5 Best Sites to Sell Old/Used/Dead Phones Online For Cash in India

Do you know you can even sell a dead phone online for cash? Yes, there are a few websites where you can sell old and used gadgets for cash. This brings up a question –

What Do They Do With Old Phones They Buy?

Here is the answer: You want to get rid of your old phone, but there may be lots of people looking to purchase used phones. These websites fix the problems that an outdated device has, refurbish it, and then sell it to merchants so that they can sell it to customers looking for used phones.

But what about a dead phone? Once data is wiped, the phone is examined very closely to assess any reusability or remaining potential of electronics. They make an effort to revive the phone. If a device is not found to be repairable or reusable after a thorough inspection, it is sent for recycling in an environmentally responsible and scientific way. Personal devices make up 82% of India’s electronic waste, which must be disposed of and recycled properly.

how to sell used phones online for cash

Okey. Without wasting any more time let’s see how these websites work. Selling an old phone or other electronic gadgets on most sites generally involves 3 steps –

  • Get Selling Price of Your Device – Select a device you want to sell. Select the brand and model of the device. They will ask a few questions about the condition of your device like how old your device is, is wifi working, does the device turn on, does the body of the device have any scratches or dents etc. Once the short questionnaire is complete, you will be given a price quote based on the overall condition and market price of your device.
  • Schedule Pick Up – Tell them the time and date when they should come and pick up the device. Provide your address. Their representative will inspect your device at the time of pick up.
  • Get Paid – Different websites have different payout options. Most allow instant cash at the time of pick-up. Some websites also offer bank transfers, checks, gift cards etc.

Here are the 5 best websites to sell used phones online for cash – 

1. Cashify

Cashify, with 2 million+ users has given more than 873 Crore cash for over 2 million used gadgets, is unarguably one of the best websites to sell used gadgets like Mobiles, laptops, Tv, gaming consoles etc. Some popular companies like Samsung, HP, Amazon, Apple, MI, and Paytm are their exchange partners.

Selling an old phone on Cashify is simple. Just answer a few questions about the condition of your phone to get a price and schedule a free pick-up. One of their representatives will come to your address and evaluate the physical condition of the phone.

If it matches the condition you described earlier on their website, then he will pay you in cash or you can choose to get your money via a different payment method(Paytm, UPI, and Instant Bank Transfer). You can also download their app to evaluate the price of your phone with an inbuilt feature.

I prefer Cashify because you get your phone priced more than on any other site and you get 6% extra if you choose to get paid via Amazon Pay. The only drawback is that their service is currently available only in 24 cities.

Sell Your Used Phone On Cashify

2. Instacash

Instacash is currently operating in 19 cities i.e. Jaipur, Chandigarh, Surat, Pune, Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Patna, Mysore, Vijayawada, Hubli, Ahmedabad, and Gandhinagar. They also work in Malaysia and Singapore.

You can get paid at the time of pick up via Paytm, IMPS, and NEFT whatever you prefer. Instacash charges for pick up. You can install their app that has a smart algorithm to diagnose phones and its functionality to evaluate the worth of your phone. Instacash accepts dead phones too.

Sell Your Device on Instacash

3. Karma Recycling

The best thing about Karma Recycling is that they accept all phones no matter whether it’s working or dead. So far they have bought more than 557133 devices and have paid out 15+ Crores Rupees to their customers. They buy old or dead Smartphones, Laptops, iPhones, and Ipads. Karma Recycling is a licensed collector and segregator of electronic waste by Govt. Of India.

Once your phone is picked up, it will be sent to their warehouse and inspected. If approved, payment will be sent to you NEFT or Cheque whatever you selected within 6-10 days. The whole process can take a maximum of 21 days. They are currently operating in major 19 cities.

recycledevice.com is another similar website that also accepts dead and bricked phones if you are looking for an alternative.

Sell Used Smartphone on Karma Recycling

4. Flipkart

On Flipkart, you cannot directly sell an old phone for cash, but you can exchange your old phone when you purchase a new phone. It’s another way to get rid of an old phone. The best aspect of Flipkart is that they offer pickup services in almost all of the cities across the nation.

You will see an exchange offer while browsing new phones on Flipkart. Click on it. Describe your phone. Verify the IMEI number. They will apply an instant discount on the new phone. Place order. The new phone will be shipped. You have to hand over the old phone to the agent at the time of delivery. The agent will perform some basic checks and, if found eligible for exchange, will give you the new phone you ordered.

If not, you can still get the phone you ordered by paying the extra amount they discounted on your old phone.

Exchange Phone on Flipkart

5. Olx and Quikr

Both are big, popular, and very much similar websites in terms of concept. Both provide a platform where the seller and buyer can meet. You must first list your phone on Olx or Quikr’s websites with all the relevant information in order to sell an old phone there.

You must provide your address so that whenever a prospective buyer who lives nearby searches for used phones, your listing appears and he can contact you. Fix a meeting with the buyer. The buyer examines the phone. If he likes the phone, you get the money.

In other words, the OLX and Quikr help your product attract potential buyers. There are some pros and cons associated with this process. Let’s see the cons first –

  • It might take longer to find the right buyer.
  • You will need to pick up every phone call and convince the buyer
  • Negotiation/bargaining involved.

Now are some advantages –

  • Chances are that your phone will be priced more than any other website on this list
  • You can set your own price
  • You can literally sell anything

Sell an item on Olx or Quikr

The best strategy will be to try out all sites on the list to get a quote for your phone and sell to whoever is offering the highest price.

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  1. I think OLX is the best app for selling used cellphones because in that we can set our own price and very easy to use. Thanks for the informative article.

  2. Hi,thanks for the informative you are sharing in this article it is a good article for selling your used phone and i also think that OLX is the best app for selling used cellphones because in that we can set our own price and very easy to use.Nice article !!

  3. Rahul singh bhadauriya

    I would like to sell my 5.1 plus dead phone
    Its ic has some issue but u can use its front and bach camera , complete folder

  4. I want to buy a dead Nokia 7.2 as soon as possible if any one have Nokia 7.2 please inform to me
    My mobile number is 8907297736

  5. My old mobile screen was freezing and was very worried then i came to know about recycle device here i got very good price of old phone.

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