5 best legit alternatives to Microworkers (with payment proofs)

There are several alternatives sites to Microworkers to list but I have selected only 5 sites and I have a good reason for that. I got payment proofs of all the alternative sites I am listing here .

Its real easy to make money online by doing mini jobs. Crowd sourcing is getting popular . A lot of people are willing to join crowd sourcing sites and the reason is quite obvious ; doing small tasks require either less skill or no skill ,one just have to follow the instructions to get paid.  And I believe , this is good . It is good to multiply the earnings, by exploring new ways of online income. There are a lot of sites that are offering micro jobs but all are not genuine.

Microworkers has been one of my favorite micro jobs site. Read hereMicroworkers Review with payment proof  . It is a good platform for extra earning for the people all around the world. I believe you also have been there and thats why you want to discover more sites like Microworkers.

I am listing here 5 best legitimate alternatives to microworkers that really pays-

1. Rapidworkers.com

Rapidworkers is a service of UnikScripts, Inc.  . Their website is pretty similar to Microworkers and has almost same features and working interface yet lake some essential features. Like Microworkers , there are two kind of people at Rapidworkers- Employers and Workers . This is an example task at Rapidworkers – rapidworkers example task See the image above  – The task is available to all the international members. Worker will get $0.10 if he completes the task in satisfactory manner . The task will take 3 minutes or less to be completed. The withdrawal rate is very low here .You can place a withdrawal request if your balance is over $4.00 + 6% fees. It takes less than 7 days to process a withdrawal request. Payment methods – Paypal and Payza Minimum Withdrawal Amount – $4

Here is the payment proof – Rapidworkers payment proof Join Rapidworkers

2. Crowdsource.com (Onespace)

Crowdsource is a legit micro jobs website. They also post their tasks on the popular Mturk means what you can do through crowdsource , can also be done through Mturk but in my opinion you should do tasks on crowdsource as it got a great working interface . You can do small tasks like image tagging, categorization , transcription , survey , writing etc which don’t take much time and skills. The best thing about crowdsource is that there is no withdrawal limit. There are currently 269 qualification tests like Quality assurance  Specialist , Junior copy writer , Senior copy writers. More the test you qualify , more the work available to you . Crowdsource is working across 180 countries.

Note: Crowdsource and Mturk are no longer working together. Crowdsource is now Onespace.com. 

Payment methods – Paypal Minimum Withdrawal Amount – No Limit (do a task worth 1 cent and you will get 1 cent transferred in your Paypal account) Here is my Payment proof – crowdsource payment proof Join Crowdsource/Onespace

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

MTurk is a crowdsourcing online marketplace with millions of users worldwide . They guys are perhaps the best in this field. Mturk is a website of Amazon web services. Like almost all the micro jobs site , there are two kind of people –

Requester – Requesters are those who post Jobs known as HIT’s (Human Intelligence Tasks) such as writing articles, Categorize questions , image tagging or choosing best among many pictures etc. A requester may accept or reject the work submitted by the worker after reviewing the submission.

Workers- also called Turkers . Workers accept the jobs and complete to get paid.

There are a lot of odd jobs to do and hence easy to make money . This is  perhaps the best legit alternative to Microworkers having vast opportunity to make money online.

Payment methods- Amazon gift card or Amazon payment account and Direct deposit

Note– Indian members have the option to receive a direct deposit denominated in Indian Rupees into their bank accounts

Minimum Withdrawal Amount- No Limit

Join Mturk

Shorttask.com (Update – It’s a big Scam)

Shorttask is pretty much like Mturk in term of user-interface. People who post jobs are called “Seekers” and who complete the tasks are called “Solvers”. ShortTask has over 125,000 workers and more than 5000 Seekers  in its database. At the time of writing this post , 1990 jobs are available. Short Task enables millions of workers  to select tasks of their choice and their own time frame to complete the task .

I have heard a lot of bad thing online about Shorttask, still I am mentioning it in my list as its working fine for me. You must meet the minimum withdrawal amount to get paid and the withdrawal limit is Just $10 now only.

Update – Like most other people who tried shorttask.com , I too didn’t get my Payment. Don’t Join this. 

Update: Finally Finally , after waiting a long time of 6 months ,  I got a message “You have received payment from ShortTask”. But still it does not make ShortTask a reliable source of income. Join it on your own risk. Also there are not many employers left to hire you.

shorttask.com payment proof

Payment Methods- Paypal

Minimum Withdrawal Amount- $10

Join shorttask

4. Clickworker.com

Clickworker is in the business since 2005 and more than 830111 workers (from 136 countries) are working with them. No doubt they are genuine guy . Their website got everything that make them legit. They welcome every worker who is interested in writing ,translation, research, collecting data etc. As a clickworker you work independently , you set your own working hour and you get to choose the assignment you are interested in .

The simple task such as categorization and picture classification doesn’t require any formal qualifications so everyone can complete such tasks but for other task that really need special skills , you have to prove your qualification by taking assessments .

Payment Proof- 

Clickworker payment proof

Payment methods – Paypal (they make payment every week from Wednesdays-Fridays)

Minimum Withdrawal Amount -$5

Join Clickworker

5. Remotasks

With a lot of prestigious clients like UBER, Google , Gusto etc , Remotasks offers various tasks primarily related to Image annotation, content moderation, cuboids, image tagging etc. Remotasks is undoubtedly highly reliable alternative of Microworkers. If we talk about payments, Remotasks makes payment on every Friday and there is no minimum payout requirements. Whatever you earn throughout the week will be sent to your Paypal account on Friday morning.

