7 Rewarding Websites/Apps that Pay You $5+ Sign Up Bonus

We often register accounts on different websites and a typical sign-up takes hardly 3 minutes. But did you ever know there were websites/apps offering $5 to $10 just for signing them up? Yes, you have heard it right. There are always more ways of making money online than one might think. Sign-up Bonus is free, easy, and quick money given to new members when they register on a website/app.

Let me tell you how it works. You register on a website with your basic details like email Id, name, phone number, etc. Doing this simple thing is enough to get you a sign-up bonus. Make a little more money by doing various tasks like watching videos, playing games, uploading receipts, shopping and attempting surveys, etc. And at the end when ‘signup bonus+your earning or cashback’ becomes redeemable, you can apply for withdrawal via different payment modes(PayPal in most cases).

websites that pay you to sign up

In this article, I am going to take you through 7 websites/Apps that are paying $5+ just for signing them up. These websites are absolutely free and don’t charge a single penny. So if you are ready to collect all the easy money, let’s get started –

1. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is one of the best rewarding websites I have ever come across. The great thing about Swagbucks is that it is consistently paying for the last many years and you never run out of money making opportunities here. Join this website and get $5 as a sign-up bonus.

You can earn more rewards and PayPal cash by watching videos, completing surveys/tasks, doing polls, shopping, and participating in many other interesting activities. Bonus is given only in case you accumulate a certain number of SB within a certain period of time after signing up.

  • SignUp Bonus – $5
  • Cashout Threshold – Varies with reward type
  • Payout Options – PayPal, Gift Vouchers like Amazon, Flipkart, etc

Join Swagbucks 

2. Ebates 

I don’t find any reason to not use it. Established in 1998, Ebates gives you upfront $10 for signing up on their website. On top of that if you shop through their website you will get a $5 cashback. Also, when you refer to your friend or they shop through your link, you get more rewards.

Visit Ebates every time before you shop and you might save some of your hard-earned money. If you can’t remember this, install their browser extension. It will apply coupons/promo codes whenever you visit a potential shopping store automatically.

  • SignUp Bonus – $10
  • Cashout Threshold – $5.01
  • Payout Options – PayPal and Checks

Join Ebates

3. TopCashBack

If love saving money, you should always visit a cashback website before you shop. With over 8 million members, TopCashback is a good cashback website. They give $10 for signing up on their website during promotion only. The advantage of TopCashBack is that there is no minimum payout threshold and it offers a variety of payout options.

  • SignUp Bonus – $10
  • Cashout Threshold – No limit
  • Payout Options – Direct Deposit, Amazon Gift Card, American Express® Reward Cards, and Gap gift cards

Join TopCashBack

4. Fusion Cash

This website will reward you with $5 for signing up. There are a lot of things to do on FusionCash after signing up. You get paid to watch videos, listen to the radio, complete tasks/surveys, shop, surf the internet, etc. They release payments on or before the 20th of every month. Whatever you earn on Fusioncash is your as they don’t charge any fee on the payout.

  • SignUp Bonus – $5
  • Cashout Threshold – $25
  • Payout Options – PayPal, Direct Deposit, and Checks

Join Fusion Cash

5. Ibotta

Ibotta gives $10 for signing up. Once you are registered you will be asked to complete some fun tasks before you buy a product like participating in a poll or watching a short video or writing a comment about the product. Once you have purchased the product, you have to upload the receipt on Ibotta as proof. More the tasks you complete, more the money you make. You can transfer your money to your account after reaching the $20 threshold.

  • SignUp Bonus – $10
  • Cashout Threshold – $20
  • Payout Options – PayPal, Venmo, or One of Their Featured Gift Cards

Join Ibotta

6. BeFrugal

This is another cashback website that gives $10 for signing up. Browse Befrugal, choose retailers from over 5000, apply coupons and make purchases like you always do. Cashback will be automatically added to your Befrugal account which you can redeem through various payout options. You get extra cashback if you choose to redeem your money via Amazon GC.

  • SignUp Bonus – $10
  • Cashout Threshold – $25 
  • Payout Options – PayPal, Checks, Direct Deposit, and Amazon.com Gift Cards

Join Befrugal

7. Mr. Rebates

Yet another good cashback website working with more than 2000+ merchants. $5 is being given to new users. You might have to make a purchase to become eligible for the bonus. There were only 2 reasons Mr.Rebates made to this list – The low cashout threshold and featured ‘store of the week’. They feature a store each week and offer higher cashback than usual on it.

  • SignUp Bonus – $5
  • Cashout Threshold – $10
  • Payout Options – PayPal, Checks, and Gift Cards

Join Mr. Rebates

Remember sign-up bonus amount might be different for different countries. Earlier I was planning to include 20 sites in the list but I had to leave those unreliable websites out of this list. If you are a regular online shopper, these sites can save you considerable money. That’s all for now.


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