10 Deadliest Airplane Crashes in Aviation History

Air Transport is the safest mode of travel in the world and a lot of stats support this fact. According to a website, there are only 0.07 deaths per one billion passenger miles. The only issue is when there is an air accident the chances of survival are almost zero. There are so many safety nets in aviation that make sure that it remains to be the safest mode of transportation but disasters are triggered by a chain of critical events.

worst airplane crashes in history

10 Worst Airplane Crashes in History

Name of AccidentPlaceAircraft InvolvedDateCasualties
9/11 AttacksUSA  B76711-09-2001Over 3000
Tenerife DisasterTenerife, Canary IslandBoth B74727-03-1977583
Japan Airlines Flight 123Mt. Osutaka, JapanB74712-08-1985520
Saudia-Kazakh Mid-Air CollisionCharkhi Dadri, IndiaB747 and IL-7612-11-1996349
Turkish Airlines Flight 981Bois d’ Ermenonville, FranceDC-1003-03-1974346
Air India Flight 182The Atlantic Ocean, South-West of IrelandB74723-06-1985329
Saudia Arabian Flight 183Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaL101119-08-1980301
Malaysian Airlines Flight 17Hrabove, UkraineB77717-07-2014295
Iran Air Flight 655Persian GulfA30003-07-1988290
Iranian Military IL-76Shahdad, IranIL-7619-02-2003275

Worst Plane Crashes in History

I have compiled the world’s top 10 deadliest airplane crashes or accidents in history in terms of casualties-

1. 9/11 Attacks

 Place: USA  Date: 11-09-2001  Casualties: over 3000

Airlines: United Airlines, American Airlines  Aircraft: B767

The deadliest air disaster in the world is the 9/11 attack in the USA on September 11, 2001. 19 militants of the Al-Qaeda group hijacked 4 aircraft and used them as weapons. Out of four, two aircraft were flown into World Trade Centre Towers (New York) killing around 1800 people. The third aircraft were used to attack the Pentagon building in Washington D.C. killing 189 people and the fourth aircraft crashed in Pennsylvania.

Over 3000 people lost their lives in these ghastly attacks. These terrorist attacks shocked the entire world and forced the USA to take stern action against the group responsible for this air disaster.

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2. Tenerife Disaster

 Place: Tenerife, Canary Island  Date: 27-03-1977   Casualties: 583

Airlines: KLM, Pan-AM Airlines  Aircraft: Both B747

Tenerife Disaster occurred on the gloomy day of March 27, 1977.  583 people lost their lives and it remains the world’s deadliest air accident in Aviation history. Most people who are interested in aviation must have heard of this accident between KLM and Pan AM Jumbos (Boeing 747). Due to fog visibility was very poor and KLM Boeing 747 attempted to take off without clearance. At the same time, Pan AM Boeing 747 was taxiing on the same runway. KLM could see the Pan AM flight only when it was too close to take any action to avoid the collision.

Airplane Crashes Caused By ATC’s Errors

No passenger survived from KLM Flight but luck was with 61 Passengers and Crew of the Pan AM flight who survived. In the investigation, it was concluded that Pilot-error was the main cause of the Collision added to low visibility conditions and no surveillance equipment available with Los Rodeos Airport Air Traffic control (ATC).

3. Japan Airlines Flight 123

 Place: Mt. Osutaka, Japan  Date: 12-08-1985   Casualties: 520

Airlines: Japan Airlines  Aircraft: B747

It is the most disastrous air accident involving a single aircraft with maximum causalities. A total of 520 people lost their lives when Japan Airlines Boeing 747, Flight No. JAL123 crashed into Mount Osutaka on August 12, 1985. Aircraft became uncontrollable when it suffered decompression failure destroying its vertical stabilizers. It also severed hydraulic lines of aircraft and it was impossible to control it, despite pilots’ efforts for more than half an hour.

Although a number of people survived the crash delays in rescue operations caused the death of all but four survivors. All 15 crew members and 505 of the 509 passengers on board perished.

Watch this Disaster’s video on Youtube

4. Saudia-Kazakh Mid-Air Collision

 Place: Charkhi Dadri, India  Date: 12-11-1996  Casualties: 349

Airlines: Saudia Airlines & Kazakhstan Airline  Aircraft: B747 and IL-76

It is termed the world’s deadliest mid-air collision causing the death of 349 people. It occurred between ill-fated Saudia B747, Flight No. SVA763 and Kazakhstan Airline IL-76, Flight No. KZK1907 over Haryana, India on November 12, 1996. Delhi ATC cleared altitude 15000 feet to arrive Kazakh flight whereas outbound Saudia flight was cleared altitude of 14000 feet as they were on reciprocal route. But Kazakh Aircraft was flying lower than the assigned clearance altitude and it realized it was too late to take any corrective action.

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All 349 passengers and crew on board both aircraft died in this fatal accident. Some of the causes found in the investigation were the same route for arriving and departing aircraft, lack of infrastructure with Delhi ATC which at that time was dependent on Primary radar only, non-availability of TCAS in aircraft, and lack of proficiency in English of Kazakh pilots.