Payment Proof – 

remotasks paypal payment proof

Payment Options – PayPal

Minimum Withdrawal Amount – No Minimum Payout Threshold

Join Remotasks

6. PicoWorkers.com

This newly launched site is creating a lot of buzz these days. It’s new but paying to workers regularly and have potential to become a good alternative of Microworkers. The concept is same, Employers are there to post tasks and workers to complete those tasks. On following instruction properly and submitting correct task completion proof makes you money. The interface of Picoworkers is very similar to the Microworkers. When you sign up, you get $2 which gives you a chance to become employer. Yes the sign up bonus can not be withdrawn, you can only spend those $2 for giving tasks to other people.  There are not much employers there but the site is growing and expecting good in near future. They usually take 10 days to process withdrawal request.

Payment Proof –

Picoworkers Payment Proof

Payment Options – PayPal | Amazon Gift Card | Payza | Skrill | Crypto Currency | Paysafecard.com and US Bank Cheque.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount – $5

Join Picoworkers 

7. Spare5

Spare5 can be another alternative to Microworkers as workers on Spare5 also get paid for tasks they complete like on Microworkers. However the nature of tasks Spare5 offers is entirely different. Spare5’s most clients are from automotive industry which are working on self driving cars. They provides data to Spare5. Spare5 then converts the data into tasks and serves to workers. Workers complete the tasks and earn money as reward for their time. Workers may get few cents to few dollars depending upon the difficulty of the task they are attempting. It’s like making money while shaping the future of artificial intelligence. Payments are processed on every Friday.

Payment Options – PayPal

Minimum Withdrawal Amount – $1

Join Spare5

So this was all for this post. If you want to suggest any other good legit site , you can do it through comment.


38 thoughts on “5 best legit alternatives to Microworkers (with payment proofs)”

  1. Gaurav Gawade

    Dude, do really Clickworker is available for India? Coz…My account from India is not able to sign up !

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Hi Gaurav, I think they already have enough members from India. It has been a few months back since they have stopped new registration from India.

  2. I’m afraid Clickworker doesn’t seem to be working for all countries anymore. I’m from South Africa, and I completed and passed both the English tests with flying colours, however now there are simply no jobs available. I’ll keep checking the site, but it seems like I wasted a lot of time on the assessments. If they don’t actually provide work to international workers the least they could do is say so rather than having you waste your time on the lengthy assessments. A great pity seeing many people say great things about them. Oh well.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Let me check how many jobs are available to me (I am from India). It’s showing 28178. Now tell me, How can I write bad things about Clickworkers. According to clickworkers – “The current jobs might only be available for specific groups of Clickworkers, for example, native speakers or Clickworkers with special fields of knowledge.” or people belongs to specific region too. It all depends on their clients/employers and their requirements whether they want to get their tasks solved by Americans , Australians , Indian or south african. Most prefer Tier 1 countries(USA,UK,Germany,France,Italy etc).

  3. Thanks for explaining micro work jobs on the internet. I am working in rapidworkers and it is tittle bit better than microworkers I think.

      1. Yes, your right. I got banned to for giving me “not satisfied review” instantly in just one false review. 1 not satisfied = account ban >_<

  4. Do mturk accept Indian workers.? If so what is the reason? Otherwise how can I register in it.? Please help me…

  5. I’m from India, rapid workers if I click the works like “download tha file by completing the simple task” , there is no survey or any task to complete and sometimes in ended in ‘error 1’ I don’t know why can u help out 80 works 75 are works to download a file bt I can’t do tat pls if any one know abt this help me pls

    1. Yes I work on microworkers.com . N I got paid for 87$ just u need to do right thing’s. U can text me on Instagram – nikkk_ki

  6. Yes I work with Microworkers.com as well but Rapidworkers is also good the only disadvantages is that Rapidworkers.com dont have Mobile version like microworkers

  7. is anybody working in rapidworkers please help me. my first was not satisfied becoz of mismatch of ip address .can any one help me in this regard

  8. =)) I cant understand by microworkes/what is this PIN to address? How long does it take to receive a letter? Can I withdraw money for a Payoneer without a PIN?

  9. hi i am a microworker could anyone tell me can i draw cash without waiting or receiving pin and payoneer could be use to draw cash.

  10. Thanks for the article. I was wondering if there are any crowdsourcng sites that have more than one payout option?

    Reason I ask is that my paypal account isn’t “verified” and I won’t be able to fix that atm (will be able to eventually, but not right ow).

  11. hey guys i’m a microworker from algeria and this site doesnt give me more than 1 job per day? i think it’s because i fail in the admission test, and i want to do it again , so is there any possible way to have more jobs ?

  12. Dennis Falcasantos

    2019 I earned around 20,000 pesos to 30,000. that’s $400-500. Remotaks is the best as of now. The work there is to anotate 3d LiDAR all the cars. the data is for the self driving car that is why the pay is so high.

  13. I cannot receive payment from picoworkers via PayPal they say my PayPal account has been blocked PayPal says they can send payment why is that and what is the best way to my money out via lightcoin crypto

  14. Pls dose anyone no any web site like where one click and one earns like likes for 10 cent or anything better and easy cos some any of this task web are all scarm

  15. Sai Shivani Akuthota

    I joined picoworkers before only but i didn’t receive any joining bonus. It’s a good website but sometimes it says error even if the proofs to be send are good enough to pay. I don’t know how to solve this problem. Overall it’s a good website to earn few bucks. I recommend it and is easy to use on the mobile also.

  16. Micro Task Pie.

    Thank you for this great content. Seriously, I enjoy reading your blog post. You’re a good content writer.

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