TIQL Review | A Fun Way To Make Money By Predicting Stock Market

Note: TIQL and SparkProfit are no longer in business so I would say this article does not make any sense.

TIQL is perhaps the simplest and safest way to trade financial markets I have ever used. TIQL is operated by Nous Global Limited, the same company which developed SparkProfit where anyone can make money by guessing the market movements accurately. The only difference between SparkProfit and TIQL is that You predict markets with virtual money at SparkProfit while you need to invest real money to start trading at TIQL. But no worries because you necessarily need not to spend money from your pocket. Yes, Join SparkProfit, Make some Correct Predictions to earn some money, transfer that money from SparkProfit to TIQL and you are ready to go.

Investing in Indian or other Share/Stock Market is completely different from trading in TIQL. You buy shares and you get money only if shares price goes up but in TIQL you can make money in both the directions of price. No confusing financial market terms, no surprises, All you need here is an accurate Prediction. Little or no skill would be enough to get started. Let’s Start understanding everything you need to know about TIQL-

What is TIQL and Who Can Join it?

TIQL is trading platform developed by NOUS Global Limited where you can start trading with as little as $0.1 and earn up to 20x returns on each investment. You need not to pay any fee for trade under $20. TIQL provides a very easy graphical user interface very much similar to SparkProfit.

Anyone over age of 18 can sign up for TIQL. Just make sure you are not from a country where online financial fixed-odds betting is considered illegal.


How to Get Registered and Deposit Money into TIQL Account?

You can login into TIQL with the same login credential you use for SparkProfit if you have a SparkProfit Account. If you don’t have one then follow these steps –

  • Open tiql.co
  • Click on Register, Enter Your Email and Fill other required details. Verify your phone number.
  • You must verify your identify before you can start trading. (Indians can submit PanCard or Passport or Aadhar Card)
  • They usually get back to you with in 48 hours to let you know if your Identity proof is accepted or not.

Once you have registered and verified, You can deposit money(minimum $5) by one of these options.

  • Neteller,
  • Skrill
  • Paypal
  • Transfer from SparkProfit

No worries if you don’t have money. You can play at SparkProfit and transfer your money to TIQL you make at SparkProfit.

Deposite Money into TIQL from SparkProfit

The money you deposit through Skrill, PayPal and Neteller is called US Dollar and the money transferred from SparkProfit is called TQ dollar.

How does TIQL work?

Currently TIQL is allowing you to place bet on movement of following 19 financial instruments –

  • Currencies (currency pairs like EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD etc.)
  • Stock market indices (like S&P 500 , Nikkei 225)
  • Commodities (Gold, Copper and Oil)
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum)

You have to predict the movement of these financial instruments. For an example the current price of oil is $50 per barrel. If you think oil will go down to $49, then you can put your green line below at $49. A red line will be automatically placed in the opposite direction exactly at the same distance your green line is from oil’s current price. I mean red line will be at $51. Assume you have placed a bet of $10 on this prediction. Now if oil touches green line at $49 , your prediction will earn you $10 and if oil touches red line at $51 you will loss $10. You can stop the game anytime in between, so you always have a chance to control the damage as well as to grab your profit.

Join TIQL Here

How to Place a Bet/Start a trade in TIQL?

Let me tell you first how big your bet can be. You can start with as low as $0.1 but there is a limit on maximum size of your trade. If you are using money that you have transferred from your SparkProfit account (TQ Dollar) , you can put a maximum of $3 on stake. And if you are trading using US dollar (deposited through Skrill, PayPal and Neteller) , the maximum stake size can be $30.

When you log into your TIQL account , you will see 11 instruments you can trade like Oil, Copper, Gold, Nikkei etc. Tap on any instrument you want to place a bet on  –

1. Set a Target Price

Open chart of any financial instrument you want to place a bet on by clicking the icons on homepage. From chart, you can see what is current price and “click to trade” written on the right of the chart. If you think the price will go high, set your target high otherwise low. You can change the price by sliding your finger (mouse at desktop).

2. Choose What Account You Want to Bet With

Selecting an account means selecting if you want to bet with US Dollar(that you deposited through PayPal, Skrill and Neteller) or TQ Dollars(money you transferred from your SparkProfit account).

place a bet in TIQL

3. Adjust the Loss Price and Stake

Once you have selected a currency, you will see a red line of risk involved in your bet. You can adjust the loss price by sliding the red line. If you put red line too away from the current price, you will obviously get very little money as profit and if you are ready to take risk by putting red line near to current price, you will get high profit. Slide the red line where you think that price is not going to go. From the same screen, you can also adjust the stake size i.e. the money you can take risk up to. If $10 are on stake and the market touches the red line, you will loss $10. Thus stake size is the maximum money you loss if market goes against your prediction and touches red line.

how to place a bet on TIQL

4. Confirm the Trade

Cross check trade details(size of stake, loss price, current price, fees etc) carefully and click on “Trade Now” if you are ready to go. If you feel something is wrong, just cancel the trade. You might see an ‘early stop charge’ if you have just started the trade and try to stop the trade but ‘early stop charge’ becomes zero after first few minutes.

How to Withdraw Your Money from TIQL

You can withdraw your money once you reach their minimum withdrawal threshold. You can redeem US Dollar balance as soon as you cross $2 and TQ Dollar balance when you have $30 in your Tiql account through any of following payment option –

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Withdrawal requests are processed with in a week usually. The withdrawal fees are given below in the table.

Withdrawal fees at TIQL

This is all for this post. I will come up with some cool ways to make money online in next few days. Join TIQL  and Keep predicting well to make more and more money. If you are not comfortable with Stock market stuff, select a job according to your skills from these 10 ways to make money online without investment. 

NoteI am not sure if they are still paying. Join at your own risk. 


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  1. I am using tiql but I am having rupay card how to deposit now to the tiql because PayPal don’t accept rupay card.
    Thank you

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Request someone(who have a paypal account and have money already or can add money to his paypal account) to send money in your paypal account. You can pay him back later.

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