allowance is paid every month and it depends on which designation you are. JE (ATC) is entitled to INR 3000 per month.

E. Rating Allowance:

Here comes the real reward of being an ATC Officer in India. Before discussing this allowance let me explain a bit about the term “Rating“. Rating is an authorization to work independently on a particular position in Air Traffic Control. Rating allowance is a bit tricky and can be understood as a “qualification” allowance.

There are different working positions in Air Traffic Control e.g. Tower Control, Approach Control, Area Control, etc. In order to work independently in any position, an ATCO has to first undergo written test(s) (which include the layout of the airport, jurisdiction under that particular position, standard operating procedures that are airport specific, etc.)

Apart from the written test, ATCO has to do training under the supervision of a senior ATCO who is called an On-Job Training Instructor (OJTI). After this training, there is one practical examination, in which the Training In-charge (ATM) will judge whether you are capable of performing independent duty with confidence or not.

Once the ATCO successfully clears these hurdles, s/he is authorized to perform independent duty on the particular channel and is called a “rated” controller. After acquiring the rating ATCOs are entitled to the rating allowances.  Rating allowances are revised from time to time.

F. Stress Allowance:

Stress is a very familiar word in the world of ATC. The ATC officers who perform duties on the channel undergo a tremendous amount of stress. This stress takes a toll on the health of ATCOs and AAI tries to compensate for this with a stress allowance.

Stress allowance depends on the traffic density at the airports an ATC officer has been posted. I am taking the example of metro cities like New Delhi and Mumbai where stress allowance is equal to 100% of the rating allowance. Suppose you get INR 2000 as rating allowance, then an amount of INR 2000 will also be paid as “Stress Allowance”.

G. Night Allowance:

As the ATC Officers need to perform the graveyard shift as well so they are also paid a night allowance which is a meager amount of INR 1000 approximately. It is INR 185 per night duty performed. In a month ATCOs need to perform 6 to 7-night shifts.

H. OJT and CATC Instructor Allowance:

–  OJT Instructors are qualified ATC Officers who impart station-level training to the ATCOs who are undergoing training to acquire a rating for a particular ATC position. It amounts to INR 3000 per month irrespective of the ATC position for which the OJT Instructor is imparting the training.

–  Civil Aviation Training College is a premier institute for ATC training in India. The instructor (highly experienced and senior ATC Officers of AAI) who take theory and practical classes (for the trainees from India and sometimes also from other countries like Afghanistan) are also paid allowances known as CATC Instructor allowance. The same is applicable to the instructors of AAI’s other two training institutes at Hyderabad and Gondia. There are two categories for this: Radar Instructors’ allowance and Non-Radar Instructor allowance.

I. Proficiency Allowance :

For JE level, proficiency allowance is around 3000. For JE-ATC posted at metro stations, there is another equivalent allowance to proficiency allowance. An ATCOs will get either of these allowances.

J. Deductions:

Now comes the bitter but unavoidable term i.e. deductions, which means a small amount that is deducted for CPF, Income Tax, Gratuity, Social Security Schemes, and Pension (do remember all AAI employees get Pension after retirement).  For JE-ATC, this can be approximately INR 8000 (Income tax will be depending on how much savings you are filing in the income tax form).

So let’s sum up all these components to get an idea of the salary of JE (ATC):

Net In-hand Salary = (Basic Pay+ IDA + HRA + Consolidated Perks + Medical Allowance + Night Allowance + Proficiency Allowance – Deductions) + admissible Rating and Stress Allowances.

So the net salary (excluding Rating and Stress allowances) will be like:

INR (40000+ 1520 + 9600 + 14000 + 3000 + 1000 + 3000 – 8000) = INR 64120.

Remember that this is the salary without two important allowances viz. Rating allowance and Stress Allowance.

Some important points to be noted:

  1. There is an annual 3% hike in basic pay.
  2. HRA will not be provided if you are staying in AAI’s residential accommodation or while JE-ATC is undergoing initial training.
  3. Rating Allowance will be paid only after acquiring the said rating (once posted on an airport after successful completion of the initial training at AAI’s training institutes).
  4. Apart from these allowances, employees also get a Diwali Bonus in cash (3.5% of Annual Basic Salary).
  5. Shoes and liveries allowances are also paid once a year which is approx. INR 4000.
  6. As per Govt. of India’s policy, the ATC Officers who are posted in the North East Part of the country are entitled to NE- Allowance which is equal to 12.5% of the basic salary.