Watch Saudia-Kazakh Mid-Air Collision’s Videos on Youtube

5. Turkish Airlines Flight 981

Place: Bois d’ Ermenonville, France  Date: 03-03-1974  Casualties: 346

Airlines: Turkish Airlines; Aircraft: DC-10

Detachment of Cargo Door of Turkish Airlines flight 981 proved fatal for all the persons on board. Detachment of the door caused explosive decompression resulting in collapsing of the floor above the cargo section. It was a DC-10 flight that took off from Orly Airport for London on March 3, 1974. The explosion caused a loss of control over the elevators, rudders, and other important controlling parts of the aircraft. The flight crashed in a forest northeast of Paris, France.

All 346 people on board died. At that time it was the deadliest air crash in the world.

Watch Turkish Airlines Flight 981 Accident’s Videos On Youtube

6. Air India Flight 182

 Place: Atlantic Ocean, South-West of Ireland  Date: 23-06-1985  Casualties: 329

Airlines: Air India;  Aircraft: B747

It was the first of its kind attack in the civil aviation world. It was a terrorist attack that claimed 329 lives on June 23, 1985. A terrorist with the name ‘M. Singh’ did not board the flight but he made sure that his suitcase with the bomb got loaded on the Air India Boeing 747 flight. When the aircraft was southwest of Ireland’s coast, the bomb exploded.

In the investigation, it was found that this was a terrorist attack seeking revenge for the Indian Government’s attack on Sikhs’ holy place Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984 during Operation Blue Star.

Watch this Air Accident’s Videos on Youtube

7. Saudia Arabian Flight 183

 Place: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  Date: 19-08-1980  Casualties: 301

Airlines: Saudi Arabian Airlines; Aircraft: L1011

 The wrong decision of the pilot caused the death of its passengers and crew in this accident. Saudia Arabian flight No. 183 became the first flight that did not get crashed yet 301 passengers and crew lost their lives on 19 August 1980.

Pilots got fire warning lights on and requested a full emergency landing from ATC. By the time aircraft landed on Runway, a fire covered the baggage compartment and passenger cabin. Here, the Pilot took the wrong decision, and instead of announcing immediate evacuation of passengers and allowing fire vehicles to extinguish the fire, he decided to vacate the runway. It took valuable time and due to fumes passengers and crew were unconscious, so they were not in a state to open the doors and vacate the aircraft. All the passengers and crew died.

Watch this Head-on collision on Youtube

8. Malaysian Airlines Flight 17

Place: Hrabove, Ukraine  Date: 17-07-2014  Casualties: 295

Airlines: Malaysian Airlines;  Aircraft: B777

It is the deadliest accident involving a state-of-art Boeing 777. On July 17, 2014, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with 298 persons on board. The plane crashed after being hit by a Russian-made Buk missile over eastern Ukraine. Various countries have different opinions about the cause of the accident the Dutch report said that it was hit by some high-energy objects, US and Germany said it was a surface-to-air missile that hit the aircraft while Russia denied such charges of its involvement in this accident.

Although in September 2016, an international team of criminal investigators said evidence showed the Buk missile had been brought in from Russian territory and was fired from a field controlled by pro-Russian fighters. There were 283 passengers, including 3 infants, and 15 crew members on board MH17, all of whom perished.

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9. Iran Air Flight 655

Place: Persian Gulf  Date: 03-07-1988  Casualties: 290

Airlines: Iran Air;  Aircraft: A300

It was during the Tanker War in 1988 when the ill-fated Iran Air flight 655, an Airbus 300, was shot down by surface-to-air missiles launched from a US Navy Cruiser Vincennes. On July 3, 1988, Iran Air Flight 655 was in the climbing phase after its departure from Bandar Abbas Airport when US Navy Carrier misinterpreted it to be an Iranian Fighter aircraft. US Navy gave a warning (with wrong altitude and position of Iranian aircraft) to the aircraft on emergency frequency 121.5 which was not replied to by Iranian Aircraft as they thought it was meant for some other aircraft. When US Navy did not get any response, they shot down the aircraft.

All 290 passengers and crew perished in this attack which was due to a wrong interpretation by US Navy Carrier.

Watch what happened with Iran Air Flight 655 on Youtube

10. Iranian Military IL-76

Place: Shahdad, Iran  Date: 19-02-2003  Casualties: 275

Operator: Islamic Revolution’s Guard Co.  Aircraft: IL-76

The accident of the Iranian Military’s Islamic Revolution’s Guard aircraft occurred on February 19, 2003. Aircraft was operating from Zahedan to Kerman. It was a Russian-made IL-76 aircraft that got stuck in bad weather. Strong winds were reported in the region of the crash when the aircraft disappeared from radar screens. It crashed 330 feet below the Peak of Sirach Mountain approximately 35NM southeast of Kerman.

All 275 people on board perished in this deadly accident. Investigation reports concluded bad weather to be the reason for the accident.

Watch This Disaster’s Videos On Youtube

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