How To Solve “Site does not comply with Google policies” Problem

Now when I am using Google Adsense for the last 6 years, it’s the right time to explain how I solved the “Site does not comply with Google policies” problem when I was being rejected again and again. Believe me, It is worth making effort to get your blog approved by Google Adsense.

Adsense is the best and most reliable advertising network out there, especially for small blogs. To maintain quality, Adsense has been very strict on reviewing blogs in the past couple of years.

How to fix site does not comply with adsense policies

Let’s have a look at this hint-less email I was getting often –

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.
We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.
Site does not comply with Google policies
Further detail:
Site does not comply with Google policies: We’re unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because your site does not comply with the Google AdSense program policies or adhere to the Webmaster Quality guidelines. It’s our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria.

The issue with this email is that it does not give exact information on what the problem is. But if you carefully examine your blog, You can find what is wrong with your blog. Before I tell you what was the problem in my case, let me explain the common 8 issues why Google Adsense might be rejecting your blog –

1. Copyrighted Content

You don’t deserve to make money by copying others’ content. At the very least, give the author of the content due credit if you use it. Before submitting an application for Google Adsense, remove any content that is protected by copyright or that has been copied from another source.

2. Prohibited Or Illegal Content

Content that is prohibited includes material related to hacking or cracking, pornography, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, gambling, weapons, and violence, as well as any other illegal content listed here. These types of content are just not acceptable. Period.

3. Important Pages(About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us)

Google might reject your application if you don’t have some important pages that every site should have. Write About Us page and tell your readers and Google what you do. You can generate a privacy policy page using an online privacy policy generator. Don’t forget to write the Terms and Conditions page you are selling a product or service. Contact information(address, email, or phone number) are very essential to build credibility and trust among your readers or consumers.

4. Unique and Quality Content

We already have discussed that copyrighted content is not acceptable. Write something unique that really add value to the internet. There is no point in discussing a topic that has already been written so many times on the web until you add your personal experiences to the post.

Write posts in detail. Google likes lengthy and informative posts. Do not post reproduced content. Your blog must have original content and language that Google supports. Write great articles and link to great articles. Do not place unreliable outbound links on your website. It is not good for your reputation. Never advocate for anything that undermines Google’s products.

5. Website Design (User Interface and Navigation)

Blog structure matters a lot. If your website is taking decades to load then it’s neither useful for your readers nor any advertiser. Check your site score on sites like GTmatrix and PageSpeed Insight and figure out what’s making your site slow.

Google does not like broken links. Remove all the broken links from your blog. You can use an online broken link checker or a suitable plugin to do this. Use a clean and responsive theme with a lot of white space. Text/images should not be messy. Your Blog structure should deliver a good overall experience to your readers.

6. Website Traffic and its Sources

Some people are fortunate enough to receive approval with fewer than 100 views per day, while well-established blogs with 1000+ daily views are rejected. So, in my opinion, traffic cannot be a justification for the rejection of your Adsense application. But make sure you are getting most of your traffic from search engines.

Make sure you are not paying money to third-party services to get visitors. You must not be using impression generation software, auto-surf programs, or anything else that is not a natural way of getting visitors to your post. Getting direct traffic from social media sites like Facebook is not a problem.

7. Website Age

Is your blog old enough to be get approved by Adsense? To insure the quality and interest of advertisers, Adsense has introduced a rule for some countries like India and China that the website must have been active for at least 6 months before you can apply. So this might be one of the reasons why your application is being rejected.

8. Insufficient Content

Well, how much content do you consider to be adequate? While I was rejected even after having around 60 posts, a friend of mine had his blog approved after only 6 posts. Therefore, in my opinion, the quantity of content is not Adsense’s top priority. Simply write some lengthy posts (1500 words or more), as these are supposed to contain more information and be more helpful to readers. Pages should have sufficient text. It’s possible that blogs with a heavy emphasis on pictures, videos, or Flash animations won’t be accepted.

