AAI JE ATC Exams Cut Off Marks(2012-2023)

Hi Everyone. For the last few months, I have been writing about ATC (Air Traffic Control) and AAI JE- ATC Exam/interview, and it really delights me to see the kind of response from all of you through your comments. I try to write all the matter about ATC and JE-ATC Exam which really matters to you.  One question that I have been asked too many times is –

” What is the expected cut-off to get an interview call?”

So I have tried to find out the Cut-off Marks for these exams through RTI as well as on the internet. I will be trying to discuss all these exams in this article. AAI conducted these exams in the past few years:

  1. JE-ATC Exam (Year 2012, Date of Exam: 01/07/2012)
  2. JE-ATC Exam (Year 2015, Date of Exam: 26/04/2015)
  3. JE-ATC Exam (Year 2015, Date of Exam: 26/12/2015)
  4. JE-ATC Exam (Year 2016, Date of Exam: 24/04/2016)
  5. JE-ATC Exam (Year 2018, Date of Exam: 30/11/2018)
  6. JE-ATC Exam (Year 2021, Date of Exam: 25/03/2021)
  7. JE-ATC Exam (Year 2022, Date of Exam: 27/07/2022)

Cut off Marks for AAI JE-ATC Exam held on 1st July, 2012:

  • The exam was held on 1st July, 2012.
  • Approximately 20000 candidates appeared in the exam. The low attendance of candidates was due to the fact that BEL Entrance exam was also held on the same day.
  • The exam was held in 10 cities viz. Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur and Thiruvananthapuram.
  • The result was declared on 7th August, 2012.
  • Total 561 candidates were shortlisted for the interview and voice test.
  • Interviews and Voice test were conducted in August, 2012 in four metro cities viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.
  • The final result was declared on 22nd October, 2012.
  • 200 candidates were selected for the post but around 160 candidates joined the training institutes of AAI on 5th November 2012.
  • AAI released the second list for 41 candidates in January, 2013.

Before going for the cut-off marks discussion, let’s just understand two important things i.e. how the marks are divided by AAI and what do we mean by the term “cut-off marks”.

Distribution of Marks:

total marks in aai atc test

Cut-off Marks: “These are the marks secured by the candidate (in a particular category), who is the last one in the list of selected candidates for the next round or in the final selection list.” Cut-off marks data as provided by AAI in response to a RTI is as:

Cut-off Marks for AAI JE (ATC) Exam, 2012:

cut off marks aai atc 2012 exam

Cut off Marks for AAI JE-ATC Exam held on 26th April, 2015:

  • The exam was conducted on 26th April, 2015.
  • 200 candidates were selected through the selection process which comprises of Written Test and Voice Test + Interview.
  • This was the last time when AAI conducted the exam through Offline mode.
  • Also this was the first exam in which B.Sc. candidates were also allowed to appear in the exam.
  • Technical Section of Written Test had questions only from Maths and Physics.
  • This time AAI also published Answer keys as well to bring the transparency in the selection process.
  • Result of written test was declared on 6th August, 2015.
  • Total 599 Candidates were called for Interview and Voice Test.
  • This time also there were two lists of selected candidates as all the candidates of first list did not join AAI’s training institute.

cut off marks aai atc exam 2015

Expected Cut-off Marks for AAI JE-ATC Exam held on 26th  December , 2015:

  • The exam was conducted on 26th December, 2015.
  • Total 400 candidates are to be selected through this exam.
  • This was the first time when AAI conducted the written exam through Online Mode.
  • Result was declared on 05.02.2015
  • Total 1034 candidates were shortlisted for the interview and voice test.

Expected Cut-off Marks of AAI ATC Dec., 2015 Exam:

Based on the level of questions in both sessions i.e.Morning and Evening, I have tried to make wild-guess about the expected cut-off marks that should be sufficient to get you an interview call from AAI.

  • General: 70-76
  • OBC: 68-75
  • SC: 62-68
  • ST: 57-62

Please do remember here that above data is just expected one, for actual cut-off marks of JE-ATC Exam held on 26th December, 2015, we need to wait for the result declaration by AAI. I will upload the category-wise cut-off marks, once result is declared. An RTI is to be filed soon for the same so that all I upload on ‘incomopedia’ is the authentic data.

