Ezoic Review 2024 | How Ezoic Doubled My Ad Revenue?

Some call Ezoic an ad optimization platform, while others refer to it as a managed ad network. I personally call it a website improvement program because of the way it has improved my website over the past four years. Ezoic not only helped me double my advertising revenue, but it also made my website faster and gave visitors a better experience.

Ezoic helps publishers in increasing ad revenue from their websites without degrading the user experience, so they can concentrate on what they enjoy doing most – creating helpful content. With the help of its machine learning capabilities, it customizes the layout (content and ads) for each visitor to give them a unique experience and increase your ad revenue.

It’s the right time to review Ezoic after using it for more than 5 years. By the end of this article, you will understand why I think Ezoic is the best ad optimization platform.

What is Ezoic and What Does it Do?

Ezoic is a Google-certified publishing partner that helps publishers with user experience improvement, ad revenue optimization, and understanding what works best for their websites in a variety of areas. Ezoic is the largest technology platform of its kind in the world.

It was founded in 2010 by Web publisher and entrepreneur Dwayne Lafleur after realizing that, following the creation of excellent content, page layout was the most crucial element that could be changed or adjusted in response to visitors for better ad revenue and user experience.

Ezoic focuses primarily on layout or ad testing to boost ad revenue, but over time, it has added many helpful features to automate overall website improvements, such as free WordPress hosting, SSL, CDN, Cloud Caching, and many more.

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How Does Ezoic Optimize and Increase Ad Revenue?

By Experimenting. Ezoic experiments a lot. For instance, it will test different ads in various sizes, formats, and colors at different locations on your website to figure out which ad format and size at a particular location performs the best and brings in the most money while maintaining a good user experience. In addition to experimenting, Ezoic displays high-paying premium ads, monetizes videos on your website, and does many more things to optimize and boost advertising revenue. Let’s dig deeper into how Ezoic boosts ad revenue –

Ad Tester – Maximize Ad Earnings

Ezoic’s main goal is to improve ad revenue and user experience through ad testing. Consider the scenario below for a moment-

Visitors to your website come from a variety of demographics, including different age groups, genders, locations, and device types, and every visitor behaves differently while using your website. Their behavior may be affected by ad colors, density, location, size, combination, network, and other factors.

When there are so many factors at play, don’t you think there should be a system that comprehends user behavior and presents ads to each visitor in a tailored or optimal way, maximizing ad earnings while maintaining a positive user experience?

You have been heard. Ezoic Ad Tester does exactly this using machine learning. It highlights potential ad spots (placeholders) on your website and tests various combinations of ad sizes, locations, advertisers, colors, and densities on each page for various visitors to determine what works best for your website and visitors, enhancing ad revenue and user experience.

It will take years if you try this on your own before you reach a reliable conclusion. While achieving the same with Ezoic, you only need to choose placeholders (ad spots) using the Ezoic extension; the ad tester will take care of the rest. With the help of data science and artificial intelligence (AI), it will automatically figure out where the ad should be displayed, what will be the ideal size/format of the ad, how many ads should be shown to a specific visitor, and other things to ensure a perfect balance between ad revenue and user experience.

Ezoic tester carries out experiments in the background and does not change your content, allowing you to concentrate on doing what you enjoy most: writing fantastic and helpful content for your readers. Ezoic ad tester improves bounce rate, page views per visit, time visitors spend on your website, and ad revenue eventually.

Publishers can set different optimization goals to maintain a balance between ad revenue and user experience. For example, choosing a revenue-focused optimization goal will boost your revenue at the expense of user experience. On the other hand, if you are OKA with lower revenue but don’t want to hurt your website’s user experience at any cost, you can select a user-focused goal. The default optimization goal is set to balanced.

3 Best Ad Optimization Platforms for Publishers

Publishers can incorporate some special ad formats like stick sidebar ads, floating video ads, and vignette ads.

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Humix – Monetize Videos

Ezoic helps its publishers to get the most out of their videos using Humix, a global video network. Publishers can upload their videos on Ezoic and share them with the Humix network. Humix displays your videos on other websites and increases your revenue. Humix also creates a video library on your website like a YouTube channel and enables search engines and the Humix network to direct visitors to your site, increasing traffic.

