TopCashBack Review | Most Generous Cashback Site | Is It worth Joining?

topcashback review

People are shopping online more than ever. Won’t it be great if you can get extra cashback on every online purchase. To make your shopping journey more rewarding, I am reviewing a cashback website TopCashBack in this post. I am using it for last 3 years and have saved considerable money. We will find answers of some frequently asked questions about TopCashBack. Let’s find out if TopCashBack is really worth joining.

  • What is TopCashBack?
  • Is TopCashBack Fake or Real?
  • How to Use TopCashBack to Get Cashback on Shopping
  • When Do I Get Paid and What Are Payout Options?
  • Payment Proof of TopCashBack
  • Referral Program | Will I Get Money if I Invite My Friends?

What is TopCashBack?

TopCashback with over 15 million members is one the best cashback website in India. It has partnership with 700+ retailers you get cashback every time you purchase something on. TopCashBack was founded in UK in 2005 and became available in India a couple of years later in 2011. It offers highest cashback guarantee in the industry and known as most generous cashback site.

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Is TopCashBack Fake or Real?

TopCashBack can be anything but fake. TopCashBack is one of the oldest, global and award winning cashback site and have dedicated websites for India, UK, US, Canada, Japan and Germany. I personally have got paid a tons of time by TopCashBack and have uploaded a payment proof towards the end of this post. TopCashBack is working on sustainable business model which is very unlikely to fail. They are not paying their users from their own pocket. Instead they only pass a certain percentage of commission they get from retailers. Apart from this, TopCashBack also earns money from advertisement placement on their website. So I really don’t think they are going out of business any time soon. After using it for more than 2 years and getting paid tons of times, I can assure you TopCashBack is 100% legit website.

How to Use TopCashBack to Get Cashback on Shopping

This process remains same for almost every cashback site. Here are steps you can follow to get cashback on your regular shopping using TopCashBack –

  • Join TopCashBack and Login – You won’t get cashback if you shop without signing in your TopCashBack account.
  • Browse Shopping Sites – You can use search box on the top for searching a shopping site you want to shop from. Percentage of maximum cashback will be mentioned with each store so that you can get an idea how much cashback you should expect before actual shopping.
  • Click on Get Cashback and Shop– Once you have found your favorite store(like Flipkart or Amazon) you want to shop from, just click on Get Cashback button given on store page. You will be redirected to your shopping destination. You are now on your favorite online store. Shop as you always used to do. Just Make sure the product is not already added to cart.
  • Get Cashback – TopCashBack will automatically detect your purchase and credit cashback in your TopCashBack account with in 72 hours.
  • Withdraw Cashback – Tracked cashback will remain in pending state for some time. Once it become redeemable, you can cashout using various withdrawal options such as bank account or Paytm.

When Do I Get Paid and What Are Payout Options?

TopCashBack is great when it comes to getting paid. Why? Because there is no minimum payout threshold so you can withdraw as low as 1 Rupee. When you shop through TopCashBack, you get cashback as pending. It takes around 45 days until it gets confirmed. It takes time because some products might have long return period and one might return product at later stage. Confirmed cashback means retailers has confirmed that you are eligible for cashback. Confirmed cashback takes around another 30 days to become Payable Cashback. Once cashback becomes payable you can withdraw using one of the payout options. In short, shop through TopCashBack, forget about it 2-3 months and you will have your cashback ready to withdraw.

Payout Options at TopCashBack

  • Amazon Pay
  • Paytm
  • Bank Transfer (NEFT)

You get extra 2% if you choose to get paid via Amazon Pay. TopCashBack asks you to allow up to 10 days for processing a payment request but usually it takes around 3-4 days to process. There is no charge of any kind on withdrawals.

Payment Proof of TopCashBack

I have redeemed cashback using both bank transfer and Paytm Wallet. Lets have a look.

Payment Proof Of TopCashBack

Topcashback payment proof bank transfer neft

Referral Program | Will I Get Money if I Invite My Friends?

When you invite a friend to join TopCashBack, you get one time 250 Rupees once your friend’s payable balance crosses a mark of 300 Rupees. This one time payment keeps changing but usually remains between 200 and 400. There is no limit on no. of friends you can invite. All you have to do is spread your referral link in your friend circle. You can track how your friends are performing by visiting tell a friend tab in your TopCashBack account.

Conclusion – TopCashBack is a legitimate cashback website you can join to get cashback on every shopping and thus making your online shopping journey more fruitful.

Answers of Some common questions you may have in your mind right now –

I shopped using TopCashBack but did not receive cashback ?

Cashback may take 5 minutes to 48 hours to be tracked. If you don’t get a notification even after 48 hours, file a missing cashback claim. TopCashBack team will check all the records and credit cashback in your account if a purchase was made.

I got cashback but I am not able to withdraw it?

This is because the cashback is pending and will take some time to become redeemable. The time depends upon the return policy of product and process how a retailer process transactions. So pending cashback may take up to 90 days to become redeemable.

What if I cancel a product I purchased through TopCashBack?

Cashback will be cancelled.

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topcashback review

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