Amazon Flex App | Make Money Delivering Packages For Amazon In India

Amazon is doing wonders in the area of eCommerce. Recently Amazon India launched Amazon Flex Programme in India which enables individuals to make extra income in their spare time by delivering packages to customers on the behalf of amazon. Amazon Flex partners are allowed to set their own schedule and region where they want to deliver the packages. The Programme is already operational in 6 Other countries- the UK, Germany, Japan, North America, Spain and Singapore. Flexible work hours make this opportunity attractive to a lot of people who want to add extra income sources to their lives.

Make Money With Amazon Flex

I am writing this post to answer the following questions about Amazon Flex Programme you may have in your mind –

  1. What Is Amazon Flex Programme?
  2. Eligibility to Become Amazon Flex Delivery Partner
  3. How to Sign up for Amazon Flex?
  4. How Does Amazon Flex Work?
  5. What Kinds of Packages/Products do Amazon Flex Delivery Partners are given to deliver?
  6. How Much One Can Earn Delivering Amazon Packages?
  7. How Will I get Paid?
  8. Cities Amazon Flex is Available?
  9. Is There Any Additional Benefit of Joining the Amazon Flex Programme?

Let’s get started –

What Is Amazon Flex Programme?

Amazon Flex is a service by Amazon which allows anyone to make extra money in their free time by delivering packages.  In other words, Amazon uses Amazon Flex App to Hire Part Time Delivery Partners to speed up deliveries of their millions of products. Amazon Flex Partners are free to choose the area where they want to deliver and the time when they want to deliver.

Who Are Eligible to Become Amazon Part-Time Delivery Partner?

To Become an Amazon Delivery Partner, one must be at least 18 years old with a Two-Wheeler, Pan Card and a valid Driving License.

How do I Register for Amazon Flex Programme?

To become Amazon Delivery Partner, You have to follow these steps –

  • Download Amazon Flex App
  • Log in With your Existing Amazon Account or Sign up For a new Account
  • Answer questions asked for your background check like do you have a Licence, what kind of vehicle do you have etc.
  • Select The Region where you want to deliver the packages. If your region is not listed, you can join the waitlist so that you can be contacted when their service is available in your area.
  • Watch Training Videos
  • Provide Payment and Tax details. Upload documents if needed.

That’s it. A thorough background check will be done before you can start delivering packages for them. Amazon Delivery partners will be given appropriate training.

How Scheduling and Delivering Works?

You need to update the calendar provided in the Amazon Flex app to let them know when you are available. You are free to choose your own schedule and you get offers based on dates and times you set in the calendar. You just have to accept or reject the offers before they expire. To find an available block any time of the day, you can tap “available block” in the app.

You receive a confirmation SMS when a delivery block is assigned to you. Delivery Station’s location will appear in the app where you are supposed to reach to pick up the package. You reach the station, an Amazon Employee check your identity, do some scanning and hand over the package to you. Deliver the package to customers safely. What happens with the undelivered packages? You have to return those packages to the original delivery station at the end of the day. Do the same for the Cash you collected from customers for Cash On Delivery Orders.

Check your calendar any time to find out a confirmed upcoming delivery block. You will also have an option to forfeit a block if you anticipate your unavailability.

What kind of Products/Packages I will be given to Deliver?

Amazon Flex Partners are expected to deliver only packages that can be carried in a backpack on their motorcycles. What to deliver and what to not is determined by the size and weight of the product/package. Large Electrical goods such as refrigerators, and washing machines will not be part of the Amazon Flex programme for now.

How much I can Earn as Amazon Flex Partner?

Amazon Flex Programme completely allows you to choose your own schedule while working as their delivery partner. Roughly you make 120 to 140 Rupees per hour. So if you work 4 hours a day, you can make 480 to 560 Rupees a day and approx. 10000 Rupees a month. You might not have delivery blocks available all the time in your area and this is going to affect your earnings. The more packages you deliver, more the money you earn.

How Will I Get Paid?

The payout will be processed every Wednesday via Bank Transfer.

What Cities Are Covered By Amazon Flex Programme?

Currently, Amazon Flex Programme is rolled out in 3 Major Cities Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai. You can expect more cities on the list by the end of this year.

Additional Benefits of Joining Amazon Flex Programme

Well, Amazon Flex partners will not only be given training but also provided with insurance up to 5 Lakhs rupees.

Conclusion – Amazon Flex can be a great opportunity for a lot of people who are looking for a part-time job and want to make extra money with flexible work arrangements. If you don’t get fit into this programme, try these 20 ways to make money online from home.

Amazon Flex App | Make Money Delivering Packages For Amazon In India

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