CouponDunia Review | Is it a Good Cashback Site or Just Another Scam?

coupondunia review

Online shopping has become popular than ever. Retailers are attracting customers with a lot of offers, deals and cashbacks. What if you can get extra cashback on every purchase apart from what a retailer is offering you? I am going to review CouponDunia, a cashback site which offers extra cashback when you shop retailers through it. But Is CouponDunia worth joining? Is it reliable when it comes to payment? How have been my personal experience with it? Let’s find out.

  • What is CouponDunia?
  • Is CouponDunia Fake or Genuine?
  • How to Use CouponDunia to Get Cashback on Shopping
  • When Do I Get Paid and What Are Withdrawal Options at CouponDunia
  • Payment Proof of CouponDunia
  • Referral Program | Will I Get Money if I Invite My Friends?

What is CouponDunia?

CouponsDunia is considered as India’s biggest discount and cashback website. It has only been 10 years they are in business and they already have 2000+ retailers listed on their website you can shop from to get cashback. You might not know but founder Sameer Parwani started CouponDunia in America as a coupon site later shifted to India. It now works in several countries including Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey and Poland with different names. You can imagine the popularity of CouponDunia with the facts that it has partnership with over 12000 retail outlets, 5000+ restaurants and more than 2000 online shopping sites.

Join CouponDunia

Is CouponDunia a Scam or legit?

My experience with Coupondunia has not been great but it does not make it fake. When you shop using CouponDunia they get commission from retailer and they pass more than 50% of it to you but not 100%. CouponDunia will never pay you more than what they get from your shopping. So they are always generating profit. This business model makes complete sense to me and looks sustainable. I have used their website and received payment like millions other. Find payment proof of CouponDunia at the end of this article.

How to Use CouponDunia to Get Cashback on Shopping

In order to get cashback on CouponDunia, you need to follow these steps –

  • Join CouponDunia and Login
  • Browse Deals/Online Stores – It includes browsing products, deals or online stores on CouponDunia website/app.
  • Click on the offer/deal/store and Shop – Once you have selected a product, deal or online store, just click on the button(activate voucher reward/get deal) given along with it. You will land up on product page or a shopping website. Make purchase like you always do.
  • Earn Cashback – Have you made a purchase through CouponDunia. If yes then just sit back and relax. CouponDunia will track your purchase and credit cashback in your account.
  • Transfer Cashback – The cashback will take some time to get approved. Once it becomes redeemable you can transfer your cashback to Paytm Wallet or bank account or cash out via other payout options available.

When Do I Get Paid?

You can place a withdrawal request once you have accumulated at least 250 rupees as available cashback. 250 Rupees is the minimum withdrawal limit for all payout options. When you shop at any retailer through CouponDunia, you get cashback as pending balance. It takes time to get confirmed and become available for withdrawal. It might take up to 90 days to become available for withdrawal. In this long period, they make sure you don’t return the product and they get commission from retailer.

CouponDunia Withdrawal Options

  • Recharge
  • Paytm
  • Gift Cards (Flipkart and Amazon)
  • Bank Transfer

Recharges, Gift Cards and Paytm requests are processed almost instantly. Bank transfer requests may however take 5 to 7 business days to get completed.

Payment Proof of CouponDunia

I have been paid by CouponDunia. Here is my payment proof –

Payment Proof of CouponDunia

coupondunia payment proof

Referral Program | Will I Get Money if I Invite My Friends?

When a friend you invited shop using CouponDunia, you get 10% of his earning and this is for life. Remember you get 10% of their confirmed cashback and not the pending cashback. There is no limit how many friends you can invite.

Answers of some commonly asked questions about CouponDunia –

I shopped through CouponDunia but did not receive cashback ?

It happens sometime. Cashback may take up to 48 hours to be tracked. You can file missing cashback claim after waiting period is over. CouponDunia team will check their records to find out missing cashback and credit cashback if a purchase was made.

I got cashback but I am not able to withdraw it?

You can’t withdraw cashback immediately after you shop through CouponDunia. The cashback remains pending for a few days depending upon the return policy of the product and how a merchant processes the transactions. So pending cashback may take up to 90 days before it becomes redeemable.

What if I cancel a product I purchased through CouponDunia?

Cashback will be cancelled.

This was all for this post. Share it with your friends if found it useful.

coupondunia review

3 thoughts on “CouponDunia Review | Is it a Good Cashback Site or Just Another Scam?”

  1. They keep saying that no cash back was awarded from Amazon, despite me trying it on over 20 products. They are just pocketing cashback for themselves than passing it on. I stopped using it.

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