Ezoic scans your website for potential video spots and displays relevant videos on your pages according to the niche of content. Additionally, you can monitor which videos are being played on your website and, if you’d like, block any of them.

In this way, Ezoic enables you to monetize your videos as well as earn money from the videos of others.

Mediation – Optimize The Value Of Each Impression

Mediation is a programmatic technique, Ezoic uses to optimize the value of each ad impression on your website. Every ad spot or placeholder on your website is exposed to ad exchanges, your own ad network, and Ezoic’s ad partners. Each advertiser competes to have their ad displayed in your ad spot. Whoever pays the most wins the impression for the ad spot, so you get the best possible value for each impression.

For example, you can link your existing ad networks like AdSense or media.net to Ezoic via the Mediation App. Your ad accounts would be able to bid for the ad inventory against the Ad Exchange. Whichever ad network is willing to offer the highest amount for given ad space in real-time auction will win the impression. You don’t have to apply to all ad networks as Ezoic has already partnered with top header bidding networks on your behalf.

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The revenue earned through mediation will be reported under Mediation and deposited to the respective ad networks you are using in the mediation app. For instance, if your Adsense account is linked, any revenue received through mediation will be deposited into your Adsense account, and Adsense will pay you directly in accordance with its payment policy.

Ezoic Premium – Additional Revenue From Premium Ad Partners

Ezoic premium is not available to all publishers as it is an invite-only program. Ezoic Premium members can earn additional revenue from Ezoic’s premium ad partners. Your ad inventory may be of interest to some specific advertisers. Ezoic brings those advertisers on board for guaranteed deals with very high CPM rates to premium publishers. Premium ads from top-tier advertisers increase publishers’ revenue without adding more ads to a page or changing their current ad setup.

Ezoic has different premium plans(11 tiers) that keep upgrading or downgrading according to the traffic of your website, ad rates, and other factors. Publishers never experience financial loss when using any of the premium plans. Ezoic Premium is designed in such a way that a publisher always generates more premium revenue than the cost of the subscription.

For example, if you are on the Growth Elite plan, which costs $44/month, Ezoic ensures you make more than $44 as premium revenue. In the event of a sudden decline in traffic or earnings, Ezoic will drop you into a lower tier to protect your money. Extra money paid is added to your account and adjusted on the next invoice. They will notify you before upgrading your plan unless you have set auto upgrade.

When Ezoic first invited me to join their premium program, I had to decline because I didn’t have a credit card. They invited me back after a few months, and I signed up. I have nothing but positive things to say about Ezoic Premium.

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Native Ad Units

A native ad is a form of advertising that blends in with the look, feel, and functionality of the page where it is displayed, usually with a tag like From Around The World, Sponsored Posts, Promoted Stories, etc. as shown below-

native ad example

Ezoic allows its publishers to display native ad units on their websites with just a click and earn additional income. With native ads enabled, publishers can anticipate a 10% jump in ad revenue.

Other Experiments

Ezoic performs a lot of other experiments to boost your earnings, such as

Layout Testing – Ezoic automatically creates various website layouts/designs and serves them to various visitors to see which layouts generate the most revenue for you. It then promotes the winning layouts. We will go into more detail about it later in this article.

Leap, Cloud Caching, and CDN – Ezoic improves your website’s speed with these premium features at no additional cost to you. It’s easier to serve ads on fast-loading websites and generate more ad revenue.

Tag Testing – Ezoic tries different titles for a post to figure out which title performs the best on SERP and eventually increases ad revenue by attracting more visitors and enhancing SEO.

We will go over many more helpful features of Ezoic in a later section of this article.

How Ezoic Doubled My Ad Revenue?

In September 2018, a representative from Ezoic got in touch with me and told me that I could boost my ad earnings by about 60%. He assisted me in creating my account, integrating Ezoic, and identifying potential placeholders (potential ad locations) on my website.

