eDomz Review | CPM rates for Banner Ads are Dreadful

eDomz(now GlobalAdMedia) is one of the oldest(since 2005) online ad network. A few days ago I was searching for the best CPM ad networks and I noticed that eDomz was listed on several blogs. At the same time , there were many complaining about it. I tried it for a few days on my blog and sharing my experience with eDomz in this post.

A little About eDomz/GlobalAdMedia

eDomz is in the business of ad networking since 2005 and providing traffic to advertisers. Their advertising solution provides contextual ads that make sure that relevant ads are being shown to your visitor. Contextual ads help you getting more clicks and hence increase conversion rates and earn you more money. They pay out 70% revenue share to the publisher.

  • Sign up and Approval process

eDomz provides 2 types of ad formats- Pop-Up/Pop-Under and CPM/CPC ad banner. For using both types of ad formats , you have to create separate accounts for each ad format. I used their CPM ad banner on my website. Sign up process is pretty easy. Click on sign up , choose account type(Pop-up/under or CPM/CPC ad banner) , provide other information like your username ,contact and website detail and submit.

They will review your website and send you an email if they have approved your website or not. Once your account is approved you can sign-in and get ad code to paste on your site. The ad will not appear instantly on your site as they take another 1-2 days to approve each ad banner you select.

Join eDomz

  • Traffic and other requirements for approval

There is no specific traffic and minimum no. of posts requirements. You can apply even if your site is getting 10 hits a day with 5-10 quality posts.  eDomz welcomes all publishers.

  • Ad format and Dashboard

eDomz offers two types of ad formats – Pop-Up/Pop-Under and CPM/CPC ad banner . Pop-Up ad opens in a new window of browser while Pop-Under ads either opens automatically when an user enter into your site or open when user clicks somewhere.

You can show CPM/CPC ad banners anywhere on your site i.e. sidebar , footer/header etc through a widget.

eDomz dashboard has a good user interface. Most of stuff is fairly self explanatory. Reports gives an insight about impressions, ad views, Clicks and earning for each single day .

  • Minimum Payment threshold and Payment options

The minimum payout is lower i.e. $10 and you can get your money through PayPal, Webmoney and MoneyBookers. They make payment on net 15 basis(for Pop-Up/Pop-Under publisher) and net 45 basis(CPM/CPC ad banner publisher).

CPM Rates for eDomz banner Ads are Horrible

I tried eDomz banner ad(300*250) on right sidebar of my website for a few days. Let’s have a look on some Analytics traffic stats on my site before I show you eDomz CPM figures.

analytics traffic statsYou can see most of the visitors are finding my site through organic search. eDomz is a CPM ad network and I was supposed to get a rate based on per thousand impression and not through clicks. See what I got for the first thousand impressions –

eDomz CPM rates for ad banner

Yes , I earned $0.02 for showing someone else Ad to 1000 people.

eDomz didn’t work for me. It happens. People gets different CPM rates for the same Ads network. CPM rates depends upon various other factors such as niche of the blog, rich keywords , traffic etc. I do believe that a blog receiving huge traffic can earn handsome amount from CPM Ads network.

Here is the hope for people who want to try eDomz –

eDomz claims high CPM rates for pop up ads

They claim high CPM of above $3 for all country for their pop under Ads. Try it out and let us know your experience through comments. Join eDomz

Note: They have made a lot of changes in past couple of days. They are accepting publishers in their premium ad network GlobalAdMedia.


7 thoughts on “eDomz Review | CPM rates for Banner Ads are Dreadful”

    1. Your site is new and not getting sufficient traffic to make any money. You can start with infolink and revenuehit and then apply for adsense. Best of luck.

  1. eDomz always worked very good for me and now they have moved to their new ad network which is globaladmedia.com even giving much better options, I am earning an average of $2.30 for US traffic and about 0.70c cpm for my India traffic, admin is one of the lady I met who always response and very polite.

  2. eDomz is now Globaladmedia .And its good for Pop Advertisement .Most of we are using popAds or Popcash , BUT its my request just try once .i must sure you will have good result .

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