So this is all about the Air Traffic Controller’s salary for the rank of JE (ATC), but you can easily calculate the salaries of other high-ranked executives in the ATM Directorate of the Airports Authority of India. For an experienced ATC Officer who has acquired all the ratings, the salary comes out to be approximately 1.5 to 2 Lakhs as s/he will also be having higher basic pay and associated allowances.

I must say that AAI is paying a handsome amount to those who are putting endless efforts into making Indian skies safer for all of you. Finally, I am ending my article with this funny quote:

“The most powerful three words other than ‘I Love You’  is  ‘Salary is credited’.”

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144 thoughts on “Air Traffic Controller Salary in India | AAI ATC Salary”

  1. I satisfies with salary and thanks for your information provided here.
    Would you tell me the examination date of ADV.-7/15.

        1. Sir,
          Is 7th pay commission recommendations applicable to aai atc?
          If not how is the pay of aai employees revised & at what durations?

          1. sudhir sheoran

            Gov’t has constituted separate commission for revision of PSU Employees. Its suggestions are to be implemented from 1 Jan 2017.

  2. As I think I’ll be getting this job this year, I want to know a few things.
    1. What is the salary paid during training?
    2. Are employees provided any lunch or breakfast (After getting posted)? I mean how can they manage to prepare food if they are working on shifts?
    3. How are AAI quarters. What kind of facilities are available?
    4. What is the monetary value of first rating? And how long can it take after getting posted.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      1. Just read the article about AAI ATC Salary. In the total approximated salary just omit rating allowances and HRA (as you will get hostel facility).
      2. Once you are posted at stations, you can have food available in canteen.
      3. Normal flats with all basic amenities.
      4. It depends on which station you have been posted as it varies from station to station owing to traffic density etc. Time is also station dependent.

  3. hello sir,
    now what you expect the exam date of Advt.7/15 after the second list for interview. I m worrying because one of exam will be held in ending april

  4. sir,
    what is the difference in nature of work after a junior executive being promoted as assistant manager atc.

  5. hello sir,
    How the posting is done in ATC? Is it randomly or we have a choice?Please elaborate how they decided that in which airport I have to go.

    1. Initial posting depends on requirement of AAI…based on vacancies at various airports. They try to give you home region but it is not always feasible.

      1. Sir which are the best stations for initial posting JE after training, considering timely ratings and promotions.


  7. Hello sir,
    Upto which designation out of the 9 desgn stated above, an ATC has to work as an air traffic controller like interacting with pilots directly etc ?

    I suppose that after reaching certain designation , he/ she will be doing some management in ATM and his juniors will be doing the interactions.
    How far am I right ?

  8. Sir could you please provide me the latest syllabus for JE(Airport Operations)?I am a btech final year student of ece stream.Which subjects should I study for this exam?

  9. please sir tell me that i am slating for 2 phase interview i am ST cast i got 64 marks
    any chance for slating for the post ATC

    1. sudhir sheoran

      You are having chances that’s why you have been called for interview. All the best. Stop wasting your time for all these permutations and combinations and prepare well.

        1. sudhir sheoran

          Obviously. Remember that ATC is one of the most challenging and stressful professions in the world. They deserve higher salary for undergoing such stress which takes a toll on their health.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      1. To ensure proper functioning of navigation, communication and surveillance aids and systems.
      2. Transmission of flight plans.
      In hand around 45k…depends on various factors.

      1. Thank you very much… One more question , since few airports are privatised like Hyderabad airport does aai has any command over those airports and also do people get posted in those airports( as je electronics)

  10. Sir , I didn’t quite understand the concept of pay -scale for JE (16,400-40,500) when all the recruits start off at basic pay of INR 16,400 only . What does that range mean ?

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Plz google the same about significance of upper value of pay scale. I have posted how is the salary calculated for a post in ATC (in AAI).