In order for you to understand easily, I am taking into account how my website performed in terms of advertising revenue over the course of 6 months (3 months prior to joining and 3 months after joining Ezoic). Let’s take a look at how I was doing before I integrated Ezoic (3 months of AdSense earnings prior to Ezoic) –

adsense vs ezoic

As you can see, I made $160 in June 2018, $185 in July 2018, and $165 in August 2018, for an average of $170 per month with Adsense. Let’s now examine how my website performed after integrating Ezoic – 

how ezoic doubled my ad revenue

After integrating Ezoic, I made $217 in September (although I only had 20 days of September), $278 in October, and a whopping $331 in November 2018, for an average of more than $275 per month. From $170 a month to $278 a month, is an awesome 62% jump in ad revenue.

You might speculate that the increased traffic after joining Ezoic may have resulted in higher ad revenue. Let’s take a look at my traffic during those six months

google analytics traffic report

The average volume of traffic in June, July, and August of 2018 was 78921, while it was only 53887 on average for August, September, and November. So Ezoic increased my ad revenue by 62% despite a 31% drop in traffic. And all of that with the same website and content without any additional effort.

One day, I saw an alert on my Ezoic dashboard. It stated that I had been invited to join their premium program, where I would be able to make more money from their premium advertisers. I ignored the notification because I didn’t have a credit card back then. After a few months, Ezoic re-invited me, and I accepted. I signed up for the 15-day trial period, and ever since, I’ve been using Ezoic Premium. Before I explain how Ezoic Premium affected my ad revenue, let me introduce an acronym that Ezoic frequently uses: ePMV.

ePMV stands for “earning per thousand visitors”. Prior to joining Ezoic Premium, my average ePMV was $5.19, which means I was earning $5.19 for every 1000 visitors. On the other hand, the average ePMV over the period the Ezoic premium has been in effect has been $10.65. That’s almost a 100% jump in ePMV. With the same amount of traffic, I am now making twice as much money, which is better than I had anticipated. Considering that almost 70% of my traffic comes from India, earning $10 for every 1,000 visitors is simply too good.

In addition to premium, I use Media.net and Adsense as mediation ad partners and have seen a consistent increase in mediation earnings, particularly after March 2022. It indicates that I am maximizing the value of each ad impression and that the optimization of ad earnings is more effective than ever.

A penny saved is a penny earned. I am using free CDN and WordPress hosting from Ezoic, which is worth any decent hosting plan from a reputable hosting provider. Furthermore, Ezoic offers some free content optimization features that are typically only available with paid plugins. For example, I am using Ezoic Leap for caching and image optimization instead of spending money on paid plugins like WPRocket and Smush. Given everything mentioned above, it would be safe to say that Ezoic has doubled my revenue.

Ezoic’s Free WordPress Hosting Review

Ezoic offers free WordPress hosting to all its publishers. Only websites with the WordPress CMS can be migrated. Ezoic’s team can help you migrate your website via SFTP transfer if your website is small. Otherwise, you can create a blank site and manually transfer the database and WordPress files of your website.

I was a little concerned about how much traffic the Ezoic Free Hosting App could handle. I sent them an email and asked about 7 or 8 questions. They replied and guided me throughout the migration process. I used the WP Migrate Db plugin to backup my database and the BackWpUp plugin to backup my WordPress files. I managed to manually transfer files using Filezilla and database using MySQL Workbench. With its Staging feature, Ezoic allows you to test migrated websites.

My Experience With Ezoic’s WordPress Hosting?

I have been using Ezoic WordPress Hosting for the last 2+ years and my experience has been great so far. My website received 14k visitors per day at its peak, and Ezoic WordPress hosting handled it with ease.

In the past two years, I’ve only had my website down maybe twice or thrice. In the first instance, it was recovered in a matter of minutes. The second time it was down for a little longer time, but when I emailed them they were already aware of the situation and working on it to resolve it.

The Pros and Cons of Ezoic WordPress Hosting

The best thing about Ezoic WordPress hosting is that it can handle very high traffic without experiencing any lag thanks to its cloud-based memory, CPU cores, and SSD, and it is on par with what any dedicated hosting provider offers. Ezoic doesn’t have a cap on the resources your website can use.