Edit: AAI has declared the result of the exam held on 26 December 2015. This time AAI has taken a new initiative and they have declared the Cut off marks for each category. Here, I would like to share my pleasure that the cut-off marks declared/expected by Incomopedia just fall on that list. Here are the cut-off marks for AAI ATC Exam held on 26.12.2015:

aai atc exam cut off 26 December 2015

Edit/2: Some of you might be having doubt that if there is no negative marking and each question carries one mark, then how come the cut-off marks are in decimals? Well, these marks are basically the normalized marks and not the actual marks secured by the candidates. That is why this decimal figure has come into the picture. The description of the normalization process is beyond the scope of this article.

Edit/3: AAI has given a link to check the normalized marks of the candidates who appeared in the JE-ATC Exam conducted on 26 Dec. 2015. You need to enter your Application Number & Date of Birth. 

Cut off Marks for AAI JE-ATC Exam held on 24th April, 2016

  • JE-ATC exam was held on 24 April 2016 against the advt no. 07/2015
  • AAI doubled the number of vacancies for the post of JE (ATC) i.e. 400 posts instead of 200.
  • The test was conducted online and Exam was much tougher than the JE-ATC exams held in 2015.
  • The result was declared in February, 2017.
  • 2100 students appeared in the interview ( 27.02.2017 to 18.04.2017)
  • The highest Total Marks(written+Interview) were 114.000

Here is the final cut-off AAI JE-ATC Exam held on 24th April, 2016

atc exam cut off

Cut off Marks for AAI JE-ATC Exam held on 30 November, 2018:

  • The exam was held on 30 November, 2018 against the advt. no. 02/2018
  • 200 candidates are to be selected.
  • Most of the students found the online test more difficult than all previous year’s exams.
  • It is the first time AAI is recruiting JE candidates without the Interview process.
  • Response sheets were made available to download for candidates on 7 December, 2018. (Find more info on AAI ATC News page)
  • The result was declared on 01 February 2019. 536 candidates were called up for the document verification process.

AAI JE ATC Official Cut-off 2019


Cut off Marks for AAI JE-ATC Exam held on 25 March, 2021:

  • The recruitment notification was released in November, 2020
  • Total no. of ATC JE posts – 264
  • The online registration portal was open from 15 December, 2020 to 29 January, 2021
  • Admit Cards were released on 11 March, 2021
  • The exam was held on 25 March, 2021 against the Advt. NO. 05/2020
  • The result was declared on 2 August, 2021.
  • No. of selected candidates in 1st list were 695 against 264 posts.
  • Documents Verification and Voice Test held from 23.11.2021 to 10.12.2021
  • The result was declared on 23 February, 2022

The Final Cut off for the ATC exam for various categories is –

GEN-95.645 | EWS-91 | OBC-92 | SC-86.789 | ST-84

Cut off Marks for AAI JE-ATC Exam held on 27th July, 2022:

  • The recruitment notification was released in June, 2022
  • Total no. of ATC JE posts – 400
  • The online registration portal was open from 15 June, 2022 to 14 July, 2022
  • Admit Cards were released on 22 July, 2022, almost a week before the exam.
  • The exam was held on 27 July, 2022 against the Advt. NO. 05/2020
  • Answer Key was released on 30th July, 2022
  • The result was declared on 19 September, 2022. Download
  • Total of 521 Candaditates were selected for document verification in the first list.

AAI Junior Executive Cut-off 2022

atc first cut off 2022

Hope the article will be able to present a picture of the trend of the cut-off marks for the ATC Exam.


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172 thoughts on “AAI JE ATC Exams Cut Off Marks(2012-2023)”

  1. Please provide me some material for junior executive exam,this is first time i go to exam,please suggest me how to prepere

    1. sudhir sheoran

      All the information regarding exam preparation is uploaded on this blog. Please take some pain and read the related posts already available.

  2. For 2nd phase interview of AAI_ATC-03/2015, I am shortlisted…but my marks after increment are 72…is there any chance to select in final merit list? approx how many marks i hv to get in interview…give me some ideas. ..

    1. It is not in your hand to decide how many marks you can get….just prepare well…bcz your performance only will decide whether you will be selected or not

  3. sir,
    1. i have already done with my interview in the first phase on 11th march 2016..and now after the revised answer key, my marks got incremented by 2. will the incremented marks be added to my overall marks now..?
    2. i have read in some news articles that there is a shortage of atc officers in aai…and the chairman has announced that aai is going to recruit many atc officers in the coming days….in this context,anyhow as they are going to interview 1200 more candidates now in the second phase, are there any chances for aai to increase the number of posts to be filled..?

  4. Hi! Can we expect a delay in the exam for advt 07/2015 given the present scenario of 2nd phase interviews? Moreover, the list for 2nd phase interviews has 1231 people. Will there be any seats left for the conduct of the exam of advt 07/2015?? Is there any chance it may be cancelled?

