How to Make Money on Quora? 5 Easiest Ways

Wondering how to make money on Quora? Writing helpful answers to questions requires a lot of time and effort. Through your responses, you impart your wisdom, practical insights, and life experiences. Your responses ought to be monetized and should bring in some money. Quora is aware of this and provides a number of monetization options to entice authors to produce excellent answers. In this post, we are going to discuss 5 ways you can make money from Quora.

how to make money on quora

Why Should You Use Quora to Make Money?

Let’s say you decide to start your own blog instead of writing on Quora. You’ll agree with me when I say that you’ll need to put in a lot of work and that it’ll be a while before you start seeing any traffic. After that, you’ll apply to affiliate networks and ad networks to start making some money off of it. And you can never be certain that your blog will gain popularity. On Quora, however, all you have to do is write your answers, and the site’s 300+ million monthly visitors will have access to them right away. It increases your chance of making money from your answers or content multifold.

There are more than 40,000 different topics you can write about on Quora. You can definitely take advantage of the potential of Quora and make money off of your content there. There are many ways you can use Quora’s popularity and traffic to make money from your questions and answers.

Additionally, you ought to receive a good reward because you contribute answers that aid in problem-solving, help people and increase traffic to Quora.

How to Make Money on Quora?

Making money on Quora revolves around creating content and then monetizing it with various monetization options provided by Quora. You can make money with Quora both by asking questions and answering others’ questions. I have explained 5 different ways you can make money from Quora.

5 Ways to Make Money On Quora – 

1. Quora Partner Program

In 2018, Quora introduced its partner program, in which it invites certain people to ask questions and pays them in exchange. You have heard it right. To earn money on Quora as a partner, all you have to do is ask questions. But it is an invite-only program, and Quora randomly selects people who can ask questions.

Once invited, you just have to ask useful questions that have not been asked before on Quora. Millions of Quora users will have access to your questions and can respond. In the Quora partner program dashboard, you can monitor how well your questions are doing and how much money you have made from them.

When you reach $10 in earnings, you receive your funds via Stripe or PayPal, depending on where you live. Payments are sent on the first Monday of every month.

Why does Quora give you money for just asking questions? It’s simple. You ask questions. Other answers. A lot of engagements happen. Your questions bring traffic to Quora. Quora turns traffic into money with advertisements. And some part of its advertising revenue is paid to partners as compensation for asking questions.

Seems easy. Wait for the bad news. Quora closed its partner program in August 2022. But. The good news is that it’s still available in other languages such as German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Swedish, Dutch, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Indonesian, Danish, Finnish, and Norwegian.

People From Which Countries are Eligible to Participate in the Quora Partner Program? You can participate in the Quora partner program if you live in the U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India, and Brazil.

Which type of question performs the best in the Quora partner program? First of all, don’t ask duplicate questions. They will be merged and won’t be compensated. Helpful questions bring more money than popular questions. Tag your questions with specific and accurate topics so that they can be sent to relevant people to answer. Use the request answer feature to get answers from expert authors and more traffic, ultimately generating more money.

How much money can I earn with the Quora partner program? It entirely depends on how your questions perform. The more views your questions bring, the more ads are displayed along with your content, and the more money you make. You are free to ask as many questions as you want. Some of Quora’s top contributors have used the partner program to make thousands of dollars each month.

2. Quora Space Earning Program

Another way to make money on Quora is by creating a Quora Space and offering subscriptions. Owners of the space have complete control over what of their content is free and what is paid and can decide whether they want to charge for exclusive content. Making a space on Quora is similar to making a website that enables people to create communities based on shared interests and preferences. You can offer your professional services, host discussions, and curate content through Quora Space. There are 3 ways you can make money from your Quora Space –

1. Ad Revenue Sharing – As the name suggests, you get a portion of Space’s advertising revenue. Ad revenue sharing is the easiest way to make money from Quora’s space. Your content remains free for all users. More followers, more views, and more interactions mean more earnings.

2. Quora+ Revenue Sharing – Space owners can offer exclusive content to only Quora+ subscribers and earn a portion of the Plus subscription revenue. We will discuss it at the next point.

3. Space Subsricption – You can offer your space followers a monthly or yearly subscription and publish subscribers-only posts. You decide the cost of the subscription. As a space owner, you are expected to produce high-quality content that your subscribers find valuable.

