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Hi there,

Welcome to my blog. This blog is open to all. If you have some really good stuff to write about or you are passionate about writing amazing content about one of following categories , then you are the man we are looking for.

  • Technology
  • Blogging
  • How to … Guides
  • Make money online Tips
  • Business/entrepreneurship Tips
  • Social Media & Marketing

A lot of people have asked me if there are any guidelines to follow. Here is my response. Yes, You just have to make sure that your content meet following 4 standards –

  1. No Affiliate Links
  2. Copyright – We give contributors full credit for their posts so No matter who writes the post , once the post is published on Incomopedia.com , We own the rights to the content. You can’t spin it around the web anymore.
  3. The Content  –  The Content must be detailed and unique. Don’t copy it from anywhere else on the web. The article must be original and needs to be at least 800 words. Make sure your post is relevant and helpful to my readers.
  4. Outbound Links – Write quality articles and link to exceptionally good quality articles.  Every external link must be natural and contextually related to the topic being discussed. But for now we don’t allow any backlinks in the post. We need genuine contributors. Although you are allowed to insert 2 links(only your social media profile links) in author bio.

Our visitors expect the best so your content must be fresh and unique. If you have read and understand the guidelines above, you can send your articles to admin@incomopedia.com or submit here.

Thank You!

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