5 Simple Ways to Choose the Best Blog Topics for Your Audience

Every author faces writer’s block at some or the other time in their life. It completely stops their brain from thinking. Most of the time it is after they have written a bit about the topic and they just can’t figure out what to write after that.

How to Choose the Best Blog Topics for Your Audience

These few tips to help you get rid of writer’s block and choose good topics for your blog-

1. Target the Audience

Every blog has a type of audience that they target. Try to understand what kind of an audience your blog wants to target and accordingly think of the topic. Since the blog is about satisfying these readers, try and find something that they will be interested in. You can do this by taking surveys or just asking people in your target audience. Find out what they want to read about and then write about it.

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2. Steal Ideas

Sometimes the best way to get blog ideas is to get “inspired” by a different one. Visit some of the top websites and go through their articles. If these blogs are not similar to yours, then try and see the format of their headlines. You can then tweak these titles to suit your needs. For example, if you read a blog post “5 useful tools to help you study”, you can change this to “5 useful tools for camping” (assuming you run an outdoors blog).

However, if the blog does fall under the same niche as yours, you can do one of two things. One is to modify the title and take a different perspective on it. Instead of writing about “5 things to do during camping”, write about “10 things not to do during camping”. The other thing is to directly steal their topic.

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The important thing to remember here is that you can steal the title, but not the content. Duplicate content not only ranks your page lower but also reduces your readership. The trick is to steal their headline and write better content. Make your post funnier, more informative, and easier to read.

3. Use Professional Tools

The use of some SEO tools can help you generate a lot of blog topics. All you need to do is enter the niche site or a keyword that you want to write about. Then these tools give you a list of possible headlines you can go with for your article. You build on these topics or use these ideas to write your own topics.

Another tool lets you scan through URLs and look at the keywords used by that particular page. So you search for something related to your niche and select the top result’s URL. Paste this URL on these tools which will give you the list of keywords that you can possibly use for your next article. You could also approach some of the best websites to get your content written by professionals.

4. Choose from Your Heart

Choose topics that you are really passionate about. Your blog might be about automotive vehicles in general, but if you can’t think of a topic, try to write about something you really love.

For example, you can choose to write about hypercars or cruiser bikes, depending on what you like more.

The moment you choose a topic that is close to your heart, content is bound to flow out like a river. Researching on these topics will also be easy. It will also keep you determined to finish the article.

5. Keep it Relevant

Often blogs upload anything as long as it’s related to their blog. They don’t take into consideration if it is relevant for their readers or not. For example, “How mosquito coils were invented” may be related to a health blog, but it’s not relevant to the readers. This should be avoided as it might lead to a loss in readership. Take your time and try to think of something that might help your readers or give them some actual knowledge.

Most of the time, users want to find solutions to their problems. They might also be looking for a guide or some advice about life in general. Try and target such topics. Think about your niche and try to identify what problems a normal person might face. Try and think about what one might need help with. You can then research more and write on these types of topics.

Another great way to amaze your readers is to write about new developments in that field. You can form a “Top 10” list of any recent findings in your field of interest (related to your blog of course). Or you could entertain your readers by compiling some bizarre or weird facts that you just came across.


When it really comes down to it, there are unlimited options for the things that you can write about related to your blog. You just need to calm down and think with a clear mind. As a last resort, you could always search for topics to write about. A few essay services can you help you with this? So go ahead and get cracking on those articles now!


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