    1. sudhir sheoran

      CNS Directorate has its own ratings different than ATC. Their ratings are based on equipments and nav-aids. Amount is lesser than ATC ratings but unlike atc ratings, they have permanent ratings once they get it.

  11. is there any sort of concession or reservations in air-fare for an atc officer,at any stage in his/her whole tenure?
    and whether this job is under GROUP B OR C ?
    at what stage(after how many promotions) will an atc officer becomes a gazetted officer and a GROUP A officer?

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Being in PSU you can’t become gazetted officer.
      No concession in air-fare as ATCOs are employees of AAI and not some airlines’.

  12. ATCO is an executive post which is regarded as GROUP-B post…..
    ATCO(E-1) is at the root of Executive post…….Executive director(E-9) is at the highest level..
    E-3 to E-9 are considered GROUP-A

    1. thanks,for sharing the info…………………can u suggest me that if i m getting SSE-railways and AAI-ATC both,which one should be considered the better choice…..

    1. Hello sir. I was just curious about posting at IGI for an ATCO. Does a newly posted JE get timely ratings and promotions at IGI?

      1. It is not your hand to choose your initial posting. It is decided by AAI depending upon vacancies at each station.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      12CL plus gazetted holidays. LWP is also available. 30 EL are also given. Various other leaves are also admissible

      1. but sir i think ,airport services are provided 24*7,then how can one get gazetted holidays..please correct me if i m wrong…
        and also put your views that after how many days of joining the service is a person entitled to get LWP (leave without pay) facility.
        also can you elaborate these terms CL,EL.

        1. sudhir sheoran

          You are right sir. If u perform duty on holidays then u will get compensatory leave.

          I don’t know.

          Casual leave, Earned leave.

  13. Is there no provision of general duty (as in 9 to 5 kind of job instead of shifts)of ATCs in any of the airports and in any circumstances? Or after being promoted to some higher level in ATM? Is this something that an ATC has to do the entire life? If not then please elaborately explain it. I shall be thankful..

    1. sudhir sheoran

      First complete your training then think about all this. Bcz it is not your choice to join a particular airport. Management will decide it for you.

  14. 1.Sir,is there any PRP for JE? there any training for JE(civil)?if any,then about how many days and where?

  15. sir in the offer letter it is mentioned that the candidate has to be medically examined for the post and a medical certificate has to be issued by the CMO…but they haven’t mentioned anything about the kind of examination to be conducted(means what is to be checked)…kindly help what is required??

  16. It ATC exam conducted twice a year? When will next notifications be out? I missed this year’s April..

  17. Sir i am waiting for my result of ATC held under avd 7/2015. If i get a call for interview, will they consider my overall graduation aggregate as 59% as eligible? I just got my result declared and i am sure about my selection but afraid about this % eligibility. Ur answer would be helpful.

  18. do they consider all 10th 12th marks for selection in the interview.
    12th-50%(*with grace”extra 2 or 3 marks given for pass”)

    1. AAI recruits engineers in various disciplines like electronics , electrical , IT, ATC etc. No specific disciplines is there for aerospace engineering. You can apply for atc with your degree.

  19. Good Evening sudhir sheoran,
    This blog is very cool and informative. Thanks a lot for your support. Can you lemme know when AAI JE 4 Posts (Advt. No.02/2012 & 02/2016) (AIrport Operations) exams expected date??
    I received a link from AAI that exam is supposed to be on 17th SEP. They gave me a link to download the E-admit card. Is that info right?? But i cannot get the info in site. Please help me out with your reply asap.

    If this info is right then can u help me out with the syllabus and question papers if possible??

    1. Exam is on 17th Sept. and Syllabus is 12th level maths and Phy. for Tech. portion, for Non-tech: reasoning, English, Apti and GK. Good luck

  20. Sir I m working as po in syndicate bank.
    Now I ve been appointed in second list. Wat shall I do sir. Shall I join atc or continue as po

    1. I know people who were working as Manager in one PSU Bank and they have left bank for AAI. Also there are 91 persons who did not join AAI for better opportunities. So basically, it depends from person to person. ATC means limited (but sometimes stressful) working hours, no monotonous job, night duties (only at metro airports), posting in good cities and better salary than Banks. No idea about pros and cons of Bank jobs.