  5. sandeep kumar singh

    Hello sir, I gave interview for JE (Electronics) at January 2016 but now they announced second list for interview. Can you tell me the expected time after which they will announce the final result.

  6. 2nd phase interview list is is cancelled and mailed us fresh dates will be intimated separately…is there any chance of new merit list…I was already selected in 2nd phase of interview list.

  7. Is there any chances to reduce cutoff marks for St category for ATC 3/2015..after cancelling 2nd list of 1231 candidates..plz tel me sir…

      1. Sir,is there any chance to reduce in cutoff marks for ST category for ATC 3/2015_my marks are 62…after edited key…

  8. Do u have any idea on what basis 2nd phase list of 1231 candidate was declared for ATC 03/2015??Also will they keep all the 1231 candidates in the new merit list??Any idea when will the new list come??

    1. 1. As list is cancelled so it doesn’t matter what was the basis.
      2. Not all 1231 will be called.
      3. By April end hopefully

  9. sir,why the second phase interview of aai atc stands cancelled?will they raise the cut off?if yes then what could be the new cut off obc?please sir rply as soon as possible,,,,

  10. Hello sir, i did my xam for the post of junior xecutive in aai at 24th apri 2016l.wen i get the result sir.nd how i know that the results are released.am i get it in my mail id itself or through the website only.

  11. i am getting 56 marks (sc category) in the exam held for AAI (ATC -shift 1) on 24th April 2016, is there any chance of getting an interview call

  12. i had done btech in CSE , i applied for both JE (iT) and JE ( airport operation) . Is exam of IT and Airport operation will held on different dates or on same date .

  13. For JE (atc) on 24th april 2016 shift 2, i got 73 in UR , what are my chances of interview in 1st phase and 2nd phase .
    There are lot mistakes in answer key of shift2 exam , if AAI consider that mistakes then my new marks will be count in 1st phase interview or in 2nd phase ?


      Hello dear sir
      I got 75 general category in ATC
      But I was in 2nd shift and most of students are saying that 2nd shift was tough compared to 1st and 3rd shift
      Now I want to know that how much marks I can expect which will increase due to normalisation
      And aslo any chance of getting selected
      AO -85 first shift general category
      AO selection?

      1. sudhir sheoran

        Many candidates have reported very good marks(above 90). I feel cut-off is going to be higher than what we predicted based on initial reactions. Can’t say exactly how big is going to be the benefit, 2nd shift is going to get. I really feel 75 won’t be sufficient to make it through. AO-85 also has very slim chances. Remember this is my personal view and can be wrong.

  14. Hello sir
    i want to know why is der a second phase list out for the voice test and interview and y is the number of candidates shortlisted been increased to 1800?

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Hehe…AAI can tell the exact reason. Second phase is being conducted bcz first phase interview was done on the basis of wrong evaluation of answer sheets.

      1. Hello sir
        If the second list is there under 03/2015 then what about the candidates interviewed in the first list?

  15. i have been called for interview by 2nd list of candidates …where i got 71.278 marks ..so how damn good i do my interview .. i dont get 30/30 so i cant touch 100/150 marks to be in merit list ….
    1) so pls tell me is ther any chance for me to be in merit list ..how much minimum marks should i get out of 30 in interview ??

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Instead of making such stupid calculations you must prepare for your interview. Not that every one gets a second chance just like you guys. All the best. Prepare your level best. These speculations are ridiculous and wastage of time.

  16. Sir
    I have been trying to check my marks for so long..Bt the site is showing that the time got expired..So is it possible to check my aai atc marks by any other means??

  17. In ATC interview , majority of questions are asked from technical portion ( btech subjects, physics etc) or from general GK ( geography of india ,current affairs etc)

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Okay…have u appeared for interview? If yes then please share the questions. It will be of great help for others and incomopedia.

      1. Sorry,, Actually i was asking from you that majority of Questions comes from which section , technical or non technical,
        My marks for JE ATC 07/2015,shift-2, are 73 without any corrections, so i think i will start preparing for interview , who knows what will be going to happen next

        1. sudhir sheoran

          They can ask anything. Some guys were asked only tech, some were asked about aviation, GK etc. So prepare all you can do.

        1. Hi, I talked to an AAI employee 2 days ago. He said there are a lot of chances that AAI will release a recruitment notification this year.

  18. What is the technical syllabus for JE (IT) ? I’ve heard that it is mostly from Electronics communication and less from IT subjects. Is it true?(my branch is IT)
    Plz suggest some book for technical if quuestion comes from E&C.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      exact formula is known to AAI only. It depends on number of candidates appeared, number of vacancies in a particular category, highest marks etc.

