13 Best Micro Jobs Sites to Make Money Online [2024]

Micro Jobs sites (more precisely, crowdsourcing websites) provide a platform for Employers and Workers where Employers post small jobs(tasks) to get their work done and Workers complete the tasks to earn some money. Workers can choose tasks that best suit their skill sets. Doing micro jobs has become one of the easiest ways to make money online. I’ve witnessed firsthand how little sums of money can add up to a lot.

Best Micro Jobs Sites to Earn Money

What are Micro Jobs?

Micro Jobs, as its name suggests, are small jobs or tasks offered on micro jobs sites. A micro jobs website divides a large project into smaller tasks and makes them available to workers. Workers complete such micro-tasks from home and get paid for their time and effort.

A typical micro job does not take more than 10 minutes to complete and earns you an amount depending upon the time it takes to complete and its difficulty level. Micro jobs are little tasks that can be completed with very little effort and expertise.

Here is an example of a micro job –

Microworkers task example

As you can see, the Employer is asking workers to complete a Sign-up job. Workers can complete the task and submit the requested proof of completing it. The employer reviews their work, and if he is satisfied with it, he approves the tasks and pays an amount of $0.08 for every task rated as satisfied.

Some Other Examples of Micro Jobs are –

  • Like a Facebook page
  • Compare two webpages
  • Subscribe to a Youtube channel
  • Tag Objects in Images
  • Find information on a webpage
  • Classify Images
  • Convert an Audio to Text
  • Identify sentiments of tweets and other text

Best Micro Jobs Sites

There are many good micro jobs sites you can join and get paid for completing tasks. My suggestion would be to join as many micro jobs sites as mentioned below to make sure you never run out of tasks. Here is my list of the best 13 Legitimate Micro Jobs sites to make money online in 2023-

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)

MTurk is a website of Amazon Web Services and has been around since 2005. It is a crowdsourcing online marketplace with millions of users worldwide (in more than 190 countries). There are two kinds of people at MTurk –

Requester – Requesters are those who post Jobs known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) such as categorizing questions, finding the address of someone,  image tagging, choosing the best among several pictures, etc. After reviewing the work that the worker has submitted, the requester evaluates it and decides whether or not to approve it.

Workers– also called Turkers sometimes. Workers complete the jobs posted by requesters and submit proof to get paid.

It’s really easy to make money at Mturk because you will get a lot of odd jobs there that require either little or no skill.

Payment methods: Amazon gift card, Amazon payment account and Direct deposit

Note– Indian members have the option to receive a direct deposit denominated in Indian Rupees into their bank accounts

Minimum Withdrawal amount: No Limit

Join Mturk

2. Clickworker

Clickworker has been around since 2005, and more than 700,000 active workers from 136 countries are working with them. This site is free to join for everyone around the world who is interested in writing, translation, research, collecting data, etc. As a clickworker you work independently; you set your own working hours, and you get to choose the assignment you are interested in.

Clickworker Review – How Much Can You Earn?

Simple tasks such as picture classification and question categorization don’t require any formal qualifications, so everyone can complete such tasks. For other tasks where special skills are required, you have to prove your qualifications by taking assessments. Now you can also complete Pollfish, Adscend, and Peanut Labs surveys there, like on many other platforms.

Withdrawal methods: PayPal (payments are processed every week from Wednesdays to Fridays.)

Minimum Withdrawal Amount -$5

Join Clickworker

3. SproutGigs(PicoWorkers)

The website is not too old, but it is currently paying its workers and improving every day. The interface is very similar to Microworkers and Rapidworkers. You make money by completing surveys, offers, or micro tasks posted by employers. You can now offer gigs and set your own price. They have mentioned on their site that payments are processed within 10 working days, but I want to tell you that they often do it within 2 days. My experience with Picoworkers has been very good so far. You can filter the tasks and pick a task that suits your talent.

Payment Options: PayPal | Airtm | Uphold | Skrill | and Litcoin

Minimum Withdrawal Amount – $5

Join SproutGigs 

4. Remotasks

The Remotasks offer tasks entirely different in nature compared to Microworkers, Mturk, and Picoworkers. This is a new but reliable website that is growing faster and has some prestigious clients like UBER, Google Alphabet, Procter, Gusto, etc. Since they have clients from self-driving car companies, you will see a lot of tasks related to Image annotation, cuboids, image tagging, content moderation, etc. When it comes to payment, they are very professional and make payments on Tuesday every week.

Payment Options: PayPal

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: None (whatever you have earned during the week will be sent to your PayPal account on Tuesday every week)

Join Remotasks

5. Spare5

The Spare5 with more than 500,000 registered users, is somewhat similar to Remotasks in nature of the tasks it offers They have clients from all over the worldin then robotics, retail and automotive industries. The main mission of Spare5 is to develop the high-quality data needed to train Artificial Intelligence Engines.

Some of the big companies involved in making driverless cars send them pictures and relevant data. They convert them into meaningful tasks and serve them to workers. Workers can complete the tasks and get paid for their efforts and time. Classifying, tagging, rating, reviewing, and annotating are the kinds of tasks they offer. They are reliable when it comes to payouts. Spare5 processes payments every Friday.

