Download Summer Training Reports of Printing Companies(Presses)

I have been a printing student and I know the importance of summer training reports. The objective of the training is to impart basic knowledge and skills to freshers. Students need to know how all the operations are performed in large organizations and what will be their responsibility after joining the companies.

The best thing about Industrial training is that it provides an opportunity for students where they can put the knowledge into practice they have acquired through books over time.  At the end of the day, an engineer has to be there in the respective industry and it will be easy to identify the real work problem and troubleshoot them in a professional way.

Download training reports of printing companiesIf you are going through training or have finished training in a printing press, you are in right place. Now you have to prepare a training report to present before the professor to show what you have learned in your training and more importantly to get some marks. Usually, students go for training in groups so it’s not hard to prepare a training report but the whole idea of uploading these reports is to show some demos of what training reports look like and where to start and to give you a much-needed push.

Most training reports here are of North Indian Presses but soon we will try to cover whole Indian Presses.


Industrial Training Reports

Azad Offset Printers (Chandigarh)

Dora Offset Printers (Hisar)

Hindustan Times/ HT Media (Noida)

International Print-O-Pac / IPP (Noida)

Infinity PrintSmith (Faridabad)

Kumar Printers (Manesar)

Mansa Print & Publisher Limited (Himachal pradesh)

RollaTainer LTD (Rewari)


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