  19. Sir I have been called for the ATC (JE) interview on 13th June. In documents list they told to bring “Consolidate Semester-wise/Final Mark Sheet of Degree Examination”. I have Degree certificate and 8th semester mark sheet (of B.Tech degree) on which my final CGPA is mentioned. is it enough??
    Secondly, they asked for the “CGPA to percentage formula issued by the university”. is it necessary?

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Take all docs with you…there is no harm in that. Conversion formula is required to know your equivalent percentage. Please share your interview experience and all the best dear.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      1. it depends on number of vacancies at higher level although there are certain designations where promotion is time bound. basic salary of all executives is same according to their designation.
      2. salary of atc is higher owing to higher rating allowances.

  20. 1. whether we have to stay for one more day after completing voice test or personal interview is carried on the same day ? (for booking room purpouse)


    My reporting time of the interview is 01:00 pm on 03/06/2016. By what will the process of the voice test and the interview be over ? I’ve already booked tickets for a train leaving at 08:00 pm .Should I cancel the tickets or not ?

  22. Hello sir
    I have got 57 marks in st category. My interview 6-6-2016 .
    1. kya muje interview ke liye pedna chahiye?
    2. My English communication is so weak. What to do ?

    1. sudhir sheoran

      AAI has given you a chance and you are very lucky bcz so many guys who were preparing for this exam could not get interview call. So just utilize this opportunity and do your best. Good luck.

  23. Sir my interview is on 2 June. My university taking time to issue me degree. Is there any problem if I can not produce my degree at the time of interview. Will they consider my case

    1. sudhir sheoran

      You need mark sheet of eighth semester which has marks of all semester so that AAI can check your overall percentage. Go with that.

        1. sudhir sheoran

          We are not chatting here. So write full question whenever you are asking anything. There are so many queries I handle so impossible to keep track of each and every question.

  24. sir , my interview was on 3rd june , 2016 .
    i was totally prepared for the interview , but during the interview they only asked me about myself , certain questions regarding the use of my strength in ATC , my favorite subject and a question related to that . AND NOTHING MORE , after these few questions they told me that my interview was over, which lasted for about 10 mins . they did not asked even a single question regarding atc or my subjects .
    but at the time of interview they were quite satisfied with my answers . but i didn’t find any reasons , why they didn’t asked me any question , even when i was prompt and brief with my answers for the above question and was satisfying them with my answers .
    can you please tell me the probable reason why they did so ??

    were they not in a mood to judge me ?? (coz i was the last candidate of the morning session , and it was getting late that day for their lunch time)

    1. sudhir sheoran

      You have done your part very well and keep the fingers crossed for results. Don’t worry about interview now as it is already over and we can’t change anything. Good luck !!

  25. Sir i had given my intetvw in mix of hindi and english for atc , so scared about this . I read in your intervw guidance english is necesary , sir will there any chance of my selection ?? Obc 68 marks

    I did mistakes in 3 ques out of 14

    1. You have great in interview. English is not compulsory in interview although it is preferable so no need to worry. All the best for your results and please share your interview experience and questions with us. It would be great of you.

      1. My branch is ece
        1-introduce yourself
        2-difference b/w analog and digital signal
        3-can analog be converted into digital signal
        4-EHF freq range and application ( i answered VHF range and application
        5- my project related – difference b/w microcontroller and microprocessor ( i answered opposite )
        6-what is work of ATC
        7-defn of airport (i partially answered they helped me to correct)
        8-how does aircraft fly
        9-ILS and DME fullform and function
        10-name the aviation organisation in india ( i said AERA then they asked funtion )
        11-occupasion of your father
        Itne ques yaad h jo puche the wo log

  26. 12- range of digital signal
    My intervw was on 24-5-16 (b 2 )
    Wo log mere se bahut achhe se baat kr rhe the hindi me hi during intrvw and also they appreciate me so many times

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Thank you so much Smita for taking so much pain and efforts to share your experience. Really appreciate that and Incomopedia wishes you best of luck for your final result.

  27. Please share more questions of interview ,you shared only one Question,,,,,Smita
    It would be help to all aspirants

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Please visit interview experience page on incomopedia and more questions from Smita will be uploaded by tomorrow. Stay tuned.