Who Can Create a Space on Quora? Everyone has access to Quora Space, where they can set up their own space, accept paid subscriptions, and enable ad revenue sharing.

How do Space Owners Get Paid? Withdrawal requirements are the same as other Quora monetization programs. You need at least $10 to receive a payout through PayPal or Stripe.

Monetization on Quora

3. Quora+ Revenue Sharing

You can earn money on Quora not only by asking questions but also by responding to others’ questions. With Quora+ Revenue Sharing Program, you can monetize your answers or content on Quora and earn money when users sign up for Quora+ or when existing subscribers read your answers and interact with your content. You probably have come across this on quora –

Quora Plus payment Wall

The full answer is hidden behind a paywall. Only Quora+ members can read it. It’s because the author of this answer chose to use Quora+ Revenue sharing to monetize it. Similar to this, you can get paid for the Quora answers that you write through Quora+ revenue sharing.

The money you make depends upon answer views, ad impressions, other engagements, and whether your answers are making readers subscribe to Quora Plus.

Who is eligible to monetize answers with Quora+ Revenue Sharing? Unfortunately, just like the Quora partner program, Quora+ revenue sharing is an invite-only program. But here is some good news for you. You can create your own space on Quora, and Quora Space owners are allowed to monetize answers with Quora+ revenue sharing.

The program is currently available in almost 25 countries across the world, including India, the US, France, CA, the UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, and others.

How do I get paid? You need to accumulate a minimum of $10. Payouts are processed every month via Paypal and Stripe.

4. Drive Quora Traffic To Your Website

Quora receives millions of page views every month. Driving traffic from Quora to your own monetized website is one way to make money from Quora. On Quora, you can easily find unanswered questions on the same subject as what you cover on your website. Filter out recently posted questions. Answer those questions and place the relevant links at the end. People may visit your website if they like your answers.

You can also promote your answers in popular and relevant Quora Spaces with a high following. Don’t place your links in every answer you write or you will be banned. Links must be extremely relevant, natural, and actually required to complete the answer and add value.

Once you have traffic on your website, there are tons of ways to turn the traffic into money such as display advertising, affiliate marketing, etc. You can use these 31 ways to make money from your website.

5. Affiliate Marketing on Quora

Affiliate marketing is promoting products and services where you get a commission every time someone purchases a product or service using your affiliate links. Can you promote affiliate links on Quora? Placing affiliate links on Quora is not allowed. But you can occasionally promote your affiliate links in your Quora Space. And if your response is helpful and you are not purposefully inserting an affiliate link but are doing so naturally, I believe Quora may occasionally permit you to insert affiliate links in mainstream Quora. Always add disclosure while adding an affiliate link.

In fact, some affiliate networks and merchants like Amazon also prohibit you from promoting their links on Quora and other social media websites. Always read the terms and conditions of the affiliate network and site where you want to promote the links to avoid getting banned. Affiliate marketing on Quora is the least recommended option on this list for making money on Quora.

Can You Really Make Money on Quora?

The majority of Quora users make either nothing or very little money. However, there are also many Quora partners who earn thousands of dollars each month. The Quora partner program leaderboard lists the top-performing partners, and you can see that these partners are earning thousands of dollars each week.

How much Quora partners are earnings

Danielle-De-Rossi, a Quora partner made $330.6 for this question – What is Venmo’s stock price and the Venmo stock ticker symbol?

Another Quora partner Mohit Rathore earned $195.56 for asking this question – How do I fix an iPhone stuck installing an iOS 14 update?

There are countless payout proofs on Quora for large sums of money, but there are also way too many complaints, particularly from Space owners, who claim that despite receiving thousands of views, they are not even reaching the minimum payout threshold.

Except for the Quora Space Earning program, all other earning opportunities require an invitation. You have no control over whether or not you’ll be invited to participate in other monetization programs.

I am unable to give you a specific figure and state that this is the average monthly income you can anticipate from Quora. Try it yourself and share your experiences below through the comment box.


If you receive a Quora partner invitation, you should definitely sign up and, at the very least, try asking a few questions. You never know when one of your questions will become popular and earn you some good money. Joining the Quora Partner Program has no downsides and is free money.

I do not suggest the Quora Space program because, in my opinion, you can earn much more money by writing for your own or other websites.

Try these 50 websites that pay $25 to $500 per article.

If you have a website already, you can consider quora for promoting your blog. Quora is too big to be ignored.

How to Make Money on Quora? 5 Easiest Ways

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