Since Ezoic is not a dedicated hosting company and its main job is to optimize ad revenue, you can’t expect 24/7 support for technical problems your website faces. But from what I’ve seen so far, they reply to every email and do their best to fix any problems. I would suggest you always have a backup of your website and a backup plan too.

The worst aspect of Ezoic WordPress hosting is that, unlike other hosting providers, it does not provide one-click WordPress installation, backup capabilities, or round-the-clock support. However, you can access all your files using Filezilla and the database using MySQL Workbench.

How Does Ezoic Boost Your Website Speed?

Ezoic offers a ton of apps and features to speed up your website, making it more than just a standard ad optimization platform. Here are some tools –

Leap – Speed Up Your Website

Ezoic offers a wonderful tool, LEAP, which publishers can use to improve the performance of their websites. The best thing about Leap is that it offers all of the features of some paid plugins without charging a penny. For instance, Leap offers some image optimization features that are exclusive to paid plugin versions, such as lazy loading and Next Gen image formats. You won’t need to install caching and image optimization plugins when you are using Leap with Ezoic Cloud.

Here are some optimization settings, Ezoic Leap Offers –

CSS Optimization – includes some important settings to optimize the loading of styles sheets and fonts, such as slow loading fonts, preloading fonts, removing unused CSS, lazy loading stylesheets, rendering critical CSS into head tag, etc.

Image Optimization – includes image optimization settings such as lazy loading images, loading images in Next Gen formats like WebP, preloading background images, resizing images, etc.

Minify – includes optimization settings for minifying code by removing unnecessary attributes. You can minify Javascript, CSS, and HTML using this feature.

20 Ways to Speed Up a WordPress Website

Content Optimization – Includes settings to optimize the loading of iframes, such as lazy loading of iframes, optimizing tweets, etc.

Pre-Connect – settings to speed up the loading of assets requested from other domains.

Static Asset Cache Policy – Setting used to cache the static assets(assets that you don’t change frequently, such as the logo of your website) to increase site speed. Next time a visitor comes, cached assets will be delivered very fast, and visitors won’t have to wait for the loading of every asset again.

Script Execution – These settings ensure the fast loading and execution of ads and scripts. You can delay the loading of scripts until primary content loads, remove CPU-intensive tasks and set jQuery to load using a global CDN, or allow core jQuery to preload so that the core functionality of your website works without loading the entire jQuery library.

Leap offers diagnostics in addition to optimization features, advising you on the causes of poor performance and how to speed up your website so you can pass core web vitals.

Ezoic Leap Recommendations

Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID and CLS) are important metrics and quality signals you should work on to improve the user experience on your website. Ezoic Leap allows you to check the core vital scores of your websites and provides recommendations on what can be done to improve them. You can also compare your vital score to those of other websites on Ezoic. Find more on Web Vitals here

How Did Leap Impact the Speed of My Website?

You can either set up Leap on your own or with assistance from the Ezoic team. I configured LEAP myself and here is how Ezoic it affected my website –

how ezoic leap affected the site of my speed

My website’s overall speed and core vitals score both went up thanks to Ezoic Leap. After enabling Leap, I disabled the caching plugin WP Super Cache and the image optimization plugin Smush from my website as they no longer serve any purpose.

Cons and Pros of Leap – The best thing about using Leap is that you get free optimization features that only a few premium plugins offer, saving you the money you would have otherwise spent on paid caching and image optimization plugins. You have an option to enable Leap on a specific device such as Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet.

The only drawback to Leap is that if you don’t carefully apply optimization settings, particularly jQuery loading methods, your website could break. So before experimenting with optimization settings, always have the most recent backup of your website.

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Ezoic Cloud Caching and CDN(Free)

Ezoic Cloud Caching and CDN are free to use once you have been approved as a publisher on the platform. Ezoic stores a cached version of your website and serves it quickly to visitors across the world using cloud caching and CDN. You can set expires headers and other cache setting values exactly as you do in a caching plugin. If you have updated a page recently and want to deliver the updated version to repeat visitors, you can clear the cache for that specific page(URL) or entire website with just a click.

