AAI JE-ATC Interview 2016: Questions Asked in First Phase

AAI recruits the ATC Officers in India for Civil Aviation Management in India. Air Traffic Controllers are the masters of their respective air space and this comes with a huge responsibility. The selection procedure for JE-ATC, has Online-Test followed by Voice Test and Interview. Voice Test and Interviews are conducted on the same day after the document verification of the candidate.

Now coming to this particular post which aims at preparation for JE-ATC Interview. This article is a compilation of questions asked to candidates in the JE-ATC Interviews held in First phase (Feb-March 2016). I am sincerely thankful to the candidates who shared their experience and these questions so that all of you guys can get benefitted. Without their efforts Incomopedia could not have written this informative and helping post for people trying to be a part of this unique profession.

1. What are the duties of ATC OFFICERS other than guiding the aircraft?
2. What are various layers of atmosphere and in which layer aircraft fly? Why?
3. What are types of clouds? Which clouds are dangerous for aircraft?
4. How does aircraft come to know about bad weather en route?
5. What is status of Gagan? Some applications and advantages of Gagan?
6. What is Mach no.?
7. Which was fastest commercial aircraft in the world? Why was it grounded?
8. Why crude oil price is falling and which type of fuel is used in aircraft?
9. Should we go for privatisation of ATC?
10. What is your opinion about privatization of airports?
11. How does aircraft applies brakes?
12. Is there any reverse gear in aircraft?
13. Why cant aircraft reduces it’s speed say 20 kmps before landing so that it just lands and vacate the runway in a few seconds so that more aircraft can be accommodated?
14. What is bank angle?
15. What is aircraft stalling?
16. What are the Functions of AAI?
17. what functions do AAI have at privatised airports?
18. Are there any private ATC Officers in India?
19. What are the requirements for granting a  Mini-Ratna status to a PSU?
20. As you are aware that ATC Officers are bound to stress…how will you manage such a stressful job?
21. Will you join Port Blair as your first posting place?
22. Describe the LED tv (will be there in Interview room) for two minutes.
23. What is ICAO?
24. Tell me about your home-town.
25. Why cant aircraft take off vertically just like a helicopter?
26. Difference between altitude, height and elevation.
27. Your project in B.Tech.
28. What is transducer?
29. What type of material is used to build an aircraft?
30. Name of 10 international airports in India.
31. Busiest airport in India and world in terms of aircraft movements.
32. Largest aircraft in the world : Cargo and Passenger.
33. Your strength and weakness.
34. your Hobbies.
35. How atc was done before satellite era?
36. India is in which time zone?
37. What is GMT and international date line?
38. Celsius and Fahrenheit conversion.
39. What are the roles and duties of an ATC officer?
40. Why capital of India was shifted from Kolkata to Delhi?
41. Why do you want to switch from current job to ATC?
42. When was nationalization of airlines done?
43.  What is Stall speed??

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56 thoughts on “AAI JE-ATC Interview 2016: Questions Asked in First Phase”

  1. Sir.. In article 1, question is hw many airport does aai manage. Ans is given there r 18 international airport but I think now there are approx 25 international airport. Which is right pls suggest me. Thax sir

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Just quote whatever is mentioned on AAI website. At least you can say that this is the data given by your own website.

  2. Sir.. During landing n take off there is the instructions to the passengers.. Pls swith of all ur electronic devices like mobile phone, tab, laptop etc. Sir pls suggest me. Thanq sir

    1. sudhir sheoran

      So that mobile signals do not interfere (known as EMI: Electromagnetic Interference) with Aircraft avionics which can lead to a compromising situation for safety of persons on board and aircraft

  3. Sir please throw some light about privatization questions.. i am unable to find any concrete info about indian airports privatisation

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Just Google it. prepare these questions: Privatization shall be done or not? Pros and Cons of privatization. Private airports in India etc.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      to ensure proper working of CNS facilities, maintenance, transmission and booking of Flight plans etc.

  4. Sir,
    Is it mandatory to produce online examination hallticket for voice test? I have lost mine and cannot find a link to download.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      All the required documents will be mentioned on interview call letter sent you through email.

  5. sir My stream is IT so what kind of technical subject/questions should I prepare for an interview, I am actually confused and – if interviewer asks me what are you doing for the past one year how should i reply them as i am preparing for govt exams and have no experience in private job also my family don’t allow me go for private firms or metro cities only to earn 20-25k. and again if they ask me why not private then what should be the answer:P help me to tackle such questions please…………….

  6. sir,
    doubt: one flight with velocity 240 nmph and 2nd flight 480nmph, distance between two flights is 100nm, 2nd flight is beyond 1st one. if this is current situation, then wat is the time needed for 2nd flight to over come 1st flight?
    Note: nm=nautical mile

  7. On interview date i was unable to submit one document.So, they took an undertaking and provided me an e-mail id to mail that document. I have lost dat email-id.Can anyone please help ? ?