  21. Sir,
    What is the nature of job in je airport operation?
    Can u plz elaborate about the promotion, salary package and duty timing?

    1. Nature: Management and utilization of airport resources in best possible and efficient way.
      Salary: I have written article on salary of ATC in India, just read that. Only difference is that JE-AO will not get rating allowances.
      Duty-timing: Airport-specific. Varies from airport to airport.

  22. Sir, is it wise to leave the job of auditor in cag throigh ssc for the job of atc in aai. Sir please explain I am confused. I have a degree in electronics . What are the future prospects in atc 7 jan is the last date to join

    1. If you have a job in hand then go for it, this is my suggestion. Because you never know what is there in future. But if you want to become ATC, then join CAG and keep preparing for ATC. If you qualify the ATC exam and interview, then you can move to AAI.

  23. Thanks for the info. Kindly let us tell about duration of initial training period ? Will AAI consider newly recruited JE to post near to their hometown ?

  24. I had question related to interview for ATC.
    My technical part was not up to the mark but rest of the part was good.
    Just wanted to know the chances of selection(if possible).

    1. sudhir sheoran

      It is not possible as your chances of selection depend upon performance of other candidates in written test and interview.

  25. Hi, I am already working with armed forces as air traffic control officer. As I am a short service commissioned officer, I will have to leave my present job in next few years. I want to ask what are the opportunities available for us with this experience.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      AAI invites applications from ATC officers in armed forces with experience. Last such recruitment was in 2015 if I remember correctly. You will be working as consultant, most probably.

  26. Sir. does the salary during training involves perks @46% of basic? Also, when will report of 3rd PRC for PSU is expected to be implemented ?

  27. My son has got appointment order as ATC (junior Executive) with beginning basic salary of Rs.16,400/- Whether this is the revised pay corresponding to 7th pay revision for central Govt employees or is it the existing scale of pay which is yet to be revised? Can you predict approximate scale for ATC corresponding to 7th pay revision?

    1. sudhir sheoran

      It is before Revision. New pay scale are to be implemented in all PSUs. After revision basic pay is expected to be around 40000.

  28. sir. one direct recruitment from gate-2016 for the post of junior executive is open. last date to apply is 17/10/2017. when can we expect the results?? heard from somewhere that the recruitment process here is too slow.

  29. Aditi Bharadwaj

    Hii can you please suggest me some good coachings for preparation of ATC exam please and when will the exam held again

  30. Dear Sir, kindly elaborate on growth avenues as ATC controller. After joining as Junior executive in ATC controller how will you climb up the ladder in the hierarchy. How your monetary benefits would improve after promotions at different levels.

  31. Hello Sudhir,

    Firstly thank you for your patience in answering all these queries

    I have two questions, please answer them

    1)I have more than 60% both in Tenth and Btech. However in intermediate i.e 10+2 I have 59.6. Will i be eligible for Jr Exec ATC ? Will i be getting hall ticket providing the details in the online form?

    2)If Only 60% of btech is enough for eligibility why is the field of 10th,12th and Btech percentage is asked in the form ? Any reason?

    >Please let me know as i would like to apply and make sure i Have eligibility other wise registration fee is in vain

    Awaiting for your reply

    1. You are eligible. Eligibility is BTech with 60% but don’t they ask name, date of birth etc? Just Because these are important additional info.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Final year students are allowed to appear in exam, subject to the condition that they will produce the final result at the time of document verification/interview.

  32. Bro is this exam held for every 3 years or every year. I don’t know about this notification so i want to apply it in the next year if there is recruitment.please say is there recruitment every year

    1. Brother, there is no fix pattern how AAI recruits. AAI conducted following exams in past few years:

      JE-ATC Exam (Year 2012, Date of Exam: 01/07/2012)
      JE-ATC Exam (Year 2015, Date of Exam: 26/04/2015)
      JE-ATC Exam (Year 2015, Date of Exam: 26/12/2015)
      JE-ATC Exam (Year 2016, Date of Exam: 24/04/2016)

  33. I got appointed as trainee controller in Air India after MCA. Training stipend is 25k and salary will be 45k. Selection process is written test>document verification>medical examination.
    All the best

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