7 Mobile-Friendly Netflix Alternatives For More Fun

Streaming quality on-demand content while on the go is convenient and fun, and we no longer have to sit for hours glued to the couch. Although an undisputed king of streaming services, Netflix gets a fair share of hate in the online community. It seems that one should look beyond well-established names, and lays a booming market of alternative services. They adhere to the mobile-friendly developments on the market and keep up the pace with the shifting needs of the customers.

Best Mobile Friendly Netflix Alternatives

Here are the 7 best mobile-friendly Netflix alternatives to add more fun to Your life –

1. MUBI – Cult, and Indie in One Place

Let us start with the MUBI, which is referred to as Netflix for streaming cult movies and indie classics. The choice is narrowed down to 30 movies at any given time, but the content varies from country to country. Furthermore, MUBI presents itself as a meeting place for cinema aficionados with social network functionalities. New films are added to the rich mix every day, so MUBI will keep you engaged for a long time.

2. Crunchyroll – Animated Indulgence at Its Best

This freemium streaming service is every anime or manga fan’s dream come true. With global
availability and multiple device support, Crunchyroll certainly has an edge over the competition. However, the free tier makes viewing possible only in the standard definition and prevents the use of some devices. If you want to steer clear of ads, and unlock the HD content, then opt for “Premium Anime” or “All Access”.

3. Toon Goggles – Put the Colorful Filter On

Kids and their parents also have a reason to rejoice. Toon Goggles is a streaming platform tailored to those who crave some animation, games, live action, and more. The offerings are split into 6 categories based on gender, age, and genre. The first three episodes of the show are always free, but to obtain the rest, you need to come up with $ 4.99 per month.

4. Cennarium – Performing Arts at Your Fingertips

This unique broadcasting service offers you a chance to immerse in the arts without the need to buy a single ticket. New shows and premiers every week ensure that you get your daily dosage of the finest performances. Indeed, the magnificent HD theatrical spectacle will leave no one disappointed. On top of that, Cennarium also provides interviews, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes juicy stories.

5. Red Bull TV – Dare To Go Extreme

The carbonated drinks company has managed to transform itself into a global media powerhouse,
with a wide array of services. Its streaming platform focuses on live-action, lifestyle-based, and on-demand video, featuring a plethora of extreme sports such as surfing and skating. There is no better place to feel an instant adrenaline rush and witness amazing undertakings like free falling from outer space.

6. Twitch – Fun is Back in The Game

In the world of gaming, Twitch is a reputed name. This streaming platform is also an expanding social community launched in 2011, as an offshoot of Justin.tv. It has succeeded in attracting many devoted followers that are now measured in millions. A user can broadcast the gameplay, watch other people playing, enjoy tight YouTube integration, and chat around the clock. For no ads policy and extra benefits, you can choose to pay $ 89.99 a month.

7. Vevo – Music Non-Stop

If you seek a streaming tool for music videos, look no further than Vevo. Names such as Sony and Google are involved in this project, so it is no wonder that their videos steal the show. The content partnership with YouTube is another benefit, and the original programming ambitions have introduced live shows and concerts to the service pack. Unfortunately, it is not available in many countries, but at least it does not cost a dime.

Upwardly mobile

Mobile usage is on the surge, and streaming services are right at the center of the flourishing cyber galaxy. From obscure world cinema titles to extreme sports, there are applications that satisfy every taste there is. Niche alternatives are only going to get bigger and more diverse, and we expect this trend to continue in 2016 and beyond. So, it is high time to get out of the house, think outside the box, and explore the vivid landscape of visual bliss out there.


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