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Paper is the only important commodity that contributes  60% of the total cost of a job. It’s something that must be saved.  I have done my little part to save it by uploading notes and assignments on the web. I also agree that reading something on digital devices is like offering different on the same white plate but it’s worth doing so for our environment.

Download printing notes and assignmentsStudents spend a considerable amount on notes and assignments every year. It’s time to save money,  paper, and the environment. All these notes are according to the syllabus of the printing technology course at Guru Jambheswar University, Hisar,  India. Notes and assignments are sorted by year so that you can navigate through them easily and target required notes easily.

Click on any assignment you want to download:-

All Year’s Printing Syllabus


2’nd Year Notes and Assignments

Printing Industry in India(3rd sem.)

Overview of Flexography Printing Process (4th sem.)

Environmental Study Book (EVS)

3’rd Year Notes and Assignments

Fountain solution (5th sem.)

Offset practical file (5th sem.)

Morality and Ethics (5th sem.)

Print Media Ethics and Morality (5th sem.)

Relationalship between law and Ethics (5th sem.)

Electronic Properties and Their legal Protection (5th sem.)

Advertisement,its Types,Functions and Characterstics (5th sem.)

Toray Waterless plate (6th sem)

Web Offset Machine and its Construction (6th sem.)

Final Year Notes and Assignments

coming soon…


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2 thoughts on “Download Printing Technology Notes and Assignments”

  1. Provide notes on complete quality control devices, its work, functions and need and what things are keep in mind for a best quality in printing.
    International quality standards etc.

  2. Do you have stats of current n future trends of news paper n Publishing industry in India.? What’s going to happen to small news papers n magazine?

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