How did I Fix the “Site does not comply with Google policies” Problem?

I was getting 1500+ hits/day back then from 60+ blog posts. Most blog posts were popular among ATC aspirants in India. My Adsense application had already received five rejections. I got in touch with a blogger friend, who suggested that I switch themes.

I was using the same Genesis child theme that I am using now. Because I was certain that the theme could not be problematic, I did not heed his advice. My blog was following all the recommendations listed in the eight points above, so I had no idea what the real issue was.

Then one day I emailed a south Indian blogger about my problem. She analyzed my blog and advised me to “add some technology or health-related articles”. 

I added 3 posts about the stock market and technology the very next day and applied for Adsense. Here is the reply that I was waiting for so long –

adsense approval email

Now let me try to explain how it worked. Maybe I was writing articles on categories that Google did not have advertisers for. Yes, I am talking about “Niche”. 

How Important is the Niche of Your Blog for Getting Adsense Approval?

For a moment, suppose you have a business about Insurance. Would you like to advertise on a blog that is nothing to do with Insurance? Obviously not. Simply If your blog does not have content relevant to the Adsense advertiser’s business then it’s not useful for them in a way.

So I would say the Niche of the blog is really important. At least the right niche can make Adsense approval extremely easy. Blogs about Finance, Insurance, retailers, travel, tourism, and Education are more likely to get approved by Adsense.

A word of advice – Google simply wants you to behave naturally. Get natural(organic) traffic, natural likes, natural sharing, natural subscriptions, and natural discussion. And this will happen only when you write unique, useful, interesting, and engaging posts. Analyze your site based on the above points, figure out and fix the problem. I am looking forward to hearing your personal experience through the comment box.


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78 thoughts on “How To Solve “Site does not comply with Google policies” Problem”

    1. Your blog is getting much more direct traffic than organic and this might be a major problem. Before applying for Adsense, Make sure you are getting most of your traffic from search engines.

  1. sir..same with me
    please guide me..digismartt[dot]com
    check this ..i am a newbie on blog i got adsense approve for youtube .admob.but not my site so please Check my site which type content..need …
    suhas burte

    1. Hi Suhas, Getting an Youtube channel approved by Adsense is extremely easy but in case of website it’s entirely different. Currently there are a lot of problem with your blog. Some of major problems are –
      1. Copyrighted material. I can see you have copy pasted an entire post from another blog.
      2. Articles are short.
      3. . It is showing that you have not written any description for your site.
      4. You are not getting much traffic from search engines.
      5. There are a lot of empty links in menubar and sidebar. Social media icons don’t redirect to anywhere. Widgets are not arranged properly. There are lot of unnecessary widgets having nothing.

  2. Hello Sudhir,
    Got rejected for 5 times in a row for the same reason you mentioned above. Please suggest his can I go through it.
    Please help!

    1. Honestly speaking I don’t find any wrong with your website. I found it useful. Website design might be a possible problem.

      1. After removing few of the old post, the status changed from Site does not comply with Google policies to insufficient content.

        Is there any ratios between images and text. few of my post contain around six image and 400 words text. Let me try to add some more content on the post and I will try remove few of the images.

        Do you have any post regarding insufficient content?

        Any way thanks a lot…

        1. I would suggest you to write new posts(1000-2000 words each post) instead of adding content to older posts. Because I feel, Adsense reviewer will pick something to read from homepage.If this does not work, then you can add content to older posts.

  3. Dude awesome one. I have applied for adsense and got the same issue . Can you please check on my site and tell me whatsa stopping my website to get approved? website is viralwoods[dot]com Will be glad will u help

    1. Some of the problems I noticed are –
      1. Your website has some copyrighted content. Specially some of your initial posts were copy pasted from other website.
      2. I could not find much detail on your traffic. There is a chance that you are not getting enough organic traffic.