  28. Tell me about the 2nd phase cut off marks of ATC 26 the December …I need for obc ….cut off ..pls. Share ur marks friends ….thank u …guys

          1. If cut off is same then how could I selected for ATC interview …bcz I got 72 …initial cut off was 73 ..for obc…so please give me proper information ….please tell me exact cut off for each category ….cut off is same …is not a proper answer …so please sir

            1. Although I am not bound to give you any information vague or exact but I will say that it is due to wrong evaluation of answer sheets initially. They evaluated again properly and had to prepare list for second phase with the same cut off marks (as scored by the last candidate who appeared in first phase).
              And yes, Hopefully you wont use such language again on my blog.

  29. Hii , I had my interview on 7th June, B-2 , afternoon shift, 63 marks in written n st category.

    My interview questions.
    1. Introduce yourself
    2. What is Cutoff frequency
    3. Skip distance

    4. Modi tour to USA (which I answered partially, they were expecting to answer about his last tour to Iran)

    5. Functions f aaj
    6. Technologies used in ATC
    7. What is GMT
    8. 2types of communication network model
    9. Why do wanna become atco
    10. Source f income for aaj
    11. Minister f state for CA
    12. Regulatory body f aaj
    13. Information about my district
    14. My hobbies

    15. Did you find any difficulty in applying aaj ( I answered like no sir I didn’t find such difficulties as I applied as soon as notification was out n I kept all the related documents with me while applying so it was easy for me)

    16. Types of wave propagation.

    My interview lasted about 15-20 minutes. I answered almost 12 questions out of 16. So what are my chances ?

    1. sudhir sheoran

      As I can see you have a very good interview and they don’t expect you to know all the answers. So keep the fingers crossed and all the best for your result. And yes, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us.

  30. My marks is 70 in obc category . my interview is pretty good out of 16 questions I told 12 of them correctly .what are my chances of getting selected

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Chances are always 100% dear….you have done very well in the interview. Now let the luck decide it for you bcz interview is a game of relative performance. All the best for your result. One request please, share your interview experience and questions with us…it will strengthen incomopedia platform. The link is :

  31. sir …I got 72 and am obc category ..my interview was on 30th may …interviewers asked me physics base question …I have done m.sc in physics (as electronics special ) ..my interview performance is about moderate …so what about my chance to select for training ??

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Chances are always 100% dear….Just think that you have done very well in the interview. Now let the luck decide it for you bcz interview is a game of relative performance. All the best for your result. One request please, share your interview experience and questions with us…it will strengthen incomopedia platform. The link is :

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Right now not available with us. You can file an RTI to know. No such waiting list published by AAI but expect second list in August or Sept.

  32. sir, I am selected for the training as JE ATC. When will the training start? Will they send the offer letter by mail?

  33. sir and friends please share your total marks or interview marks or written marks of ATC 26 th December ….who got call for ATC training ..

  34. Hello Sir,
    My marks is 87 UR-Shift 2,
    Taking into consideration as the huge number of candidates have taken the exam,what are my chances?

    Further, whether marks are increased or decreased after normalisation?

    1. Marks are decreased after normalisation. 87 is pretty good score to expect call for Voice test. All the very best.

      1. Hello sir…
        I have got 92 marks in 2nd shift ATC (obc).
        what are my chances to make it to the FINAL merit list after normalisation??
        Thank you.

        1. 92 is decent score. We are expecting cut of to be around 85. So you have good chances to make it to the Final merit list.

    1. For 200 post, maximum 250 candidates are expected as hardly any candidate gets failed in Voice test. 85 is safe if things go as expected.

  35. sir,
    when can we expect results to be declared….any rough idea??
    and the reason why last recruitment took such a long time??

    1. Results are expected by Feb as first batch for training is expected to commence from June’19.
      It is general practice that recruitment is done once a year so we can’t say recruitment was done after a long time.

  36. Sir, is there girl Cotta in aai recurtiment…

    Or you have any idea about max student in sc cat. Got more than 70 number.

  37. Sir, since aai is calling candidates in 1:3 ratio for all the posts most of them having only dv after cbt..so can we expect same or more for atc? And what can be the expected cut off now.. bcoz your cut off was according to 1:1.5 ratio

  38. Sir,
    Any chance of getting a 2nd list. If so any chance for me with 77 marks in 1st shift in Gen category to make it to 2nd list?

  39. Sir I am getting 87 marks , my name was there in document verification list but didn’t got selected, is there any chance for me in second list?

    1. Hello Sir, can you tell about expected exam date/ Month for Atc 2021 sir My M. SC semester exam will be held on 15th April. So any chance to coincide these both exam pleas reply sir???

  40. Sir,
    I have got 93 raw marks in shift 3 OBC. Is there any significant chance for selection in AAI ATC 2022 (held on 27 july 2022)?

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