Important Books For AAI Junior Executive ATC Exam

Books for ATC Exam: For the preparations for any exam whether it’s UPSC, SSC, or some PSU exam, two questions that instantly strike our mind are what to read. and from where to readIf we talk about the AAI JE ATC Exam in particular, then the answer to the first question is very well known to all of us. For those who do not know the answer, I am repeating it here: as per the exam pattern decided by AAI, we are required to prepare 6 subjects in total for getting selected for the voice test and interview phase. These six subjects are Mathematics, Physics, Reasoning, Numerical aptitude, English, and General Knowledge.

Now comes the next question “from where to read all these subjects??”

In this article, I will try to list important books that will help you in opening the gates to the interview round. I have prepared a list of books for each subject. As per the AAI ATC Exam, the classification of these six subjects is as:

1. Technical Section:

  • Mathematics (30 Questions)
  • Physics (30 Questions)

2. Non-Technical Section:

  • Reasoning (15 Questions)
  • Numerical Ability/Aptitude (15 Questions)
  • English (20 Questions)
  • General Knowledge (10 Questions)

A. Books for Technical Section:

So let’s start with Technical Section preparation for which we need to cover Mathematics and Physics.

Mathematics and Physics:

Mathematics and Physics preparations can be divided into two parts i.e. School level (includes 11th and 12th standard) and College level (Graduation level). Concepts and Theory of 11th and 12th Mathematics/Physics can be easily covered from NCERT books or State Board Books. All you need is to cover solved examples and important formulae. Just practice the solved examples and keep revising the formulae. Note down formulae on a plain sheet and keep revising it as and when you get the free time. I used to paste those formulae-written pages on my room’s walls so that I can refer to them anytime I want. Important topics have already been discussed in some of my other posts so you can put more focus on these topics.

One more important aspect of preparation is practice, so just practice objective questions (sample or previous year papers) of IIT-JEE and AIEEE. Notes from any reputed institutes will be very useful for the same.

Graduation-level maths/physics can easily be covered from the books which all of you read in the first and/or second year/semesters. Every university has its own set of recommended books but the syllabus is almost the same in every university so it will not matter from which college/university you completed your graduation.

Other Useful Books for Technical Section Preparations:

  1. Concept of Physics Vol. I and Vol. II (Author: H.C. Verma): A very good book to build your concepts in Physics. It is a very impressive book in fact. I will recommend this book for the practice of Numericals with higher difficulty levels. Just go with 15-20 numerical from each chapter (Solved examples + Exercise Questions). Do not go for questions that are very lengthy or take 4-5 minutes to be solved.
  2. Maths XI and XII (Author: R.D. Sharma): Another good book used extensively by students preparing for IIT-JEE as this book offers a wide variety of mathematical problems.
  3. NDA Previous Years Solved Papers: These can help you a lot because they can be used as practice sets for the exam as they cover Maths and Physics. Please remember to omit the Chemistry part as it is of no use for the AAI ATC exam.

B. Books for Non-Technical Section:

Now let us find the books which can be used for the easier part of the AAI ATC Exam i.e. Non-Technical Section. It is a kind of cakewalk for most students. You can easily score 50+ marks in this section provided you are good at Reasoning/Aptitude and English.

Reasoning and Aptitude:

Well, there is no price for guessing the book for these two subjects. It is Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning by R S Aggarwal. It is a very famous book which, I guess, every student who is preparing for competitive exams must be aware of. Practice 30-40 questions from each chapter of this book and hopefully you will be in a good position to attempt 30 questions of the non-tech section of the AAI ATC Exam.


There are 20 questions from English in the exam, so you must put extra effort to cover this subject. It will be easier for the candidates who are already good at English and they need not put any extra effort, but most students, just like me, find it a little bit difficult to attempt English-related questions. So my suggestion would be to prepare from SSC (CGLE) English notes of any good coaching institute.

  • Also, practice the previous year’s papers of SSC CGLE for improving chances of scoring well in the English part of the exam.
  • Another suggestion will be to practice the English Section of NDA previous year’s question papers.
  • Word Power Made Easy is another good book if you really want to improve your English vocabulary.
  • Objective General English (Author: S.P. Bakshi): A very useful book for the preparation of English for most competitive exams.

General Knowledge:

It covers only 10 marks but scoring these 10 marks is a Herculean task. You would be required to cover GK topics like History, Geography, Economy, General Science, and Current Affairs. So my suggestion will be to give the least importance to this lengthiest part (in terms of the syllabus as well as preparations) of the non-tech section. Those guys who want to cover GK as well can prepare the GK part from SSC or NDA notes. For current affairs refer to one of the following magazines (last 6 months):

  1. Pratiyogita Darpan.
  2. Competition Success Review.
  3. You can practice SSC/NDA previous years’ papers as well.

So that’s all about the books for the preparation for AAI ATC Exam. I would like to give one more suggestion before ending this article if you buy a lot of books for each subject then you will end up getting confused and frustrated. So buy one book for each subject, read it thoroughly and revise it as many times as you can. Also, this list is not full and final that you are bound to read from these books only to get success in the exam. If you have another good book then just go with it. Now, as usual, I am ending my article with this beautiful quote by Charles William Eliot:

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” 


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28 thoughts on “Important Books For AAI Junior Executive ATC Exam”

      1. now after announcement of this 2nd phase interview of adv.03/2015, when can we expect the exam for adv. 07/2015 any idea?? is it likely that they would conduct it before the previous exams final result out??

  1. i am from the diploma back ground. so i am direct entry into 2nd yr engg…i wont be having touch with the physics. so were do i start ??

  2. dear sir,
    my first question is can we expect anymore je(atc) recruitment again this year or nxt year?
    next question is could you please provide any hint on the syllabus of je(airport operations)?
    please guide me about the je(airport operations) examination to be held this year.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      1. Expect next atc recruitment next year only.
      2. JE Ops syllabus has to be provided by AAI only so everyone is waiting for that only.

      1. Sir,

        Is it true that in paper of Junior Executive Air Traffic Control, the questions of Technical Section will be according to the graduation degree of a candidate?

        Like an aspirant with B.Sc. will get questions form Physics and Mathematics while someone from Engineering will get questions from his stream in Engineering.

        A blogger on you-tube said so and there is no official information about this on the website of AAI to conform anything, that’s why I am confused about it.

        Please reply.

  3. Dear Sir
    I want to know that if a candidate has passed in written and voice test but gets failed to achieve level 4 in ELPT , then whether AAI arranges for ELPT sessions for that candidate during three months training period or he is disqualified?

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Eligibility Criteria for JE ATC According to their recent recruitment notification – “Regular fulltime Bachelor’s Degree of 3 years in Science(B.Sc.) with Physics and Mathematics or Full time regular B.E/B.Tech Degree in any Discipline.” Hope you can figure it out yourself.

  4. hello sir thank you for question paper..
    what will be the average cutoff this time?
    can you suggest please..
    thank you sir

    1. It will depend upon various factors like difficulty of question paper which we don’t know yet. So it will not be wise to say anything for now.

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