  4. Really nice post

    Could you please check my site tipsielts[dot]com

    I don’t think I have any copyrighted content.

    Already got rejected two times.

    Thanks In advance..

  5. Please check my site and tell me what should i do. Google adsense is rejecting my site again and again.

    1. I think your blog is too young to get accepted. Add some longer useful posts and try again. You can also try changing theme. Also I am unable to see any traffic information from here. Just make sure most of traffic is coming through search engines.
      Additional suggestion –
      – Tags and categories are indexed in search engines. NoIndex tags and categories.

    1. Honestly speaking, I don’t see any fault with your blog. It’s useful. These suggestions might help you –
      1. I could not find important pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, terms and Conditions etc. Add important pages. Mention your address.
      Apply again. If they accept then Ok. If they don’t then-
      Try to add more things on homepage, like a menu-bar or a footer.

  6. Sir can you help me out. I am also facing this problem. I also uploaded the quality content which is not copyrighted. So what should I do? technologydishoom[dot]com

    1. May be your blog is not too old to get accepted. You have written your first post just 5 days ago. I could not figure out what do you write about. I mean there were no categories, no tags, nothing in main menubar that can give an idea. Write some more posts, organise content, make sure you are getting enough organic traffic and then apply for adsense. Best of luck.

  7. I have been facing the same problem.Please check my blog and let me know the problem.
    My blog is :

    1. When was the last you applied for Adsense? I don’t any problem with your blog, however I am not sure about the images. There might be copyright issue.

  8. Hi Sudhir,

    This post is really great but here I have one question-related to thing like copyright how it works in a real scenario. I want to use some images for writing my blogs and these images are copyrighted so how can I use this images for my blog.

  9. Hello sir, visit my site once technofitbooks[dot]com i am facing a problem about adsense approval. I try again and again but they disapprove. What can i do now please help me ???

  10. Hello Sudhir,

    Great post and suggestion.

    Can you please check my site feelthewords[dot]com.
    Already got rejected 2 times and I changed theme too.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Hi Sudhir,

    You have written a great post. You have explained everything very carefully. I follow all the points and still I am not getting Google adsense approval. Please check my blog shoutersplanet[dot] and tell what to do to get adsense approval. Thank you.

    1. Since you are not yet 18, Ask your parents to apply for adsense using their google account for you. Menubar is hidden under logo. Blog age should be more than 6 months.

  12. hello
    Sir can you help me out. I am also facing this problem. my website is help help help

  13. Help me please
    Why google reject my application.
    site does not comply with google policies(Policy violence)

    1. I would suggest you to Write some long useful articles and change the theme. I mean I want the adsense reviewer land on a page where bot/he/she instantly get something interesting to read. Front page is the most important page.

  14. Hello Sudhir,

    Great post and suggestion.

    Can you please check my site feelthewords[dot]com.
    Already got rejected 2 times and I changed theme too.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Honestly speaking, I could not figure out where is the problem. Niche or copied content might be a possible problem in my opinion.

  15. Hi Guys,
    I have second time disapproved from google adsense. don’t know exactly why? can help someone to short out this issue.
    Website topwider[dot]com
    1. No copyrighted or plagiarized content used. All the contents are written by my content writer.
    2. All the used images are giving proper credits.

    Google Adsense Disapprove message:
    Please fix the issues we found so we can proceed with connecting your site.
    We found some policy violations on your site, topwider[dot]com. We can’t serve ads on your site until you fix these issues below. View our Content Policies or visit our Help Centre for more information.
    How would you like to fix this?
    1. I confirm that I’ve resolved the policy issues on topwider[.]com
    2. I would like to use a different site for AdSense

    Thanks in advance.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      I see a lot of problems. Copied Content, Poor Design, Very low or no organic traffic and many more. Don’t forget to remove pop up ads before you apply for Adsense next time.

    2. Hey, i have applied for adsense thrice and i am unable to find the reason why they rejected me.
      Please look into my website.
      Website virtualincltd[dot]com.