AMP Converter

Publishers on Ezoic can convert their mobile pages to AMPs (accelerated mobile pages) to give their smartphone visitors a quicker and more streamlined mobile experience. While there are some specialized plugins that can accomplish the same thing, using Ezoic AMP Converter has a few advantages over those plugins.

For instance, Ezoic offers a smooth, simple, and easy transition to AMP while maintaining all mobile functions and designs, in contrast to plugins. Additionally, you can monitor the performance of AMPs against ordinary mobile pages to see if they are really improving user experience matrices and advertising revenue.

The AMP converter instantly converts all mobile pages to AMPs, and the updated pages will be indexed the next time Google crawls your website. Once indexed, Google will start displaying AMP versions of mobile pages in search engine page results.

PWA Converter – Offer AppLike Experience on Mobile Site

PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) offer users a quick, dynamic, and immersive mobile experience that feels and looks like a native mobile app. Simply put, you can offer all the features of an app on your mobile website using PWA converter on Ezoic, absolutely free and without any coding knowledge. Advantages of PWA for publishers –

  • faster and more responsive transitions, especially between pages
  • ability to access website content offline
  • App-like features include the ability to use a website in full-screen mode and the ability to save a website to a mobile device’s home screen for later use.
  • ability to send push notifications to drive users back to your website.
  • Swipable story card formats to increase user engagement.

Can I use PWA and AMP together?

Yes, PWA and AMP can be used individually or together. When someone visits your website for the first time, AMP loads it very fast and installs a service worker in the background for PWA. When the user navigates to another page, PWA is activated to offer a quick and immersive app-like experience. Thus, combining AMP and PWA ensures that visitors have a seamless and quick experience throughout.

How Can Ezoic Help With Content Optimization and SEO?

Better content and SEO will bring your website more visitors and, eventually, more ad revenue. Ezoic knows it and offers a variety of features you can use to improve the content and SEO of your website.

Tag Tester – Find a Title That Performs The Best on SERP

Tag Tester is a unique and very useful feature that lets you test different titles and descriptions for a post or page and figure out which performs the best on SERP.

For instance, you might be unsure of which of several potential post titles will perform best on search engines. Simply enter various titles in Tag Tester, and Ezoic will take care of the rest.

For a week or two, Ezoic will test variations and try out various titles while analyzing the post’s SEO performance using various metrics, including average SERP position, click-through rate, pageviews, bounce rate, etc. Each title will be given a SEO score. The best-scoring title will be automatically substituted for the post’s current title by the tag tester.

You can do A/B testing without using Tag Tester, but it will take months before you can accurately figure out the best-performing title for your post. Additionally, a manual test won’t be very accurate because there will be a lot of guesswork involved, such as uncertainty over the exact time that search engines crawl and re-index various titles.

Layout Tester – Serve Best Performing Layouts to Visitors

Sometimes, a small adjustment to a website’s design can significantly enhance user experience. Every website can have hundreds of different layouts with various menus, color schemes, widget placements, ad formats, and other design adjustments. Furthermore, a particular layout may outperform others in terms of both user experience and ad revenue.

If you attempt to handle everything yourself, it will take years to design various layouts, present them to various users, and ascertain which performs best in terms of generating the most advertising revenue and offering the best user experience.

Ezoic brought a solution to this problem with the Layout Tester.

When you activate Layout Tester, Ezoic automatically indexes all of the files, generates various layouts, and serves different formats to different visitors—all without altering any of the original website’s source codes. Each layout will have a distinct look, with page elements like the menubar, page columns, widget arrangements, colors, fonts, and other elements arranged in different ways.

While doing all of this, the Ezoic system continuously tracks metrics such as page views per visitor, bounce rate, visitor time on site, and ad revenue generated during a session to determine which layouts are performing the best. The Ezoic system then begins displaying the top-performing layouts to visitors, increasing your advertising revenue and improving user experience metrics.

