10 Best Copy Paste Jobs Online Without Investment

Are you confused about which path you should opt for to make money online? The most preferred and sought-after online jobs to choose from without investment are copy-paste jobs. Such jobs require no technical or core skills. All you need is the basic knowledge of how to use a computer keyboard, a good typing speed, and a robust internet connection to earn decent bucks.

copy paste jobs

This blog will help you know everything about copy-paste jobs, including how to find the best copy-paste jobs sites, how to enter this profession, and what are the best platforms that pay you well for completing these jobs. You just need to scroll down to discover everything related to online copy-paste jobs without investment.

Before proceeding further and letting you know the best 10 copy-paste sites, let’s dive in to know what copy-paste jobs are!

How Do Copy-Paste Jobs Work?

As the name suggests, copy-paste jobs require you to copy information and paste it into another form. You might be thinking the software could do this automatically. However, the software has limitations that a reputable brand cannot completely rely on.

Also, the dynamic changes in the nature of work allow humans to yield much better results than software. Realizing the fact, the demand for these jobs increased tremendously in the digital era.

You will be given a set of tasks that involve copying and pasting with some minor changes. Once you complete the assigned tasks, you are paid. It is considered one of the easiest paying jobs online that need no investment.

How to Find Best Copy Paste Jobs Without Investment?

One of the most common and efficient ways of searching for the most reliable platforms offering copy-paste jobs is searching on Google by typing ‘copy-paste job sites.’ However, another way is to look for companies offering remote jobs. Once you find the list, you can contact those companies individually and ask if they have a vacancy for candidates who can do copy-paste work.

At the same time, you need to be vigilant while applying for copy-paste jobs. It is because there are numerous platforms today offering such jobs. However, many are fake job providers and frequently encounter applicants who fall into their vicious trap. We have curated this guide so that you know all the trusted and reliable platforms where you can apply for copy-paste jobs and earn a decent monthly income.

Some Examples of Copy Paste Jobs

Since you will be working for sites offering copy-paste jobs, you should be familiar with the nature of the assignments you will be asked to complete. Here are some typical copy-paste job assignments –

1. Converting a Document from One Format to Another – You will be asked to copy data from a document such as Word and paste it into another document in a different format such as an Excel spreadsheet. Or you may also be asked to convert the data from an Excel spreadsheet to Word format. Other examples can be – Word Document to PDF and vice-versa, PDF to Powerpoint/Word/Excel or other formats.

2. Ad Posting Jobs – You will be asked to copy advertisement data and paste it into classified websites.

3. Form-Filling Jobs – The hired copy-paste freelancer is supposed to fill the forms with the provided information.

4. Product Listing Jobs – The freelancers are asked to add product information to the e-commerce website, such as description, photo, price, features, etc.

5. Web Research or Data Scraping Jobs – You are asked to visit various websites and collect or copy certain details and paste them into a document in a pre-defined format.

6. Invoice Generating – The freelancer is asked to copy and paste the invoice generated in the Word file.

Copy Paste Jobs Sites Without Investment

We have listed the best online copy-paste jobs platforms after extensive research. All the sites are reliable, can be 100% trusted, and make timely payments.

1. Universal Human Relevance System (UHRS)

UHRS is a crowdsourcing website where you can get paid to judge HITs or complete small tasks. I won’t disclose the exact details, but you will encounter some projects where you will be asked to visit websites and find certain details on them, such as business hours. There may be some projects that involve copying information and pasting it onto a page. To qualify for these jobs, you must complete the training process and pass the qualification test.

Whether you are looking for copy-paste jobs or other small jobs, UHRS is a highly trusted and my most recommended platform for all freelancers.

You can’t join UHRS directly. There are some websites such as Clickworker and Appen they use to hire workers. I recommend Clickworker. Join Clickworker and access UHRS through it. You can easily make $100 or Rs. 7k per month from UHRS.

How to Make Money on UHRS?

2. Google Careers

Searching for a reliable and trustworthy platform to seek jobs? Look no further than Google Careers. You know how the search engine works. Similarly, you can find suitable jobs as per your skill set posted on the platform.

For instance, you are finding copy-paste jobs in Mumbai on Google. Just type ‘Copy-paste jobs in Mumbai,’ and it will narrow your search by listing recognized copy-paste platforms.

The best part is to set ‘New Job Alert’ to get notified whenever a new job is available in your profile. You can fully trust all companies shown by Google Careers as the search engine fetch the results after analyzing factors such as brand value, customer reviews, testimonials, etc.

3. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is another platform where you can find jobs. The recognized platform is best known for helping professionals find the highest quality remote, hybrid, work-from-home, and flexible jobs worldwide.

Do you know the Best bet? A paid subscription to Flexjobs, can also help you get a chance to work with tech giants such as Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc.

Sign up for FlexJobs today and get access to their database of hand-screened job listings, career webinars, and many more resources.

4. Fiverr

If you are finding a reliable copy-paste job with a daily payment option, Fiverr is the answer. It is a safe and top-rated freelancing site known for valuing creators or freelancers like no other platform, especially regarding copy-paste work.

To get work on Fiverr, you need to create an impressive gig describing all the services you provide as a creator. Your gig will highlight your skills and experience in the field, based on which the employees find you easily and assign you tasks.

All the clients on Fiverr are genuine, as Fiverr verifies them. So, you can quote your working hours and prices before accepting copy-paste work and get paid handsomely for completing the tasks.

5. Crowdsourcing Sites

Crowdsourcing sites such as Appen and Lionbridge can be ideal places to find copy-paste jobs without investment. These websites have a lot of transcribing, translation, classification, and research jobs projects which may involve copy-paste work.

You just have to create an account on them and apply for suitable projects. Most of the projects involve qualification tests and some training. Once you pass the qualification, you get workspace login details where you can complete tasks and get paid every month.

How to Make Money On Appen?

6. LinkedIn Jobs

If you think you possess skills that suit your position, never hesitate. Go for it, grab the opportunity, and make the most of it. This is what LinkedIn motivates all professionals about.

The platform allows all employers to post job openings. You can make the most of this by applying for those jobs using their Job search tool.

It is one of the most reliable social media sites that help individuals to the best-fitted jobs. All you need to do is make valuable connections over the platform, apply for the roles and positions that you find in the ‘Jobs’ section, and you will start getting the response.

Moreover, asking for endorsements and recommendations from your network will also help grow your career tremendously.

7. UpWork

Still unable to find the desired platform to help you make money by completing copy-paste jobs? Try Upwork. One of the most efficient platforms that offer long-term and short-term online copy-paste jobs without investment.

Although, the results of this platform are incredible as you can easily find tasks as per your niche expertise. The only drawback of using this platform is that it is paid. It implies you will need to purchase Connects to apply for each role. On average, you need 2 to 6 connects to apply for a position, and 1 Connect is worth $0.15.

However, if you get hired for the role you are applying for, you can potentially make $5 per hour. The more hours you work, the more you earn.

8. Micro Jobs Sites

Micro job platforms such as Sproutgigs, Remotasks, and Clickworkers are crowdsourcing websites where employers post their requirements with the deadline for small jobs (tasks) to get them done. At the same time, the freelancers take their tasks and complete them within the desired time to get paid.

13 Best Micro Jobs Websites to make money online

You can find copy-paste jobs, writing jobs, and web research jobs that involve some copy-paste work on these platforms.

Sproutgigs Review | Should You Join It?

9. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is the portal for job seekers possessing the skills to do a job. Thousands of freelancers are a part of this renowned platform giving them access to work. Simultaneously, it gives employers access to more professionals. Thus, the portal creates a win-win situation!

One of the unique features of Freelancer.com is that it allows you to read other freelancers’ proposals. Plus, being a freelancer, you can easily find various data entry jobs on this platform. So, let the hunt begin!

10. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a renowned platform known for offering writing and translation jobs. You can easily apply for data entry jobs on this platform. The best part is that you do not need to pay anything or buy a premium membership on this platform.

Once you create your detailed portfolio on this UK-based freelancing website, you will get 15 proposals monthly. You can use these proposals to get hired for copy-paste jobs without investment.

Are Data Entry Jobs Same as Copy Paste Jobs?

A data entry job is also called typing job that involves copy-pasting work. The data entry experts enter data in databases, manage record-keeping and organize the entire data to maintain records of the company’s valuable information.

9 Captcha Entry Sites | Typing Jobs

Several people compare data entry jobs to copy-paste jobs. However, both of them are a bit different. Copy-paste work requires no technical qualification or prior work experience, which is not the case in data entry.


Genuine Copy-paste jobs do exist. One suggestion – never pay money to get a job. Instead, join credible platforms like those mentioned above, search for online copy-paste jobs on them and start paving a path to success without an investment. These jobs are ideal for everyone who wants to work from home and earn an extra income by giving a few hours of their busy schedule. You can also make it a full-time career, but these jobs are perfect for homemakers, students, or anyone who wants to generate extra income at their convenience


10 Best Copy Paste Jobs Online Without Investment

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