Payment Options: PayPal

Minimum Withdrawal Amount – $1

Join Spare5


UHRS(Universal Human Relevance System) is one of the best micro jobs sites without a doubt. You can complete small tasks like researching, comparing two web page results, giving your opinion, and earning money in your spare time. Tasks on UHRS are called ‘Hits’ and who complete those tasks are called ‘judges’.

There is no way to directly sign up UHRS. You need to enter UHRS through their vendor partners like Clickworker, Appen, etc. You can find all details about UHRS and some tips to enhance your earnings in this article:

How to Make Money With UHRS

If I talk about the earning potential of this site, you can expect to earn $3-$6 per hour on average, or even more when a bonus is attached to tasks.

7. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is one of the oldest and highest-paying micro jobs websites in the industry. They provide content, translation, transcription, testing, artificial intelligence, and other services to their clients. Lionbridge offers a wide variety of tasks to workers, such as content evaluation, annotation jobs, website and app testing jobs, and language and transcription jobs.

How to Make Money With Lionbridge

You can work as an internet safety and social media evaluator, a map and media search analyst, and web content and ad accessor. You have to qualify for more and more tests to be eligible for more work.

Payment methods: Paypal and Bank Transfer

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: $20

Micro Jobs at Lionbridge

8. Microworkers

Microworkers is definitely my favorite micro jobs platform as a large portion of my income comes from it. Microworkers is a crowd-sourcing website owned by Weblabcenter, Inc. and has more than 700,000 workers worldwide. Employers can create professional-looking campaigns using the Microworkers template. The only and worst thing about Microworkers is their address verification procedure for the first withdrawal.

After joining, you will get a lot of tasks available to choose from that match your skills the best. Some examples of tasks are: search and Click, Sign up, Like a Facebook page or Download an android app, etc. They send payments twice a week.

Payment methods -PayPal, Dwolla and Moneybookers(skrill), Bank Transfer via Transpay(New)

Minimum Withdrawal Amount – $9 + fee

Join Microworkers

9. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular marketplaces that offer services, starting at a cost of $5 (that’s where its name came from, “Five-rr”). It offers a platform for people to buy and sell a variety of digital services, such as graphics design, video editing, programming, SEO, music composition, etc. Each service offered is called a “GIG”. It was launched in 2010 and currently hosts millions of Gigs.

Anyone can make a profile on Fiverr and start offering services as Gigs. It’s a great place to sell your skills as a Gig for $5. You receive $4 and $1 goes to Fiverr as commission when someone purchases your GIG and you complete the tasks specified in it.

Payment methods – PayPal

Minimum Withdrawal Amount – $5

Join Fiverr

10. Upwork

Two leading pioneers in the world of crowdsourcing, Elance and oDesk, were merged to form Elance-oDesk, and later in 2015, Elance-oDesk was re-launched as Upwork. It’s a platform where businesses and professionals meet and collaborate. 9 million users are registered with this site, and 4 million clients post 3 million jobs annually. If you have skills like designing, web and mobile development, writing, marketing, etc., you can join Upwork and earn huge money.

Payment methods: Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, Direct Deposit/ACH, and Wire Transfer (USD)

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: Different for different modes of Payment

Join Upwork

11. Appen

Appen is another popular micro jobs site with more than 1 million contributors from 170+ countries. Contributors are the people who complete the tasks. They have several projects you can choose to work on according to your skills. You will need to pass an exam before you can work on a project. The tasks you get here are usually related to these categories – content moderation, data collection and enhancement, data categorization, sentiment analysis, etc. You can Expect around $10 per hour from Appen. Appen also lets you access UHRS which is a great micro jobs website.

Payment methods :  Paypal and Payoneer

Minimum Withdrawal Amount : $0.01

Join Appen

12. Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers is a service of UnikScripts, Inc.  . Their website is pretty much similar to the Microworkers and has almost the same features and working interface, although the site is not so professional-looking and lacks some essential features. There are two kinds of people at Rapidworkers- Employers and Workers.

rapidworkers example task

This is an example task at Rapidworkers –

See the image above – The task is available to all the international members and will take about 3 minutes to be completed. The worker will get $0.10 if he completes the task in an acceptable manner.

You can place a withdrawal request if your balance is over $8.00 + 6% fees. It takes less than 7 days to process a withdrawal request. I got mine the next day of the withdrawal request.

Payment methods: Paypal and Payza

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: $8 + fees

Join Rapidworkers

13. Guru.com

Guru Inc. was founded in 1999 and now has 1.5 million users worldwide. People who complete tasks here are called “Guru”. If you have certain skills related to any of the categories mentioned on their site, such as Designing, Management, marketing, software developing, writing and engineering, etc, you can join this site. Guru.com connects Employers and Employees in 160 different fields.

Upwork and Guru.com require highly skilled workers unlike ordinary micro jobs sites, yet I mentioned these in this list as these are highly reliable sources to make money online by doing tasks.

Payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card, E-Check(Only for US bank accounts), wire transfer

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: Different for different modes of Payment

Join Guru.com

How Much Can You Earn Doing Micro Jobs?

It depends on a variety of factors, including the micro jobs website you work for, the difficulty level of the tasks you complete, the availability of tasks, your skills, your demographic profile, and other factors. For instance, different micro job platforms may offer different pay rates. For the same amount of work, Appen, UHRS, and Clickworker offer higher pay rates than SproutGigs and Microworkers.

Difficult tasks that require more time and skills to be completed pay more than easier tasks. There may be certain jobs that can only be filled by workers in a particular nation or small area. There won’t always be work for you to do.

Despite these factors, and based on my own experience, I’d estimate that a skilled gig worker on micro job sites can make between $100 and $500 per month. I’ve earned $25 per hour at my best and $0.02 for 10 minutes at my worst.

You can view leaderboards on some micro jobs websites to see which employees are making the most money. I know several guys who are doing great in this field and earning a lot of money from crowdsourcing sites.

Conclusion – Should You Join Micro Jobs Sites?

You should definitely join Micro Jobs Sites. I have mentioned some of the best micro jobs sites I am currently working with and making some extra money. Micro job sites are a fantastic place for you to put your skills to use. It’s easy to get started with these sites and multiply your income. Tasks can be completed from the comfort of your home with little or no skill. If you are stuck at home and don’t have any full-time work or have some spare time, then it’s better to make some money than kill time.

Micro jobs sites are getting better and providing a really easy interface to the users. If micro jobs aren’t your thing, then read other top 20 ways to make money online without investment.

Try out these websites, and let us know how it goes. You can also share information about other micro jobs platforms you are using through comments. Thanks for visiting my blog.

13 Best Micro Jobs Sites to Make Money Online [2024]

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            1. Click on “Request Payout”. Select your payment mode. Enter amount and click on request payout to get your money.

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    1. I completed my admission test with 87.5% a couple of weeks ago without any problem. Have you tried different devices and browsers? Have you tried logging out and then login back to try the task again? Have you tried switching off your internet source and then switching on again to finish the task?

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  2. RapidWorkers Is A Joke!

    I signed up for that just to see what jobs were available. Nothing But Junk – Do Not Waste Your Time There!

    Example: 30 cents to download a text file. But in order to do that you have to complete some other “offers”.

  3. hello,
    i joined crowdflower on 26 april 2017 and make 10$ in 3 days for doing correction work and i got my money in my paypal aacount in less than two days.

    and one thing also that the minimum cashout is 10$.

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  6. hello, I’m using crowdflower, I’m spending a very good time with this site.
    I am a member of 19 April 2017, so far I have withdrawn 131 dollars.

  7. That article is awesome! Thank you for sharing this great content. By the way, another great way to make online is participating in online surveys.

    1. Payment options at MTurk are – Amazon gift card or Amazon payment account and Direct deposit. You submit your bank account details. They convert your mturk balance to your local currency and deposit directly in your bank account.

  8. Hi Sudhir Sheoran, Thanks for listing this website to get a micro job easily. It’s really interesting to know info about these jobs. This post is really useful to me and others to get the micro-jobs to work in our spare time to earn a decent income.

  9. Melissa Stroebel

    i have started doing some work on remote tasks. Its basically annotating images and drawing cuboids around vehicles to teach robots how to spot vehicles. I’ve tried it and it automatically pays into my paypal account weekly. It’s worth a try.

  10. Thank you for sharing this list and I really appreciate the fact that you have gone back and updated based on what you found out about the company.

    I have heard of a couple of these sites and others I am just now hearing about for the first time.

    I have been using Picoworkers as an employer and that seems to work pretty well, I also submitted a few tasks but have not been approved yet so not sure how it works.

    I know for a fact that they are still taking deposits from employers but not sure how it works for making a withdrawal. I will probably just reuse the money I make to pay people to do tasks for me so in that case it might work fairly well.

    I started trying to use Rapid Workers but their site seems to have issues and I am not sure I will end up using them in the long run.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to put this list together so now I can explore my options!

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  12. Is it possible to earn AT LEAST 5 TO 10 dollars in a day by doing micro working jobs?
    How much time i have to work for earn 10 dollars a day.?

    1. It is possible if the user lives in a first world country like USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc. A task worth $0.15 should not take more than 2-3 minutes. Availability of tasks can also affect earning.

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    Thanks for all the info but I tried joining for mechanical turk but as they said no openings for Indians and next I tried for microworkers but it’s unable to send sms to them kindly help me out..

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  15. The link for accepting a task in Rapidworkers does not show.
    I’ve chosen an International task so I think I should see it.
    But I’m only seeing the link for “Not interested in this job.”
    The status of the job is still “green”
    Is it possible that the slots for a country is already full?
    I hope I’d know why this is happening.
    Thank you for your post. Very informative.

  16. Hey there i need help (microworkers.com) This website does not accept my phone but I have tried all options. How can I get my phone to be accepted?

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