Using Layout Tester may sound technical, but everything is actually handled by the Ezoic team. Keep doing what you usually do. Their team will automatically generate various layouts/templates without altering or adding any code to your original website. Moreover, you have complete control over when to turn the layout tester on or off.

I haven’t used Layout tester, but those who have for a longer period of time have reported seeing significant increases in ad revenue and user experience.

Other Useful Features Ezoic Offers

Other features of Ezoic that are noteworthy include

Free SSL Certificate – Ezoic offers a free SSL certificate to all its publishers. In addition to Google using HTTPS as a ranking factor, visitors may feel very uneasy when transacting on a website not secured with HTTPS, which could result in you losing potential customers. When I switched to Ezoic, they installed a free SSL certificate on my website, and I don’t have to worry about its renewal because it keeps getting renewed automatically after every few months.

Ezoic Levels – Ezoic has 5 different levels – Level 1, 2, 3, 4, and VIP. Each level has certain benefits and incentives to publishers. Publishers can apply for the next level by meeting all requirements needed for next level and enjoy the benefits of the upper level. Sites at a higher level will earn more ad revenue.

Trailblazer – Publishers can join Trailblazer to access new products and features that are not yet fully developed, and Ezoic is working on them.

Script Tester – Assists you in determining how a feature is impacting your users and revenue and helps you decide whether the feature is worthwhile to add or not.

Google Violations – The App lists all URLs Google is not displaying ads for because of some violation.

Objectionable Content – lists pages of your website containing objectionable content or comments.

Broken Link Checker – This tool finds and reports pages with broken links on them.

Awards – You can show off your Ezoic Certifications or Accreditation badges on your website.

Consent Management – The app helps you to comply with global standards and privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. The application will automatically identify visitor IP addresses and show the users the appropriate consent management dialog or notifications based on their locations.

DNS Settings – You can access and change the DNS settings of your domain within Ezoic.

Big Data Analytics: Make Data-Driven Decisions

When you are experimenting with so many things, you need a place where you can monitor your results, review your reports, and make informed decisions based on data. Such a place on Ezoic is called Big Data Analytics, where publishers can access organized data and insight about every little thing happening on their websites.

Using Big Data Analytics, you can access reports on revenue, traffic, experiments, audience behavior, content, UX, SEO, video and Humix, site speed, traffic sources, and technology in a very detailed manner with filters, columns, and extra dimensions.

ezoic big data analytics

There are some special reports in Ezoic Big Data Analytics that are not found in other analytics tools, such as revenue by author or category, and insightful audience data, like the ability to check the bounce rate for a particular city or even a specific pin code. You can learn what appeals to and repels visitors. Discover the commonalities among the most read articles. Such insights can help you improve your existing content and take proper actions.

You can add columns, filters, and additional dimensions to any report page, such as visitor age, country, browser, language, weather, service provider, traffic sources, ePMV, share/visit, navigational bounces, and much more. Linking these dimensions with matrics can help you to reach a conclusion, make an informed decision and take suitable action.

How to Use Big Data Analytics to Your Advantage?

Big data analytics let you pull out a ton of helpful matrices and reports that you can use to grow your website much more quickly.

Create More Content Around a Category With Highest RPM – Click on Categories under Content in Big Data Analytics and check which category has made you the most money and has the highest RPM. Have a look at the image below –

category wise revenue ezoic

As you can see, the RPM for the category Make Money Online is significantly higher ($5.59) than that of the second-highest earning category, Air Traffic Control ($1.80). In fact, it has a lower bounce rate and users are spending more time on it.

Therefore, it’s obvious that writing more content under the category Make Money Online will increase my earnings and boost user engagement as well. By using big data analytics, you can identify a category to which you ought to pay more attention.

Get the Most Out of Top-Performing Pages – Find the pages with the highest ePMV by clicking Landing Pages under Content in big data analytics. A landing page with the highest ePMV and most visits is undoubtedly the most valuable page on your website, and you can take advantage of this fact.

page wise epmv ezoic analytics

Now that you are aware of the value of your pages, you can charge advertisers more if they wish to have their banners displayed on top-performing pages. You can also promote your affiliate links on the best-performing pages to increase your affiliate earnings. Try to understand why these pages are so popular. What do they all have in common? You can use those common things in your new articles.