  8. Hello Sudhir,
    Have you been able to get in touch with any of the Candidates selected for the JE-ATC post after the interview?
    Would you mind to share how their interview went and what was different in their interview that got them selected among this large pool of candidates.

    Thank you.

    1. Interview experience as shared by candidates is available on incomopedia. You can read there. Basically its your confidence and knowledge which gets you selected in any interview.

  9. Hello Sir,
    First of all,your initiati e and effort in developing a site like Incomopedia,most valuable one for people like me,is phenomenal!! Keep it up Sir.

    Sir,I would like to get 2clarifications regarding the interview;

    1) As I am a Physics graduate,what all questions can I expect for the Interview? And from what all topics?

    2)As this is my first interview of its kind, Is it a must to wear a tie?

    Sir, Eagerly Awaiting for your Reply.

    Thanking you,

    Harish N

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Thank you.
      1. Questions related to aviation, ATC, aviation related meteorology are highly expected.
      2. Tie is not compulsory.

      1. Thank you so much,Sir.

        And,Sir what about purely Physics based topics? Is there any such core topics from Physics,which are highly expected?

        1. sudhir sheoran

          Remember dear you are appearing for ATC interview not some physics related post. In case still you feel the need then read some basic physics principles.

            1. sudhir sheoran

              Welcome dear, if able please share your interview experience with us. Good luck for your interview.

  10. Rahul (name changed)

    Hi every one, First of all many-many thanks to “incomopedia” and Sudhir sheoran who shared much valuable informations on this web site about ATC interview and I really got benefit from this. Let’s us see result…
    Here I am writing about My ATC interview which held on 13/07/16 from beginning…
    First of all get down at “Mor Bhag” Metro Station which is the AAI office (Rajiv Bhawan)
    In side, there will be biometric test (of your finger) followed by document verification and then Voice test. In Voice test they are telling to read a magazine and before that some informal talk that is also a part of the test. In view almost all candidates are being passed in voice test.
    now for the Interview…
    There are three board rooms (B1,B2,and B3) for interview.
    They asked me “tell me something about yourself that is not mentioned in the frofile form”(a profilr form have to fill over there. it is a simple form.)
    they asked about my place where I am belog from. they disscussed about my state’s politics. what are the places Mr. Modi visited recently, About AAI, what is work of AAI, how does an aircraft fly, some questions from power amplifier, networking (TCP-IP), what is the objective of ATC etc.
    I answerd well and let’s see the result.

    1. sudhir sheoran

      Thank you dear for sharing your experience. Your efforts will definitely help other guys. All the best for your result. Stay in touch.

  11. I am trying my level best,to get into this Divine Profession,By His Grace.

    Certainly Sir. I will share.

  12. Dear Sir,..
    I think my interview was beyond the frame of convention!
    Because, I was not asked to tell about myself!!
    I completed my graduation in 2011,so first they asked what I did during the past 5yrs. Then, I was asked about Kepler’s laws of planetary motion.Then about seasons,GMT,the reason for becoming an ATC,objectives and duties of ATC,Functions of AAI. That’s all!! It was very short of an Interview!!

    Waiting in huge anticipation, for a positive result!

    Once again,Thanks a lot, Sir.

    God Bless,

    Harish N

  13. Sir,
    To be Frank, Yesterday was the most horrendous day of my life so far..
    I couldn’t find my number among the provisionally selected candidates!..
    What to do sir?..
    Is there any chance of further hope?

      1. Thanks for your reply,Sir.
        I am praying to Almighty, for enabling me to find my number in the coming list.
        Once again,
        Thank you so much for your kind reply.

  14. Hello sir

    I found my roll number in the list of provisionally shortlisted candidates.Is that the final list..?
    I’m presently working as a communication skills trainer in an autonomous engineering college..And I need to inform the management well before I leave that job..
    So what should I do now..?Can I inform the management about me leaving the job or should I wait till I receive a mail from AAI..?

  15. Sir i got my name in the 3rd list of aai je atc exam (dec 2015) but till now i didnt receive any mails from aai . Kindly provide me the info about when shall i get the offer of appointment ?

  16. Sir
    When shall we expect to get interview call letters for the ATC interview for Advertisement 07/2015 which are scheduled to begin on 7 february?

    1. Keep checking your email and better utilize this time to prepare for interview. Dont worry you will get interview letter if you have qualified the exam.

  17. Sir
    I have got my interview letter. Alobg with the certificates they are asking to bring the admit card of the onlone examination held on april 24. But i have lost it. Will they allow me to give my voice test and interview

    1. Take a printout of Whatever you have application form/interview call letter and all AAI emails you have got and appear there. They will allow you. Just convince them in case needed.

    2. Visit airport India site u can still get it from there . Search under the advertisement no. In your call letter .. U will get everything. I myself got that today itself

  18. Greetings,
    I have a few doubts regarding the recruitment for ATC by AAI.
    Does the recruitment open at regular intervals?
    When can the next opening be expected for ATC?
    Thank you
    Best regards.

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