  16. Sir, I’m a newbie I’d started my blog 45 days ago, please have a look at my website. I’m also facing the same issue. Please give me some tips.

  17. Manish Sonwani

    Sir maine pura tarika apnaya hun sab chiz thik rkha hun website me or 32 post bhi hai fir bhi approve nahi huva 2 times ho gya..plz heLP
    Check my site – sarkarialertblog[dot]com

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Hello Sir, Maine aapki website phone me chrome browser pe check kri thi. Sari posts me jo tables hain, wo page se bahar nikat jati hain aur left-right scroll bhi nhi kr skta table ko andar laane ke liye. Tables responsive nhi hain. Mujhe nhi pta tables thik krne se approve hoga ya nhi but ye thik krna jruri h. Posts jyada lambi bhi nhi hain. 33 posts me se sirf 13 page search engine me indexed hain(site:sarkarialertblog[dot]com). Website ek mahine bhi purani nhi h, Ye bhi ek reason ho skta h.

  18. Indrajit Shinde

    Sir i Also Getting the Same Mail for Applying for the Adsense Please Check my Website and let me know. Please Help me out………..


  19. Hi Sir, Even I got Rejected 4 times in a row, can u please analyze and tell me the reason …


    1. sudhir sheoran

      In my opinion copied content won’t work even if someone add a footnote citing the original source. Or at least it does not add any value to the internet. If you see exactly same news with same words on all websites, would not you say – what’s the need of so many websites if I have to read same things on all?

  20. My experiance is too bad for Google Adsense, So i use Infolinks and other possible network, i do my best and Waiting the Adsense apporval mail.
    Thanks For A Good Aritcle

  21. Hi, I see that you are helping everyone how to fix there website and I appreciate your time and help. I gather news from multiple websites copy and paste and give credits to every one. Also on the footer it states thanks to those news outlets we are able to broadcast the news. I have also gotten reject by Google Adsense. I have since then put in Terms And Conditions, and has remove a few things but Im still lost. Can anyone please guide me and help me by looking at my website. acontecimientosmundiales[dot]com

  22. Hello thanks for nice article i just applied for adsens and they rejected my approval for said reason.
    • You need to improve your site’s user experience.
    • Your site is a chat site which is not compliant with our policy
    • You need to remove all content that encourages violation of Google product policies.
    • Your site is dedicated to the sale and distribution of term papers.
    first one i am trying my on user experience and other three reasons i don’t understand i got simple but Adsense its chat site.
    Sir please check my site and let me know if there is anything i need to work on.
    thanks for the nice info BTW

  23. Hi Sudhir
    Great article indeed. I am facing the same problem with my website sciphy dot in. This is a new tutorial website for physics aspirants. Can you please review the site for possible problems.
    Thanks again for your time and patience.

  24. Bright Vargees

    Hi, i am really thankful to your post. I am an android developer and faced same problem over 3 times (2 months).
    i was totally out of mind about adsense. now only i got a thing that i need to add
    1.Privacy policy page
    2.Contact Us page
    3.Help page

    very thanks to you MAN . VERY THANKS TO YOU

    i hope i will get approved in next try.

  25. hey please chek my site . i don’t know where is the problem in my site
    please help me . please .zindagihamariaapki[dot]com
    mail from google adsense.
    We found some policy violations on your site
    please help me how i know the problem. according to me my site perfect. i cant understand please help

  26. I have been a bit stressed that my writings are not worth because adsense isn’t giving me approval on my site. Everyone around told me it’s good, but now I think it’s not worth enough. Can you please tell me what’s wrong with my site?!
    It’s not getting approved even by bidvertiser!!

  27. How do you control the images you have about copy control and Copyright? This damn problem is still ongoing and no details are provided by Google Adsense at all, man!

  28. I’ve read all the reviews here and checked all the websites. Although some of them solve it, they don’t explain the solution here. Too Bad!

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