Similar to this, you can access useful matrices like bounce rate, ePMV, and user engagement time for all pages in big data analytics by clicking on all pages listed under content.

Just these two examples should have helped you understand the potential of big data analytics. You can monitor a number of helpful matrices using big data analytics, combine them, and draw various conclusions from them in order to improve your website and content. Maybe we’ll cover it in a different post later.

Adsense Vs Ezoic: Which is Better?

Actually, Adsense and Ezoic are two different solutions. Both are great at whatever they do. Adsense is one of the best ad networks in the world and it’s really easy to place Adsense ads on a blog, especially with the Auto Ads feature.

Ezoic on the other hand optimizes your earnings from existing ad networks. Adsense serves ads on your website while Ezoic manages your Ad inventory(ad space). You can optimize and increase your Adsense earnings with Ezoic.

It provides many tools for the overall improvement of a website as well as takes care of complete monetization so that publishers can focus on creating content.

How Do I Join, Configure Ezoic, and Other FAQs?

If Ezoic has already invited you via email, that’s great; if not, it’s now open to all publishers, big or small.

Create an Account on Ezoic

Pageviews Requirements – They no longer have a minimum pageview requirement. Sites with less than 10,000 monthly pageviews can only access Ezoic’s monetization service through their Access Now program. Sites with more than 10,000 monthly pageviews can register here.

Ad Policy Requirements – No matter how big or small, every website must abide by the rules of the Google Ad Policy. That’s it. You won’t make it through copied content.

Niche or Category Requirements – Ezoic works well with content websites like news websites, blogs, and evergreen content. However, they are not restricted to just these. Nearly anyone can try their luck with Ezoic as long as they are not breaking the rules set forth by the Google webmaster.

Do I Need an Adsense Account to Apply for Ezoic? – No, you don’t. But if you have one, it should be in good standing.

How Do I Integrate My Site With Ezoic? – You have two choices: a WordPress plugin or cloud integration. Cloud integration is recommended and can be done via nameservers and Cloudflare. Please visit this page for a detailed guide on how to integrate a site with Ezoic.

Ad Tester, Layout Tester, LEAP, and Other Configurations – Ezoic team can assist you, or you can do it on your own. With the majority of the tools, settings, and configurations in Ezoic, a guide or help link will be visible. Most settings are self-explanatory. You can follow these guides –

Does Ezoic Only Work With WordPress Websites? – No, it also integrates flawlessly with every other CMS, including Magneto, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, SquareSpace, and others.

Ezoic’s Payout Options – Payoneer, PayPal, and Check depending upon the publisher’s country.

Ezoic’s Minimum Payout Threshold and Schedule – The minimum payout threshold is just $20. Payments are processed every month between the 27th and the 31st. Ezoic follows a NET 30 payment term, i.e. the advertising revenue you earn during this month will be paid out to you by the end of the next month. My payment usually arrives on the 28th of every month.

Ezoic Review – Should You Join Ezoic?

Unquestionably, yes. Every publisher should give Ezoic a try for boosting ad revenue and UX. In fact, Ezoic offers publishers a revenue guarantee under which they will pay the difference plus an additional 25% if another solution generates more ad revenue for your website than Ezoic during the 30-day testing period. Other than raising ad revenue, you can make use of some really helpful features like WordPress hosting, CDN, and LEAP absolutely free.

My personal experience with Ezoic has been really great so far. They have a fantastic team, respond to all questions, and do their best to resolve issues. In the past four years, I have seen Ezoic add a ton of helpful features for publishers, which demonstrates their enthusiasm for what they do.

Try it out for a few months, and if you don’t notice any improvement, you can always go back to your previous ad network. As more data is compiled month over month, the Ezoic system gets very accurate with the decisions on what to show, and when.

Please share this article on your social media accounts if you found it helpful. And share your experiences with Ezoic through the comment box below.

Ezoic Review 2024 | How Ezoic Doubled My Ad Revenue?

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