CashKaro Review | Can You Really Get CashBack On Every Shopping?

cashkaro review

Online shopping has become inevitable part of our lives. Would not it be great if somehow we can get a part of our spending back. Yes, there are a lot of cashback websites offering Extra cashback when you shop retailers through them. One such name is CashKaro. But is it worth joining? Does it pay on time? Is CashKaro a reliable cashback website? I am reviewing CashKaro in this article where all such questions will be answered.

  • What is CashKaro?
  • Is CashKaro Scam or Real?
  • How to Use CashKaro to Get Cashback on Shopping
  • When and How Can I Withdraw Cashback From CashKaro?
  • Payment Proof of CashKaro
  • Referral Program | Will I Get Money if I Invite My Friends?

What is CashKaro?

Founded in 2013, CashKaro has evolved as one of the largest coupon and cashback site in India. They offer cashback when you shop across 1500+ shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc. In 2016, CashKaro got funded by the famous Mr. Ratan Tata which helped it emerging as strong player in the cashback industry. CashKaro has paid over 100 crores as cashback to its 5+ million users so far.  CashKaro business model is simple – When you purchase something from an online retailer through CashKaro, retailer pay them commission and they pass major chunk of this commission to you as cashback which you can withdraw later.

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Is CashKaro Scam or Real?

CashKaro is backed by man of integrity Mr. Ratan Tata. When millions of CashKaro users shop from thousand of retailers, CashKaro receives a percentage of total shopping amount as commission. They shares only a part of this commission with users and not all of it.  So rest of the commission is their profit. They also generate revenue from their website with other kind of strategic partnerships. So you can see, this business model of affiliate marketing is very much sustainable and they are not likely to go out of fashion any time soon. I personally have used the website and got paid several times. To me, CashKaro is one hundred percent legitimate business you can rely upon for cashback on your every shopping.

How to Use CashKaro to Get Cashback on Shopping

Getting cashback on every online shopping is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3 with CashKaro. Just follow these steps –

  • Register and Log into CashKaro – It’s important to register an account on CashKaro and sign in, otherwise you won’t get cashback.
  • Find a Deal/Shopping Website – Use search box at the top to find product you want to buy or a online shopping website(such as Flipkart) you want to buy from.
  • Click on Activate Cashback Button and Shop – With every product, deals or online store, you will see a button – Activate Cashback. Click on this button and you will be redirected to shopping website. Once you are landed on your favorite shopping website, make purchase as you always do.
  • Get Cashback – Cashback will be credited into you CashKaro account automatically. Remember, you can’t withdraw this cashback until it is confirmed. It takes time.
  • Withdraw Cashback – You can withdraw your cashback using one of the payout option available on CashKaro.

When and How can I Withdraw Cashback From CashKaro?

You can place a withdrawal request once you have 250 or more as confirmed cashback in your CashKaro account. When you shop through CashKaro, it tracks cashback which may take 5 minutes to 72 hours. This pending cashback may take further 2 to 90 days to turn into confirmed cashback depending upon the retailer you shop at. Some product which may have longer return period so cashback can not be confirmed at least until return date is over. Once pending cashback becomes confirmed cashback, you can redeem it using various payout options.

Payout Options at CashKaro

  • Bank Transfer
  • Amazon and Flipkart Gift Card

Bank transfer requests are fulfilled with in a week. Same applies to gift cards. Remember There is a difference between cashback and reward. Rewards can only be redeemed as gift cards.

Payment Proof of CashKaro

I have received several payments from CashKaro. Have a look –

Payment Proof of CashKaro

cashkaro payment proof

Referral Program | Will I Get Money if I Invite My Friends?

When you refer a friend to CashKaro, you get 10% of his cashback every time he/she makes a purchase using Cashkaro forever. This can be a rewarding experience specially if you have large circle of friends. You can send referral link to your friends and track your referral earning your CashKaro account under referral earning tab. There is no limit how many friends you can invite.

You might have following questions in your mind. Let’s find answers –

I shopped using CashKaro but did not receive cashback ?

Cashback may take 5 minutes to 72 hours to be tracked. So wait a little longer. If you don’t get cashback notification even after waiting 3 days, Go ahead and file a missing cashback ticket. Cashkaro team will follow up with retailer and try to get your cashback.

I got cashback but I am not able to withdraw it?

This is because the cashback is pending and will take some time before you can redeem it. Pending cashback may take up to 90 days to turn into redeemable depending upon the retailer and return/cancellation policy of product.

What if I cancel a product I purchased through CashKaro?

Cashback will be cancelled.

This was all for this post. Share it with your friends if found it useful.

cashkaro review

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